Slayer Playing Download Festival 2017

Slayer are playing the 2017 iteration of the Download rock festival in France on the Plessis-Pâté / Brétigny sur Orge / Cœur d’Essonne BA217 air base, which is a thirty minute drive from Paris according to the festival organizers. Every other band at this festival is some lame rock or pseudo-metal turd pusher but at least they probably do not smoke bath salts like the French president. Probably not. You can never be sure of the substances some of these degenerates ingest given how awful their music is.

If you French, can stand thousands of smelly screaming idiots (I presume I you can if you are actually French given that you live in France), and desperately want to see Slayer without Dave Lombardo and Jeff Hanneman for some god-forsaken reason, then this might be worth it if you have nothing better to do. You could catch Dave Lombardo playing with Suicidal Tendencies too if you really wanted to and want one of those baseball caps all the beer metal party animals wear. Probably listening to the first five Slayer records alone in your bed room is a better use of your time but if you do not like money and want to deal with thousands of drunk idiots, the Download Festival awaits you cheese eaters.

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12 thoughts on “Slayer Playing Download Festival 2017”

  1. Marc Defranco says:

    Hey ya dinosaur jr and skinny puppy are the only bands worth seeing. Also carpenter brut ain’t bad

  2. GGALLIN1776 says:

    I used to go see Hatequeef at CT bicycle exchange starting around ’96, the shows were pretty violent & a good time.

    Now they’ve gotten old & gay. I was backstage at some show that I can’t remember about 12 years ago & Kirk from Crowbar / Jamey were there. Kirk was too drunk to speak(he was propped up against some groupie who was translating my semi drunk/stuffed full of pills to shitfaced Kirk speak) & Jasta gave me some shit fuck rockstar snottiness when I said Hi. Maybe he should start drinking again & stop being a stuck up twat.
    I lost the picture I ended up taking with Kirk & his translator but all in all a good time aside from Senõra Jasta.

    1. Sordid Meth Dreamerrrrrr says:

      Cool story, guy.

      1. GGALLIN1776 says:

        It was all a meth dream, disregard it.

  3. left coast path says:

    stop publishing your diary

  4. aol instant messenger says:

    oddly the only thing worth seeing is Dinosaur Jr

  5. canadaspacecock says:

    “If you French, can stand thousands of smelly screaming idiots (I presume I you can if you are actually French given that you live in France)”

    You don’t fool anyone by purposely using horrible writing skills to pass off as one of your guises, Brett. Go fuck your coyotes in the woods you amateur bitch. Your book SUCKS!!!!!

    1. GGALLIN1776 says:

      HATE KVLT KANADA should be your band name if you start one. I’d “download” it haha.

      1. Abominable Goatpenis says:

        There’s only one Ross Bay Cult

  6. shitonmydick says:

    If you’re gonna publish the poster for the shit nu-metal festival that Download is just because you’re a Slayer-obsessed FREAK, at least also mention that they’re gonna play a better festival like Hellfest in France, along with Autopsy, Obituary, D.R.I., Cryptopsy, Emperor and fucking Aerosmith YEAH !!
    Morbid cheers, love from France you fucking assholes.

    1. bleeeeeccchhhh says:

      That does sound much better, plus Aerosmith is there so you also get herpes and hepatitis! Win/win!

  7. I never recovered from Angra's split says:

    Hey, one true fact in this one at last !

    Macron IS a degenerate Frenchman : he thinks we were wrong to kill Louis XVI !
    (no kidding, you can check “Le un” magazine from 2015… if you realy want to go into boring hipster pseudo-intellectual bullshit).

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