Sammath Streams Across the Rhine is only death

Furious melodic war metal band Sammath published its stream of its sixth album, Across the Rhine is only death, late last night. This new album shows the band integrating the streams of its influences from death metal, black metal, hardcore punk, ritual music, and war metal into a single voice.

This will delight those who think that metal lost its guts and balls, but also who are tired of melodyless and repetitively-structured three-chord “NWN/FMP” styled bands which hold zero musical interest for minds above the yeast level. You can acquire your copy via preorder. Blast it loud and make your neighbors, friends, family, and coworkers weep in terror!

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15 thoughts on “Sammath Streams Across the Rhine is only death

  1. yipaetos says:

    Is there a no vocals version?

  2. maelstrrom says:

    A but more streamlined than Godless Arrogance but they haven’t lost their edge. Music of power!

    1. I sense more of a hardcore influence. It reminds me of what Asphyx struggled with: more epic, or more brutal riffing? They did best with a balance. Too far in the latter direction and you got really intense riffs but low memorability of songs.

      1. maelstrrom says:

        Across the Rhine… is less balanced than the previous album but still an evolution (maybe in a more hardcore direction, as you stated.) Asphyx was never able to capture the same magic with later albums as on The Rack.

      2. Flying Kites says:

        The tone of the starting riff in the song Across the Rhine is Only Death reminded me of the song Kill Everybody from Birth A.D.

  3. bill says:

    crap noise

  4. Tralf says:

    Godless Arrogance was a one-off anomaly, as all of their other albums besides Strijd suck, including this latest one. It’s just Altars + war metal. No deathlike whispers of melody to deepen the experience. Just one-dimensional grinding. Pass.

  5. Thewaters says:

    I disagree. Plenty of melody on Dodengang

  6. doomin' hesh trance says:

    yawn and whats with the vocals

  7. Fangorn says:

    I love Godless Arrogance, and I know the aesthetic standards of this website. But to be honest, I am a fan of extreme underground metal(including this website) and classical music since my teenage years, now I can’t feel enthusiastic about kind of repeated single(and simple) melodic line music anymore. I still deeply influenced by metal culture and its philosophy, but I don’t think the neo-Gorguts & Deathspell Omega(2016/2019) is shit at all. We can worship Onward to Golgotha/Altars Of Madness, but like classicism and romanticism are not the only aesthetic standards for ‘classical music’, repeat Beethoven in 19~21 Century or repeat Debussy/Rachmaninov/Shostakovich in 2019, it’s meaningless. Even Burzum/Incantation or any great band repeat themselves, is shit.. Also, metal-musicians usually not experienced systematic music training and possess professional music literacy, even though they are artists. Like Emperor or kind of Deathcore music, with the change of concept, they will easily be transformed into a shit.. but Gorguts & DSO, in music or aesthetics, I think they have their own unique value for Metal music, even it not same with oldschool type, but is totally higher than that Deathcore things or any mediocre oldschool creation. I don’t think the romantic spirit no value anymore, but it is no the only value in the (post-)modern world. I don’t think this album better that The Furnaces of Palingenesia.

    1. I can’t feel enthusiastic about kind of repeated single(and simple) melodic line music anymore.

      Classical is your only solution. Prog rock got close, but the rock side of things always overwhelmed the desire to surge ahead. Constant drumming limits the potential of music.

      1. Fangorn says:

        I agree with you. Actually, I am thinking and exploring about the kind of music like, based on death/black metal’s aesthetic, but in ‘classical/soundtrack’ form. If I had enough talent and ability to accomplish it, that will be part of the value of my life. Or maybe this way is no going possible, maybe it wll not close to metal music anymore.

        I still think, even Gorguts’s music use prog rock things more that death metal, but they try and buil the new model is admirable mature works.

        Well.. I talked too much about something unrelated to this article.. I comprehend the charm of war metal/oldschool type, and really respect the position what DMU upholds and advocates. Hope this website can influence more people.

        I do listen to Godless Arrogance and Advent Parallax sometimes, worship.

    2. Cynical says:

      “I don’t think this album better that The Furnaces of Palingenesia.” God DAMN. I was disappointed by this album too, but comparing it to that piece of shit from DSO (albeit, a piece of shit with excellent, timely lyrics)? Nigga, you gone crazy.

      1. Fangorn says:

        DSO builded them own aesthetics system based on extreme underground metal, and they created mature works for sure (beginning with the album of 2016, Paracletus was totally emometalcoreshit). Their music does based on a lot of arpeggios with colour tone and variable grooves, that may sound like jazz/metalcore/djent, not death/black metal, but these techniques are not wrong, and the content conveyed of its music is certainly different from that of the oldschool type to a certain extent, but it’s not close to poprock or cartoon thing, just a neo aesthetics system with ‘serious metal’, maybe most real-oldschool-fans don’t like it, but there’s no need to go crazy to think it’s more valuable than mediocrity and repetitively traditional creation.

        The evolution of music, it has not always been to maintain one aesthetic standard unchanged, even though Metal represent a subculture of certain kind spiritual-will and philosophy, we hope it will remain unchanged forever. it’s like most romantic composers are only accept Beethoven’s mid-term works, but not later works, but eventually Romantic music will turn into disharmonious ‘garbage'(but actually it just neo-aesthetics system in 20 century, it’s not about heroism(or whatever) anymore). Now, some type like Gorguts/DSO shit just evolved, include core/djent shit just evolved. I’m from China, in our country when people talking about ‘Metal’, they actually talking about ‘heavy guitar emo pop music’ shit, maybe this situation also happen among American(or whole world) younger generation. It’s sad fact, someting is not dead, but just no longer exists. Maybe we can say, Gorguts(2013/2016) & DSO(2016/2019) are not ‘Metal’ anymore, but this four album are by no means degenerating into pop/rock/emo creation.

        What creation like Godless Arrogance, was really really rare in recent 20 years, ‘Metal’ is lost vitality long ago, and I don’t really want listening so many mediocrity and repetitively oldschool shit music, I think it’s same to everyone.. at least, what innovate(and quality) like Gorguts/DSO, I am encouraged, personally.

        1. Fangorn says:

          It suddenly occurred to me that when blackmetal was formed, it seem like some deathmetal guys were called it ‘faggy’ music. Well.. I’m not sure if this is an aesthetic controversy, or regional discrimination, maybe both.

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