Slayer Fan Defies Hurricane Matthew

In times of chaos, the primordial appeal of Slayer comes forth as the vision of clarity that it is. This metal fan chose to meet the winds head-on, whether as tribute to the power of the storm or resistance to it, or both. The result proves entertaining, including the possibility that the video cut off before Matthew hurled a six-ton SUV with irritating family stickers on the back into the fan, leaving a very Slayer-esque red spot on the pavement.

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21 thoughts on “Slayer Fan Defies Hurricane Matthew”

  1. “ncluding the possibility that the video cut off before Matthew hurled a six-ton SUV with irritating family stickers on the back into the fan”

    Also including the possibility that he was about to Face The Slayer
    in a Metal Storm

  2. Sororicide’s sole full-length album proves to be one of the most rewarding old-school death metal releases in a sea of such material.
    If you like nefarious, putrid, unfathomable and repulsive old-school death metal, then this band and album are for you. This is an album that, 23 years after its creation, has many of the death metal fans who have heard it scratching their heads as to why no more than fifty people on planet earth have heard of them.

    full album here:

    1. C.M. says:

      I actually have a copy of this album, it is pretty cool but lacks the coherence of the classics. Still a good listen and I am also confused as to why so few people know who they are. Maybe for their location.

    2. Sounds like 80s speed metal which got upgraded to death metal technique, for the most part, which leads to an imbalance between the complexity of the composition and what its style calls for. Those two-part galloping 80s riffs were part of what drove everyone to death metal.

      1. Hey Brett remember the band PAVOR ?

        You used to play it on your show Oration of Disorder !!

        Do you still like the band, what are your thoughts on them?

        1. Haven’t listened to it in some time, but I remember enjoying them. Might have to revisit…

          1. Jerry Hauppa says:

            I’ve still been trying to decode Dilettante’s Dilemma since 2004 now.

            1. It’s good to have long-term hobbies. I am still mapping out Naked Lunch.

              1. Jerry Hauppa says:

                This hobby has been relegated to “listen to Furioso once a year and think about tabbing that last track out but then get sidetracked by a multitude of deadlines” so maybe I’ll just take a weekend sometime and go for it. It’s not like the band will ever give anything away about it anyway, if they are indeed still active.

                1. Could be a fun weekend. In fact, some of my favorite weekends have been project weekends. Sort of like this one! ha… errr

    3. Slowly We Frot says:

      Maybe cuz of the cover ‘artwork’?

  3. Ggallin1776 says:

    Amateur. Only running in circles during a tornado while blasting eye of the tornado or symphony of destruction is real.

    1. What about “Storm of Stress”?

      1. Morbideathscream says:

        Or “From the Past Comes The Storms”

        1. Or even “Lord of the Storms.”

          1. Slowly We Frot says:

            What about “Storm of the Light’s bane [sic]”?

            Or “Hurricane of Diarrhea?”

            1. “Frostdemonstorm”?

    2. Morbideathscream says:

      Replace symphony of destruction with Bathory’s Total Destruction.

      1. Spectral Nutritionist says:

        My nigga replace Bathory’s Total Destruction with Sonic Youth’s Total Trash.

        Or I’ll replace ya rectum crack with my foot.

  4. Baaaarp says:

    Brett, is that you?

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