Satanic Warmaster show in Glasgow draws racism complaints


In Glasgow, Scotland, UK a Satanic Warmaster show is under assault from local SJWs who are complaining about political content to Satanic Warmaster’s music or image. The promoter issued the following statement:

It has came to our attention that already after 3 hours of announcing the show people have been emailing us and the venue about the band being racist & to why is the show happening etc.

Let me get this straight for you. The band are not racist. They have stated it SO many times over the years and many of you still put them in that category, the band also posted a chart of their Lyrical Content which found not to have any Racism involved. This is a BLACK METAL show. Not a political protest. If you want to debate over racist nonsense please see yourself down to Westminster and debate with Nigel Farage or Britains First.

If anyone has any issues please email me. Just don’t ruin the show for folk who want to see the band.

There are many more reasons for boycotting a Satanic Warmaster show, but half-baked notions of what is politically acceptable to say serve as an instrument not only of totalitarianism, but opposition to truth. You wouldn’t boycott them if what they were saying was totally and obviously wrong, so your boycott says that they are at least partially correct. The comedy of media and hipsters trying to censor metal continues.

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36 thoughts on “Satanic Warmaster show in Glasgow draws racism complaints”

  1. Phil says:

    True tolerance is very hard to find these days.

    1. Richard Head says:

      I don’t know if there ever has been a meaningful amount of people in any society or culture valued “true tolerance”, as you call it (as opposed to the faux tolerance “everybody is right because it’s wrong to tell someone that they’re wrong” progressive idealogy).

      1. Phil says:

        Well now more than ever it is easy to find people who preach tolerance. But there are much fewer people willing to actually be tolerant.

        Tolerance, in the Razian sense of allowing for something whilst finding it repulsive, offensive, incorrect or what have you. Not in the modern, lazy sense of soppy liberals patting other soppy liberals on the back whilst shouting down anyone who seems nasty.

        1. Phil says:

          I should mention a lack of tolerance can accompany any political position, not just “liberals”, for the sake of balance.

  2. Mo says:

    This will be a good gig and the idiots making complaints need to get their facts right.

  3. Jenkins says:

    Hasn’t been shut down

  4. The Real Slim Shady says:

    So why is this gig announced 10 months ahead?

    1. Anthony says:

      So that scalpers in cahoots with the booking agency have time to buy up all of the tickets and re-sell them at a tidy profit, of course.

      1. n/a says:

        No, because flights need to be booked from Finland.

  5. Gus S. says:

    Seems to me that Averse Sefira hate Christianity and in doing so are part of the problema rather than the solution.

    1. Richard Head says:

      Was always pretty obvious (and not surprising) that they (as a black metal band) opposed the Christian philosophy. But what do you mean by claiming that they are part of “the problem”? What is the problem and how are AS contributing to the problem?

      1. Dstrgfvdf says:

        Black metal is inherently right wing, and Christianity bleeds into cultural conservatism in the US. (Although in the grand scheme of things, it’s a bit of a hippie religion and played a big role in spreading bullshit concepts like equality and humanism.) Either way, it’s a dead horse and criticism of Christianity is often just a proxy for oversocialized cultural Marxist brats to denounce fellow westerners preserving their own culture/heritage/traditions.

        I really wish people like Varg would realize this and stop pretending Christianity is in any way repressive or harmful in 2015. It’s a boring acceptable target.

        1. Richard Head says:

          Are you Gus or are you just answering for him? Anyway, I see what you mean. I suppose it is only a matter of time before bands turn their guns toward a more contemporarily relevant religion… but til then, they will keep using anti-Christian aesthetics for the same reason that the originators used anti-Christian aesthetics; attention.

      2. LostInTheANUS says:

        Because black metal should be a safe space for everyone. Hating on anyone is triggering and problematic. Black metal should rather switch it’s lyrical content to safe, deep and meaningful and easy to relate to, such as having lyrics about how life has wronged you because some bitch has a bigger house than you or whatever that Deafheaven album was about.

  6. Dstrgfvdf says:

    The left sure values free speech.

  7. Anthony says:

    Hopefully the racism thing is just a front, and this show was really shut down simply because Satanic Warmaster fucking blows.

    Also, it’s rather humorous seeing this dick call people racists for the OH SO EGREGIOUS crime of wanting to leave [Grand Soviet Socialist Republic of] the EU, especially seeing as he wrote this particular gem:

    “The age of tragedies, my vision of a fallen empire
    Like a lantern that burned out in ecstasy
    Lighting the path of blood and honour into time
    For eternity, forever reminding me… Forever changing time…

    The man against time, in scorn against decline
    One state, one folk, one leader, a true revelation
    The purest essence of the cult of our blood
    For infinity, flowing inside me… Forever binding me…

    My dream of your empire
    Fills me with joy
    For it is also my fate
    To end this life of strife in tragedy…

    Live by the sword they say, thus I shall live
    Let my words be my blade, let my songs be my spear

    My dream of your empire
    Fills me with joy
    For it is also my fate
    To end this life of strife in tragedy
    …or supremacy.”

    from “My Dreams of 8” (8 stands for the letter H meaning “Heil” or “Hitler,” hence all of the Argentinian Nazi bands named War Kommando Nazgul 88 or whatever the fuck.)

    Dude’s a hypocritical wiener, and his music sucks. This censorship shit is equally fag-o-rotic though.

    1. Anthony says:

      I’m not sure what this pingback bullshit is, but the article it links to actually makes me want to support Satanic Warmaster now. More evidence that literally anything can be hijacked by smarmy idiots promoting whatever agenda.

    2. Johann says:

      Are those Satanic Warmaster lyrics?

      I find those very brave and touching, but not in a way that would make anyone a nazi.

  8. So what if they are racist? Blows my mind how easily people order cease and desist on so called politically incorrect. What blows my mind even more is that these bands beat about the bush about freedom of speech when confronted with racist allegations for fear of losing fans (money). That statement is bullshit behaviour in my book, to be expected from a useless middleman shit called a promoter. No matter one wants to say, they should be able to say it period.

  9. Murph says:

    Metal appeals to degenerates, racists, and victims of child abuse. Don’t believe me? Have a look at this page:

    Take note of the second picture.

  10. Charles says:

    The hypocrisy is astounding. Being anti-christian? Perfectly fine. Being anti-Semitic? Fucking banned!!!

    Who fucking cares.

    1. Anthony says:

      Also, most Jewish uses of the term Anti-Semitic are racist in and of themselves, since they’re not the only Semites out there. There’s another big group of them that you might have heard of called… Arabs.

  11. Karolis says:

    That is why metal has to stay unerground , like it should and not everyone would be allowed to enter including solipsistic liberal EU sovietskij union mindset degenerates crying about semites , which only a small portion are jews and racism.

  12. ahoy says:

    People who use the word ‘hipster’ in their arguments immediately disqualify themselves from intelligent conversation, and should return to their more fitting arena of superficial observations and popular culture.

    1. Richard Head says:

      People who judge another’s argument based on what words they choose to exclude from their discourse are hipsters.

    2. Dstrgfvdf says:

      But pointing out the word hipster is just that: a superficial observation

    3. Anthony says:

      Why? Hipsters exist, and when you use that word, people know to whom you are refering. That’s actually how language works, you know. Words symbolize something. That way, you can say “computer” instead of “the thing with the buttons and lights that I use to look up pornography in between intermittent bursts of whining about the use of a word that hurts my feelings on the internet.”

      1. Hipsters exist, and when you use that word, people know to whom you are refering. That’s actually how language works, you know. Words symbolize something.

        An important idea that most people forget. Ideas have consequences, words carry meaning. If the meaning is broken, the meaning should be clarified. Ambiguity allows evasion.

  13. Cruella deVille says:

    What I would really love to see is a legion of all-female bands of various races, making enough “butchery of men” albums to fill an entire website over several decades; focusing specifically on the death, torture and dismemberment of white males.

    1. Meek Metalhead says:

      Pretty sure Cattle Decapitation made something similar to what you described and their music is feminine enough too.

    2. Richard Head says:

      Yer one o’ them masochists, aintcha?

      1. Noktorn says:

        Check out my review at the !

  14. Stoner says:

    Such horseshit. I don’t support the idea of “Aryan Blood” by the demo version is still on my black metal mix-tapes. Fucking fags

  15. Laguz says:

    Let’s get real.

    This is the age of GEBURAH. Metal is being attacked like this because it’s time for SOMETHING NEW. Do you really think people WOULD’NT protest Metal when they find out what it is? Quit trying to fit in with society (because society is just something for the sheeps to herd around in and by trying to change it or fight it, you are just making yourself a sheep) by trying to get Metal accepted, make some new form of Metal, and make underground gigs like they used to in Florida and Norway if you want to play, or just don’t do gigs anymore, and KEEP IT UNDERGROUND where it belongs.

    1. Another word for “underground” is “self-marginalizing.”

      The conditions that made the underground are gone. Time to accept reality.

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