So That’s How Grindcore Ends

Everything must run its arc, and for grindcore that arc apparently ends in being commercialized just like everything else. Rendered in plastic, served up on styrofoam, simplified to obsequious edginess, and yours for the low, low price of $19.99, the new Napalm Death Scum “Reaction Figure” glows in the dark just like your FBI agent.


The multinational corporations
Makes its profit from the starving nations
Another product for you to buy
You’ll keep paying until you die1

The label admonishes:

Super7, makers of the hit ReAction figures which celebrate the iconic action figures of our childhood, have announced a brand new NAPALM DEATH ‘Scum’ ReAction figure.

Inspired by the 1987 debut album from England’s grindcore pioneers NAPALM DEATH, the 3.75″ Scum Demon ReAction figure is encased in a blister pack on a cardboard back which mirrors the influential album’s cover, with the debut colourway matching the album’s first pressing.

With an ever-growing range of music inspired action figures to their name, Super7 are well versed in bringing the icons from your favourite rock, punk and metal bands to life with these authentically detailed action figures, and the new Scum Demon ReAction figure is surely one of the most impressive characters so far.

Fully licensed and endorsed by the band, this is a must-have for all NAPALM DEATH and Super7 collectors.

If you need more plasticized commodity Utopia in your life, go ahead and click the Earache webstore link. Bonus: each click sends a copy of the lyrics to Scum to the Earache webserver. Please don’t hammer this link too much, since loading only two of them crashed it for a few minutes last time I did it. Definitely don’t hammer the fucker to rage at the consumerism-communism hybrid dystopia in which we now live!

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34 thoughts on “So That’s How Grindcore Ends”

  1. Serenade says:

    Grindcore starts with Repulsion Horrified and ends with Terrorizer World Downfall. Never cared about Napalm.

    1. Understandable. The one that fell most for me was Carcass. I would say that Repulsion and Terrorizer made more listenable music than Napalm Death or Carcass, at least until later Napalm Death, and with a brief carve-out for the first Carcass album. Then again, 1990s Napalm Death was at least part Terrorizer.

      1. Serenade says:

        “Then again, 1990s Napalm Death was at least part Terrorizer.”

        Also true. Of their 1990s output, I prefer Utopia Banished over Harmony Corruption and Fear, Emptiness, Despair. Should I give their post-1994 albums a listen? What is, in your opinion, their last good album and when did they turn to sh…?

        1. My personal favorite is Fear, Emptiness, Despair. For whatever reason, I think they nailed what they were going for on that one. Everything after that that I have heard has been forgettable (and wisely forgotten).

          I still like their early material. Like the first Carcass, there’s some good riffwork on the first couple Napalm Death albums. The format however makes them unlistenable except in the background at a party.

          1. P.I.S.S. says:

            Unlistenable? Isn’t that the whole point, seeing as that’s the default grindcore format?

            1. I think so. Like most postmodern art, it was a stunt in part (“You Suffer”) but also made for some good expressive riffs and songs. I like the Peel Sessions best from early Napalm Death.

  2. AAAAARGH! Bloody 2-handed chainaxe blow says:

    Capitalism forces you to make some tough decisions. Either make money honorably or dishonorably and be able to buy the life you want to buy, or stick to your ideology and fight till you are dead. Most people choose the former and Napalm Death is no different.

    You get old, you get tired, so sell some cheap merchandise, pay bills, and go take a nap till this ride is over. Oh well.

    1. Capitalism forces you to make some tough decisions.

      Capitalism? Capitalism…? This is the nature of reality: you need to provide food, water, and shelter for yourself.

      Why’s it so expensive? That’s right… those anti-capitalist taxes, unions, affirmative action, regulations, lawsuits, and other prole fodder have raised the cost.

      Let’s quit blaming capitalism for the utter fucking disaster that is egalitarianism.

      Either make money honorably or dishonorably and be able to buy the life you want to buy, or stick to your ideology and fight till you are dead.

      They did both. They’ve been selling albums for forty years almost. Maybe they just want vacation homes?

      1. maelstrrom says:

        It allows society to be taken over by merchants instead of the rightful warrior-aristocrats. All communists and capitalists you see, must be crucified before they flee

        1. I think that’s prole revolt generally that you’re talking about.

          Crucifying Communists… takes too much time. Send ’em to Venezuela. It’s only fair, to both them and us.

          1. Cynical says:

            A question here — given that stupid people are effectively infinite in number, how would you prevent the best way of acquiring money (power) from being marketing stupid trash to stupid people? It seems to me that what’s needed is closer to some form of feudalism, with economic freedom reserved for the upper castes and the purchasing rights of the proletariat greatly restricted.

            1. You answered your own question.



              Upward selection pressure (“good to the good, bad to the bad,” ends-over-means) produces upper echelons who have enough wisdom to both be hippies and leave people alone to be eccentric, but to stop harmful behavior while orienting people toward the sane.

              Downward selection pressure (equality, “good to everyone (good and bad alike),” means-over-ends) produces strong lower echelons who consume everything else.

              If you ask me, the moron middle class screwed this up by interfering with the aristocrats after the Mongol invasions, Black Plague, and religious wars reduced their numbers. Note: why do I not use the word “decimate” here? Because it was more like a quarter, not a tenth, who were lost.

              The aristocrats, in turn, were of too gentle a mentality to do what needed to be done, which was Galtonian eugenics. 20% of every generation is not good, and needs to be either sent to Africa or drowned in bogs. Or thrown into a wood chipper, gassed, sent to Venezuela, sterilized and thrown in asylums. It’s not pretty, and it’s upsetting to me, but as far as I can tell, this is the logical end of thinking realistically.

              In nature, this is accomplished by nomadic lifestyles of tribes. They simply choose those who are functional to go with them on each migration, and leave the undesirables (retards, insane, promiscuous, criminal, selfish) behind.

              The problem is that this comes back to bomb our own asses. We’re basically wandering the wilds, creating little Italies and Irelands in our wake. Those eventually grow in number, thanks to the magic of agriculture and easy calories, and soon we find ourselves outnumbered 12-to-1 like the Krauts in WW2.

              This is why Galton was right. Purge the weak, hail the strong.

              1. P.I.S.S. says:

                “thrown into a wood chipper, gassed, sent to Venezuela, sterilized and thrown in asylums”

                In that exact order?

                1. My preferred solution, whether benevolent or cruel, is to exile them all to Venezuela. Give them a nice oil-rich diverse tropical nation in which to make their Utopia. Based on its natural resources and location, it would be very hard for them to fail, unless of course their ideas are insane.

  3. T Malm says:

    just run em over with your car

    1. Commies get made into hot dogs and sold at baseball games.

  4. Scale It Back says:

    Everything in life ends in a bargain.

    1. Wait a few months, this one will be on the bargain rack.

  5. UDMUC says:

    Do you ever sit and think, “Why am I providing free content to these internet sites when as a valued member of the community, I should receive some recognition?”

    The Union of Death Metal Underground Commentators, UDMUC, wants you to know that YOU are represented and YOUR voice will be heard, recognized, and ideally, compensated.

    We are planning a Christmas Eve strike to cripple this website and force management to recognize the worth of our shitpoasting. Are you with me?

    1. Our entire nation has shifted inside, and it’s not only the pandemic that caused this.

      That’s the diversity dividend!

      It always comes down to hits.

      This article consists of someone shilling the current hype instead of looking at the long term.

      Try: we’re going to back how early radio was, but delivered through the internet.

      I’m not sure the Netflix model of music will survive. As long as it’s cheap or free, people will use it, but that won’t last.

      His advice is great for indie pop bands though.

      1. Jimmy says:

        Indie pop and grindcorn.

        1. I can’t wait for candy corn sold as “Napalm Death’s grindcorn.”

          1. Doug says:

            Great idea, hipsters need something sweet and edgy to go along with their Rap Snacks.

            1. And quiche made from quinoa, arugula, and nutritional yeast.

          2. Jimmy says:

            Barney cracked corn and I don’t care

            1. Barney Greenway is going to follow Chuck Schuldiner into the AIDS ward and then into the earth. When you kill your spirit by becoming an egalitarian, nature trashes you eventually.

              1. Lord Penis says:

                I hope he takes that cocksucker Matt Harvey with him. Add the fags in Pig Deatroyer, the entire staff at Decibel, and the hipster death metal revival.

                1. Luckily I’m totally oblivious to the industry and have no idea who these people are. All I can say is: don’t trust anyone who takes a paycheck to do what they do.

  6. Frenchy Franck says:

    Blame it on Earache, I don’t think this is the band’s decision (and this shit is not listed in the shop section of their website)

  7. mlotek says:

    Napalm Death were great from the demos and Scum LP to the Mentally Murdered era, then sucked when they started recording with pillow drums in Florida.
    I’ve quickly gone through the other albums.
    Not much to like.

  8. Malewhoreslag says:

    I gave up on Napalm Death after seeing Barney do an interview with Ed Milliband (ex-Labour Party leader) at a local BBC radio broadcast. Then again, back in the day Shane Embury said he’d voted for Tony Blair “because it shouldn’t do wrong having someone younger in power”, so…

    1. Trying to apply enough band-aids and sticking plaster to make democracy seem like it’s working is a full-time and thankless job. I see Communism as an attempt to patch up democracy, just like Buddhism was an attempt to make religion stop going insane every few years.


    SORRY, but Napalm Death was always shemale tranny crap.


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