SJW Panic Causes Label To Drop Retro-70s Heavy Rock Band Dream Machine

According to The Daily Dot, 1970s heavy dark rock with metal influences band Dream Machine has been dropped by its label, Castle Face Records, for “controversial” statements regarding feminism and immigration.

The interviewer asked the band to “criticize something about the music world,” and Doris Melton pointed to “horrible feminist bands.”

“They’ll make songs about being ‘sexually assaulted’ or about how ‘empowering’ abortions are or some shit and it’s fucking retarded, they’re embarrassing themselves,” Melton said in the interview.

…Matthew Melton said deportation is a “fair and just consequence” for rule breakers—but that bands should “play unauthorized shows anyway.”

“It’s just a threat anyways, instead of throwing a temper tantrum and acting as if they are entitled to come to the United States and do exactly as they please, they should just be cool about it,” Matthew Melton said.

Doris Melton moved the conversation to Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

“ICE is just doing their job, and I’m glad they’re finally starting to work on deporting criminal illegal aliens too,” Melton said.

The horror, the horror. People have opinions and they do not all agree, binding us into one happy PartyFamily.

See, here in metal, we do not have “controversial” statements. We are realists; we are nihilists. We do not find truth in opinions, but in the world, and we listen to opinions to see if they are relevant and mostly accurate, and then incorporate them into our worldview if they are. If they are not, we move on, instead of having a tantrum because someone did not validate our worldview by being PC about it.

What did the label do? Why, panic and drop the band, of course:

We’ve urged them to make a statement, but it’s no longer our prerogative to be financing, promoting, and endorsing their music any more than we already have. For our part we’re going to find a decent charity to donate our end of the profits from the record to, though something tells me this won’t exactly send it flying off the shelves.

“No longer our prerogative” is bearded geekspeak for “can no longer politically afford to” be financing, promoting and endorsing the music from this band. That means the relationship between band and label is severed. Not only that, but the label has signaled that they want the album not to sell well, so that they can get as close as possible to destroying this band for wrongthink.

The band issued a half-apology, in which they struck back at the conformist and bourgeois nature of their label:

We didn’t wish to hurt anyone but we do believe rock music and punk music aren’t safe and should stay that way. Punk was never about fitting in, it was about expressing differentiating views no matter what the cost is and I think the music scene has been overly active with left-wing politics, so much so that anyone disagreeing with them is immediately dropped from their label.

It sucks that another band has to pay the price for our collective pretense and State-approved lefty slant to everything here in the rock, metal, punk, jazz and blues communities. However, the good news is that this interesting band — think Deep Purple at Iron Butterfly or Grand Funk Railroad pace, with nods to the Doors and Iron Maiden — has now been red-pilled about the nature of conformity and individualism.

In the meantime, they are quite good for a heavy rock outfit; you can listen below.

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10 thoughts on “SJW Panic Causes Label To Drop Retro-70s Heavy Rock Band Dream Machine”

  1. Psychic Psych Toad says:

    I’ve had so many abortions, that now I’m addicted to having them! Ultrasounds keep showing genitals, and I am hoping for a genderless or at least hermaphroditic child one day.

  2. HH says:

    I’ll never understand how these prideful man haters keep getting pregnant.

    1. Deport All Hipsters says:


      1. GGALLIN1776 says:

        Doesn’t rape require an erection? All the yaking about “waaaahhhh you need consent to look at me or it’s ocular rape” would send my dick into retreat mode.

  3. Lance Viggiwhatever says:

    Dude looks like matthew mcconaughey

  4. Rainer Weikusat says:

    I now had the first »Ibiza party women« who claimed I was »groping« her in the hope to get the oxen into some kind of action. I obviously wasn’t as I wouldn’t touch toxic waste of this kind: She tried to jump onto me so I pushed her away.

    Might be a datapoint here.

    1. you're gay says:

      i was totally wondering about your personal life as i never get to hear about it

      1. Rainer Weikusat says:

        There’s a theory that all claims women happen to make wrt ‘sexual advances by men’ are to be treated as unconditionally true because the nature of women would be such that they’d never lie and the nature of men such that they’d never do anything else, anyway (Or so. The implication are usually left implied). That’s another brilliantly »liberal« judical theory which is absolutely no different from “better hang ten innocents then let a guilty one go free” (or hang eleven innocents, some of them surely committed some crimes in the past).

        In the context of some someones getting him and herself into hot water for carelessly (but certainly innocently) talking about such matters, specifically so that someone else whose responsibility had been to catch this and to insist on wording this in a less offensive way, if not omitting it outright, before publication, can avoid being blamed for it himself, this episode seemed worthy of being recounted.

      2. Syphilis says:

        DMU should start a blog in the vein of “A day in the life of…”.

    2. Cornrose says:

      Ibiza? Why?

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