SJWs attacking punk/thrash/reggae band Bad Brains for un-PC beliefs


As recent events have emboldened SJWs to be more aggressive in their attacks on those who have not adopted SJW beliefs as the one true religion, increased chatter suggests more criticism is heading toward the Bad Brains, a founding punk band who used thrash speed in their songs alongside reggae interludes.

One SJW source (that disguises itself as satire) summarized the situation earlier this year:

Lauded Rastafarian hardcore band Bad Brains have recently passed a serious milestone in their career, again escaping serious scrutiny for their actions by their gaggle of pathetically-adoring and mostly white male fans.

This year marks the third decade that the beloved African-American religious zealots have completely escaped the prying eye of the punk community for penning incendiary anti-gay lyrics such as “Don’t blow no bubbles, don’t blow no spikes, don’t pack no fudge”.

Many in the punk community, but all of those “many” being SJWs, feel that Bad Brains have betrayed the implicit SJW assumption that any people who are not white should adopted SJW ideology. In fact, it was white punks who began the attack, as Daryl Jenifer reveals in an interview:

Check it out. All the things I’ve been telling you about the road and path of The Bad Brains, there was an era that lead into us discovering Rasta and Jah, and these things that were part of us being black and recognizing this part of our culture. Like with anything, say you’re a young Krishna, there’s a tendency to be over-zealous. We were over-zealous in our views about homosexuality, due to our ignorance, and the fact that we hadn’t matured to a certain level. Just like anyone getting into anything. Every member of The Bad Brains are loving and we have nothing against any of god’s creatures. In our growth and in trying to become wise and see life for what it is, without judgment, we went through a time where we did judge. Anyone can remember a time and say, “oh you remember when I was like that.” A doctor can say, “Remember when I first worked the ER and was all nervous and people were looking at me when I was crazy.” So when you’re coming in as a young Rasta and discovering it, just like in Christianity, homosexuality isn’t accepted. So being young Rasta and studying the religion that’s what you see. But if you still continue to study and mature you’ll find other texts that say, “love all god’s creatures.” So you can’t just make your own thing and say, “This guys black, or this guys homosexual, I don’t like him.” The Bad Brains had a period of time where we might have said some things. Meanwhile, we were in a band and were popular, so it got out there. But someone took that and ran with it. People that hated us for various reasons, people that were trying to be like us. I don’t want to call any names, but like the band MDC were the first to go out of their way to find something wrong with the Bad Brains. Everybody loved The Bad Brains, so they want to find something wrong with us. It happens with everyone like Tiger Woods, you get popular and people are going to try and hate on you.

The SJW crusade in metal and punk continues with its desire not to avoid threatening speech as it claims, but to create “safe spaces” where only SJW-compliant speech is allowed. The ongoing and accelerating criticism of the Bad Brains only fuels this fire and will intensify it until rebuked.

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10 thoughts on “SJWs attacking punk/thrash/reggae band Bad Brains for un-PC beliefs”

  1. Anthony says:

    Once again, the leftists are tearing themselves apart and I fucking love it! Everyone involved had to know that radical in-your-face homosexuality and homophobic black supremacist religiosity couldn’t co-exist for long. They just banded together because they both want all the straight white men dead. I look forward to similar schisms between gun control “Only cops should have guns!” Second Amendment-deniers and “Fuck the police comin’ staight out the underground” types, as well as third-wave feminists and Islamic apologists. Burn, all of you!

  2. OliveFox says:

    I guess he is implying that the Bad Brains are the Tiger Woods of punk.

    Isn’t that song from the early 90s? Well past their heyday.

    That early DC/VA/MD hardcore scene got shitty, pompous, and PC awfully quickly and overshadowed an emerging Stoner Rock scene that could have had a much bigger (and more quality) output.

    1. Anthony says:

      Punk is pretty fucking garbage overall. It seems okay until you look into it at a deeper than mesopelagic level.

      Minor Threat’s straight edge philosophy seems somewhat interesting at the outset, until you realize that it led Ian MacKaye to become a massive SJW idiot who championed the riot grrrl movement and eventually laid the seeds for hipster “black metal” with Fugazi.

      Black Flag went through a similar denouement, dividing into free-jazz noodling on Greg Ginn’s part and generic liberal talking points regurgitation in the Henry Rollins camp.

      The more technically adept bands like Minutemen and NoMeansNo might be able to do some interesting stuff on their instruments, but their song structures are total pop/rock abortions. Their lyrics range from vomit-inducing “deep” “poetry” to bland political sloganeering.

      Even d-beat is pretty boring when you get down to brass tacks. We have Discharge to thank for a lot of the ambient riffing that defined death metal and black metal, but have you ever charted the development of an actual Discharge song? It makes Transilvanian Hunger look like Anomalistic Offerings. The lyrics which some term “apocalyptic” are also just bland political sloganeering. “It’s up to us/to change the course/protest and survive/Hillary 2016” No fucking thanks!

      The Sex Pistols were essentially created by a fashion designer. Fear is party rock with an added veneer of “fuck you.”

      What else can you expect from a genre that was founded not on the basis of music, but attitude (and a pretty banal attitude, at that)? Metal took what it needed from punk and left the rest to rot. I’m honestly not even convinced that metal wouldn’t have come around to most of punk’s innovations on its own anyways. Black Sabbath was already moving towards higher speeds with songs like “Symptom of the Universe.”

      1. OliveFox says:

        Punks liberal politics (or the presence of any politics I suppose) wouldn’t bother me if it in any way could be reflected well through the music…but every damn punk band eventually attempts to be some type of avent/experimental/post-y thing (like fugazi), revealing “intelligence” “growth” “evolution” or some horseshit they delude themselves into believing is good and worthwhile. The DC music scene was/is PLAGUED with Dischords awful roster who continue to pat themselves on the back, creating a masterabatory circle of bad music.

        The Misfits are the only punk band I ever regularly return to. Minutemen are pretty fun, but are basically just above average party music.

        Reflecting politics through music (NOT just through lyrics) seems fairly difficult and rare. Grindcore used to do it well as did some Industrial bands. I never found punk particularly good at it, though people always harp on the working class angle of a lot of British punk. Just simple music with fiery lyrics.

        Any good examples of music and politics totally melding into a singular voice that makes sense? Scum? World Downfall? Operation Mindcrime? Crappy Folk music?

        1. Anthony says:

          Misfits are fucking awesome. They’re the only punk I like as well. Well, that and Samhain. Christian Death too, if they even count as punk. That stuff’s more about Romanticism, death, horror movies, etc.

          Static Age actually has some “socially conscious” stuff on it, but it’s quite good because the thing they’re being “conscious” of is the death of Western civilization due to collective laziness and idiocy.

          Expecting anything involving liberal politics to make sense is a bit much.

  3. Anthony says:

    Also lol at the MDC thing. Apparently, not being down with getting a dick up your ass is somehow a worse sin in the SJW mind than the mass slaughter of law enforcement officers. Keep in mind that these are the same people who call the cops on people who hurt their feelings on the internet.

  4. Human Rights says:


  5. Disremember says:

    The exploited, the misfits, discharge, GBH, dead Kennedy’s are pretty much my fav
    plus the Ramones too…
    Hey ho let’s go

  6. Dualist says:

    It’s always very sad to see people who once had independent minds cave in to the pressure from our ‘opinion formers’. Because the Kim Kelly’s of this world are so individually laughable I think we can sometimes underestimate just how powerful their COLLECTIVE effect on society’s mores actually is.

    I’m sure, deep down, Bad Brains are still instinctively against homosexuality – but they know the consequences if they don’t do the old Yezhov-era show trial ‘I am a degenerate capitalist, I deserve death’ routine. At least the Soviets had to horrifically torture their victims first; the modern man simply folds at the thought of public disgrace. Even Darkthrone retracted their defiantly fascist response to the ‘uproar’ (by whom?) over the ‘Norsk Arisk Black Metal’ cover. Only Varg, Rob Darken and maybe a couple of others have stuck to their guns.

    Is anybody else here getting the impression that the SJW’s are starting to realise their power is on the ascendant and are actually REVELING in it by rubbing people’s noses in mindless diktats? Here’s the latest symptom of the mental illness:

    But do they REALLY think that clapping can cause anxiety – or was it just some fat little dyke with low self esteem who’s finally got her first taste of power sitting on a diversity committee who came up with idea BECAUSE SHE COULD? ‘Look what I can MAKE people do’…

    When somebody, or a group of people, can make you voice an opinion that you KNOW is not true: they own you. And I fear even the low-ranking twitter-warriors (despite having really bad brains) have started to intuitively grasp this. These people and their views need to be opposed strongly, quickly. Mr Stevens deserves honour for his fierce polemic against Metalgate. That incursion was repelled. It CAN be done, it seems. But how do we deal with the bigger, more general position? Varg was correct when he said ‘it’s difficult to know how to rebel against it’.

    The main problem is that the views of the average Twitizen are EASY to obtain – they’ve been designed that way since 1789. OUR views require both learning and Wisdom built on the foundation of a well-ordered, unbroken Spirit. So we’re always going to be in the minority. One might think that their degeneracy would be their weakness – but it is WE who have been on the back-foot for the past 50 years. Things are getting worse, not better. Is there any hope left at all? I’d like to hear any suggestions…

    1. Billy Score says:

      I suggest the procurement of as many modern (i.e. reliable/easily available/easy to maintain) firearms as you can get your hands on and at least 3000 rounds of ammunition for each

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