Sammath Streams Grebbeberg

Raging martial black metal band Sammath has streamed its latest album, Grebbeberg, for a new generation of fans to appreciate the approach that combines old school dynamics with timeless melody to create a sensation of unending Nietzschean struggle and Promethean aggression.

The label issued the following statement:

“Grebbeberg”: a battle put into audio-hell by Sammath, extreme Metal becomes more epic than before!

Sammath started out as a Black Metal band formed by Jan Kruitwagen by the end of 1993, after Jan moved from Australia back to The Netherlands. Jan was very much inspired by 80’s [speed metal] and Australian metal. The first demo “Zwaardbroeders bij de Bergengte” (Brothers of the Sword at the Mountain Pass) came out in 96 and led to German Folter Records signing Sammath. The first album “Strijd” (Battle) was unleashed in 1999.

In 2001 Sammath developed into a live band, bassist Ruud Nillesen joined at this point. Since then, five more albums have been released and many live shows were played. Sammath signed to Hammerheart Records in 2013 and released the furious “Godless Arrogance” album. Soon after, in 2016, Wim van der Valk (Inquisitor, Centurian) joined the band on drums and Sammath turned into the powerful three-piece war machine it is today. All in the band started to play a larger role in arrangements of the music. After the release of the second album on Hammerheart “Across the Rhine is only Death” well received live shows in Germany, Serbia, Romania and Russia took place.

The upcoming 7th album, once again set in the horror of World War II, tells the story of Kruitwagens great-uncle who perished in the forgotten battle of the “Grebbeberg” in 1940. A fitting title for an album showing Sammath at its peak. 30 years of experience in songwriting comes together in a perfect storm. Like a war hammer to the head, “Grebbeberg” is Black Metal which beats you into submission. It simultaneously provides the soundtrack to battle preparation and the triumph of victory in battle, all in a very ugly way. No matter how grand and unforgettably poetic folkloric depictions of Hell are, there is little prose aimed at the Underworld anywhere near as horrifying as the theater of war among men. No excuses, no reamping, no recording drums or guitars in segments. Blood, sweat and breathing extreme metal. “Grebbeberg” sees the band perfect the style they were championing on their previous two albums. A dynamic, tremelo filled glorious return to 90s Black Metal with a great strong production.

1. Grebbeberg
2. Reichswald
3. Murderous Artillery
4. Last Gasp of the Dying
5. Crushed, Shattered and Destroyed
6. Tot de Laatste Granaat
7. Decimated
8. Stahl und Feuer

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33 thoughts on “Sammath Streams Grebbeberg

  1. helpful tick says:

    Here’s the free mp3 for those interested

    1. Megaunload Megacolon says:

      There were a few golden years when MegaUpload ruled the web and piracy was as no-bullshit as killing your neighbor with an axe and burying his fat ass in the marigolds.

      1. Sadly, such success must be punished by those who fear their fragile economy will fracture further (not that anyone can stop that at this point).

    2. House of Pies Ju-On says:

      This is great stuff, tack.

  2. Treyshaun O'Reilly says:

    Damn this got bars

    1. Daunte Hannigan says:

      Sounds like Blasphemy if they learned to play from the Bad Brains.

      1. I hear a lot of Sodom and Impaled Nazarene in this band, in addition to the Morbid Angel, Emperor, and Graveland influences.

    2. Molested Abortion says:

      Trve kvlt but good

  3. Bobby Sherman from the Multiverse says:

    It seems my decadelist will be the 2010’s all over again. Again Sammath, again Desecresy, again Demoncy, again Kaeck, again Serpent Ascending… It’s just copy paste

    1. Ass Excavation says:

      It’s always this way. 1% of the bands are good and they keep doing good stuff, and the rest just fade the fuck away.

      1. Emotional Coprophile says:

        Nah that’s wishful autism. Burzum (which is good, but overrated) got some media fame because of the burning/homo drama with that other band, but otherwise people will listen to crap and glorify the fuck out of it.

        Album of the Year (Metal) for AIDS patients

        1. Christian Fister says:

          Sort of like they are drinking swill like Bud Light, eating McDonald’s, driving shitty plastic Kias, and watching Downtown Abbey. The masses like stupidity and insanity.

        2. Turd Burglary Virtuoso says:

          “People” like anything “new.” Actual people have other goals.

          1. Way cool says:

            Most people have real goals like feeding their families or getting stupid while it still looks good, but at least you’re using weak art, which is the rule rather than the exception in every discipline, to feel superior to people who are either in the process of wilfull self realization or just trying to have some fun. Cool

            1. Bourgwah-wah says:

              NPCs like garbage distraction and decoration music, real people like something else. Check your forehead for a UPC code.

              1. Meme myself and i says:

                There’s no such thing as NPCs wimp

                1. I am Torgo says:

                  There’s barely such a thing as people who are not NPCs.

                  1. Shellworld says:

                    I prefer a stupid person acting naturally to a smart person who perceives ubiquitous nonsense in the human enterprise, then refuses to take responsibility for his fate and so grows to resent totally normal people who are usually just doing their best to take responsibility for their fate. They just think football is really interesting.

                    1. I am Torgo says:

                      That’s a lot of words to say “don’t point out that I am mediocre.”

                    2. Posers says:

                      Fuck you, you pretentious loser faggot, im easily more beautiful, funny and talented than you are and Brett won’t even approve comments that might hurt your feelings anyway

                    3. I generally approve all comments except spam, slurs, and pro-Apple comments.

              2. I am Torgo says:

                That’s the secret though, NPCs are not electively stamped with a UPC code, but just those people who found no greater path in life than school, job, shopping, reproduction, and television. They are rodents.

      2. Communism Will Win (Zoomer Supremacy) says:

        Heavy metal is stagnant. It’s an industry now like aromatherapy or prosperity gospel.

        1. Or altruism, even.

  4. bitches n hoes says:

    smok krak

  5. Transsexual Cannibal Necropedophile says:

    Thank God we have “freedom” so we can smoke whatever we want.

    1. Voodoo Hunch says:

      You can smoke whatever you want anyway tough guy

      1. Rafał Gan-Ganowicz says:

        I’d like to smoke some Communists now, please. Preferrably with a B-52 strike. We can collect the ears later.

        1. Every red-blooded American should aspire to a Cong ear necklace.

    2. Fecal Transmaxxer says:

      i want to smoke poles, lots of poles, giant turgid poles spoouting semen with AIDS

  6. Sodom Hussein says:

    This formula works again for Sammath, but I expect something new on their next album. Can’t keep doing Godless Arrogance forever.

    1. Negative says:

      If they could pull off another godless I’d be fine with it

    2. Dolan Drump says:

      If they could pull off another Strijd with some of those Godless riffs I would be all-the-fuck-in

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