SLAYER recording new material

According to a posting on SLAYER drummer Dave Lombardo’s Facebook page, the band is currently working on material for its next studio album. Meanwhile, SLAYER guitarist Jeff Hanneman — who in January contracted necrotizing fasciitis, likely caused by a spider bite, and has been undergoing surgeries, skin grafts and intense rehab since — “is still recovering and doing better,” according to Dave. – BNN

0 thoughts on “SLAYER recording new material”

  1. 42 says:

    hell fucking yes.

  2. 43 says:

    Going to suck, but I can’t help but care because it’s fucking Slayer.

  3. got better things to do says:

    Suffice to say, like their last album, I won’t be listening to this.

  4. nice stuff says:

    I just discovered this awesome band, it’s thrashy as fuck. It sounds like Slayer mixed with Helstar.

  5. aw gawd says:

    According to a posting on SLAYER drummer Dave Lombardo’s Facebook page…

  6. EAT MY SHIT. ANUS says:


  7. @nice stuff says:

    are you retarded? Helstar already had plenty of slayer in them, and they didn’t rip directly from classical influences.

    Seriously, get the fuck out of here negro vodka.

  8. @ @nice stuff says:

    You look prettier with my dick in your mouth.

  9. Mastodon guy says:

    You look prettier with my mouth on your dick.

  10. @ @ @nice stuff says:

    at least I’m not from pooland, faggot.

  11. brutal slayer of christians, noble hessian warrior of death says:

    Time for some South American bestial madness:

  12. brutal cock sucker says:

    I’d rather suck a hundred black cocks than listen to that.

  13. Classic Death Metal says:

    So why do you faggots have a chip against Cannibal Corpse? They’re one of the first bands in the scene, and, no matter what you say, one of the best and most creative – their style ended up being imitated, not the other way around! Is it because they’re the most popular and visible death metal band? Yeah, you can’t like something everyone else likes. Or is it because Prozak never listened to him in his high school years? You guys are retarded.

  14. Classic Death Metal(Obviously Adrian.. telling you retards to fuck off! FUCK KORN ETC.!) says:

    I suck cocks.

  15. Fuck you... says:


  16. @Classic Death Metal says:

    Because they’re downtuned AC/DC.

    I don’t even buy into most of the shit this site proclaims about death metal (actually being a musician will do that) and I can tell there is a dramatic difference in the level of compositional skill between Cannibal Corpse and, well, death metal groups worth giving a shit about.

  17. TIMURNosov24 says:

    только тут сладкие орешки почти даром

  18. Isis Tween says:

    Only gripe I have with the death metal best of…

    Enjoy the Violence > Final Holocaust

  19. Isis Tween says:

    Never mind, I was born without testicles and love the cocks.

  20. I will kill you says:

    >Because they’re downtuned AC/DC.

    Holy fuck you are a fag. There are just no goddamn words. Cannibal Corpse owns shit like Massacra or early Sepultura, they’re better than Deicide and almost as good as early Suffocation. I don’t know how exactly you assessed this “compositional skill”, have you ever listened to a single song of theirs besides Hammer Smashed Face, which only puts you into a blind rage because you’re a faggot that “hates” anything catchy like its chorus riff?

  21. I will kill you says:

    wtf? Downtuned AC/DC? Dude, what a fucking insult. AC/DC is WAY better than that faggot shit. Well, except for this immortal masterpiece of metal:

    btw, I suck cock. Anyone need a fluffer? If I’m in a good mood I might also toss your salad. Ah, what the hell, I’ll do it anyway. After all I am a huge faggot.

  22. Seth 'Macabre' Putnam says:

    I paid the hobos who raped Carl Panzram when he was 14

  23. @ @ @ @nice stuff says:

    “at least I’m not from pooland, faggot.”

    Duh duhm naaggghhaa ngaann, dick in my butthole

  24. Poolish guy says:

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  25. Mastodon guy says:

    No one should care about this. Slayer is past irrelevant at this point.

  26. Know your Anus says:

    ^ but the official theory on the Anus is that they are getting a bit better with each release since Christ Illusion.

  27. poland can into hot wimminz says:

    Uhh Poland has nothing to do with black people. They export some hot prostitutes though.

  28. Pooland should be wiped off earth says:

    >Poland has nothing to do with black people
    >Polaks are niggers

  29. @ Pooland should be wiped off earth says:

    did tiny midget fuck you or why u so mad?

  30. be ready says:

    I will lodge two large dildos in your rectum, like, any moment now

  31. nope.jpg says:

    lol, Slayer, still relevant in 2011?

  32. I will kill you says:

    omg yeah but new Supultura is way better than CC.

    fuck man i love my faked and arbitrary musical standards!


    put ducks in my butt

  33. truth says:

    Massacra is just shittier Kreator.

  34. but, to nope.jpg : they say maiden is still relevant, so why not slayer ? says:

    I’m more excited by this come back, from another 80’s band but with more satisfying pyrotechnics :

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