Seth Putnam (1968-2011)

We were sad to hear of the passing of Seth Putnam, vocalist/guitarist for Anal Cunt and Vaginal Jesus, recently. Mr. Putnam was a top-notch troll who poked fun at the parts of life we were afraid to bring to light.

In honor of his life, here are some interesting quotations of his from the interview we did with him a few years back in Heidenlarm Zine #4:

there is no “cut and dry” approach to what i like and dislike. a lot of bands i originally hated end up being some of my favorite bands (village people,culture club,morbid angel,etc). i tend to not like too much after 1985 though.

i don’t really pay attention to what goes on in the world very much. i’m not that interested. i’ve had times when i had some interest here and there, but not in a long time. i think the worst thing going on is forced multiculturalism and wiggers. if you compare t.v. and popular things now to even as short as 20 years ago, everything is completely different.

it’s a miracle if i see anyone at an “underground” show that i’d see in the early 80’s. whether you like it or not, underground music is a fad for most people. the ones who stick with it are the ones that i will usually talk to (if i am friends with them). getting upset about people not “being into it” anymore is useless, because i know most of these people will be lawyers in a couple of years.

i hate people and i try to be not involved with society as much as possible. just about everything anyone says makes me angry. the world has gotten so much gayer in the last few years. i try my best to have no idea what’s going on in the world. – Heidenlarm Zine #4

We’ll miss you, and that famed acerbic wit, Seth.

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  1. another one bites the dust says:

    Metal please stop dying…

  2. Veritas says:

    And nothing of value was lost.

  3. Kontinual Adventures EP says:

    Kontinual talking with his wife. “Are you sure your pregnant?” he asks. “Yup, sure am” she replies. “But how do you know it’s yours?” Kontinual needed to ask.

    Pijay Vrozak and Kontinual walking through the park. “Look at that dead bird”, Pijay said.
    Kontinual looks up to the sky and asks: “Where, where?”

    “Daddy can I go watch the eclipse?” Kontinual replies: “Ok but don’t get too close to it alright?”

  4. Faggot says:

    Heart attacks are gay.

  5. ANUS abomination says:

    Heart attacks are heart attacks, AIDS is gay.

  6. Hitler says:

    I’m gay. The NSDAP was founded in a Munich gay bar. Now pass me the cock!

  7. Nigger Cumlord says:

    And nothing of value was lost

  8. Hipster says:

    “i think the worst thing going on is forced multiculturalism and wiggers.”

    Yeah, I hate wiggers. Multiculturalism is alright though. :)

  9. dimefan420 says:

    RIP bro

  10. Bigger Hipster says:

    Yeah, multiculturalism is awesome! I love Ethiopian food. Well, what food those niggers have got left! lol

  11. Joakim says:

    <3 <3 <3

  12. Joakim says:

    True misanthrope.

    Anyway, rumor says it that new Morbid Angel album probably caused a heart attack.

  13. Hipster Gay dude says:

    Happy Birthday Seth Putnam!

  14. Hipster in self-denial says:

    I hate hipsters.

  15. Not a hipster says:

    I hate hipsters.

  16. hipster holocaust says:

    hipsters need to be exterminated! kill them all! they are inferior beings, sub human parasites!

  17. Mike Gainer Reigns Here says:

    He was completely right, after 1997, at least to me, I’ve noticed how gay everything’s become. I remember the dreaded year of 1998. Dawson’s Creek, sweater vests, Eminem, Korn, Limp Bizkit, boy bands, Britney Spears, shitty movies, internet started becoming popular, everything in popular culture went to shit at this time.

  18. more like Mike Gayer says:

    1998 was fucking awesome you faggot. Blind Guardian – Imaginations From the Other Side, Rhapsody – Symphony of the Enchanted Lands, Nightwish – Oceanborn, Gamma Ray – Somewhere Out in Space, plus other lesser greats like Hammerfall – Legacy of Kings. A fucking GODLY year for metal. Also the anus-approved Stratovarius – Destiny, read all about it here, poofters!

  19. born after 1987 says:

    I have to agree with Mike Gainer. The scene was way better before 1998. It’s not fair that I was born too late! But you can’t tell people like me that it’s too late now and that there will never be great metal again. That’s like taking all our hope away!
    The 2000’s weren’t all bad. At least we had Nargaroth and DSBM. If you think about it ‘Black Metal is Krieg’ is like the ‘It Just Gets Worse’ of the 2000’s. And as for myself I’m in 3 bands and I have like 28 sideprojects so there’s still some hope for the future, I can guarantee you that!

  20. Well-adjusted Adult says:

    I’m still chuckling at all the silly teenagers here who think that goofy bands like Morbid Angel and Burzum are decent metal. No, that ARGLE BARGLE crap may be good for frightening your sister, but only an immature, brain dead twat would honestly believe that this constitutes decent music. If you really want to hear good metal, check out A Night at the Opera by Blind Guardian, Renegade by Hammerfall, and Wishmaster by Nightfall. Those masterpieces will set you straight. Good luck with middle school, kiddies.

  21. Power metal is gay says:

    @Well-adjusted fag

    Power metal is gay. It’s so gay, it needs to be repeated twice.

  22. Death metal is gay says:

    Such wit! I never would have imagined anyone would be clever enough to call something gay on this blog! Humanity never ceases to amaze me.

  23. and your father's a lesbian says:

    your mom is gay

  24. hipster fag says:

    Death Metal and Power Metal are too white. There’s just not enough faces of color present in the metal scene, and the racist skinhead NSBM bands are very scary indeed. No, I’ll stick to smooth jazz and old school hip hip, my niggaz!

  25. death metal, perfectly well-adjusted music and not lulzily angsty noise for buttfrustrated teenagers says:


  26. Jared Taylor says:

    Yes i agree. Metal is racist! Note the INFESTER lyrics about ‘repulsive ebony skin’. You should be ashamed of yourselves listening to such hateful music. African-Americans helped build America and are an inseparable thread of the fabric of our society.

  27. JayJay Allan says:

    My next bet is on Bobby Liebling.

    Remember: quitting drugs is more dangerous than doing drugs, kids.

  28. Aspergers Treatment says:

    You want to know why there’s so many threads like “BAWWWW why am I so depressed” on the metal hall? It’s because you idiots force yourselves to listen to negative, depressing music you dumb fucks. Anyone with half a brain would be depressed too from listening to that shit all the time, knowing how much more and better there is in life. Stop wasting your hours on shitty metal mp3s and make some friends, aspies.


    Or take like your “hero” here and be an insignificant, sad sack of shit all your lives and finally end yourselves. But don’t just stop here, there’s many other “illustrious” examples of wasted lives in metal to draw inspiration from: Kris Vikernes, Jon Notveidt, that idiot “Dead”, and many many more that boozed themselves into a coma or offed themselves. Maybe the reason you aspies have a hardon for Chuck Schuldiner is because he’s the only one that always developed in life and died of causes beyond his control instead of flailing around in his own misery and killing himself like the tr00 kvlt metal heroes prozak says it’s safe for you to like.

  30. Depar Havohej says:

    Chuck Schuldiner vamped off the talents of Chris Reifert, Kam Lee and the Repulsion guys to write his first album, vamped off Terry Butler and Rick Rozz for the next two, then vamped off the Cynic homosexuals for the next. After that, he hired studio musicians to be in his band and made bad American-style heavy metal with faster strumming. His solos went nowhere. Then he died of a disease he contracted during prolonged homosexual cruising sessions, sometimes three per night (after a concert). Exposure to chill night air on sweaty skin weakened his immune system, and soon he contracted AIDS, at which point his hideous clam of a mother and greasy snout of a sister began to fake the evidence for his “cancer.” Chuck died of AIDS because he was too broke to afford retrovirals in time. While that’s sad, we shouldn’t be lying about it.

  31. Apergers is my weapon says:

    Fuck humans. Death to humanity.

  32. Steve Jobs says:

    AIDS is a noble disease and no man should be ashamed of going out in such a grand manner.

  33. Levy_Spearmen says:

    Metal is great music. Music for psychopaths, killers, the insane. All because you aren’t in my social group, you don’t have to dismiss this music on the whole, you censorerrerer.

  34. lolies anus faggotry says:

    Derp havohej, I can tell from that tl;dr herpfest that you’re a dumb 13 year old lapping the sweat from prozy’s balls. Chuck’s solos were the best in all of death metal. “Went nowhere”? lolol yeah because Cerrito’s solos went somewhere, and Rick Rozz wa s a fat fuck. lol vamped off Terry Butler who didn’t play a note on the album, fucking good one. Death not only got better and better with each release, they . As for Chris Reifert’s contribution, I don’t think BOM PISH BOM PISH BOM PISH is really something you can “vamp off” if you’re a lead/rhythm guitarist and vocalist. Now how’s about you go “vamp off” your black father’s dong you little fuck. Who’s yo daddy?

    P.S. Chuck died of cancer, you ignorant twit.

  35. dudeman says:

    when is the vinyl?

  36. joe says:

    Seth is buttbanging Chuck Schuldiner in hell right now

  37. Jammin' with Jimmi Hendrix and Flea says:

    Good luck in the void, Seth.

  38. TeamSnookiJS says:

    I’d totally suck Hitler’s big fat aryan cock. The man just oozed power and masculinity. Nowadays guys just wanna fuck stuffed animals.

  39. Hi says:

    Everybody do the helicopter dick!

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