Sorcier des Glace announce upcoming split with Ende and remaster of Moonrise in Total Darkness

Sorcier des glace + Ende

Sorcier des Glaces are having a prolific year. Already having released a new album, the Wizard of the Ices has announced an upcoming split with Ende titled Le Puits des Morts and a remastered reissue of their second album, Moonrise in Total Darkness, on their Facebook page.

Sorcier Des Glaces & Ende “Le Puits des Morts” will be released in September via Obscure Abhorrence Productions! A “split” album filled with darkness, isolation and misanthropy… brand new songs from both bands, exclusive ones. There will be some guests on the title track, “Le Puits des Morts”, including Monarque, Nordet (Brume d’Automne), Blanc Feu (Chasse-Galerie, Cantique Lépreux) & I. Luciferia (Ende). A first song will be available by the end of April. Here’s the track-listing of this unholy alliance:

SORCIER DES GLACES – Le Puits des Morts
SORCIER DES GLACES – Glaciale Solitude… Dans la Pénombre Hivernale
SORCIER DES GLACES – Dans l’Immensité Blanche de la Plaine
SORCIER DES GLACES – L’Ombre Squelettique du Temps

ENDE – Notre Falaise
ENDE – Sacrifice
ENDE – Call from the Grave (Bathory cover)
ENDE – Fehér Isten

One may listen to Moonrise in Total Darkness on Sorcier des Glaces’ Bandcamp and purchase the remastered CD from Galy Records.

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3 thoughts on “Sorcier des Glace announce upcoming split with Ende and remaster of Moonrise in Total Darkness

  1. Weltmacht says:

    Sounds promising, I’ve been a fan of these guys for years. They’re one of about four black metal bands left where I actually buy every release of theirs when they come out (not counting reissues).

    What do you think the odds are of the site getting an interview with Sorcier des Glaces?

    1. C.M. says:

      Odds are greater than zero! What kind of questions do you think should be asked?

      1. Weltmacht says:

        Honestly the big one would be some variation on “why did you suddenly start releasing so many things circa 2011/2012 after several years of dormancy?” Not really a deep question, I know, but I’m wondering what prompted them to start coming out with so much material at a time when both the quality and quantity of black metal being released is at the lowest point I can remember.

        I’m also interested to know how — in contrast to so many of their contemporaries — they’ve managed to avoid being caught in the loops of either (a) basically doing the same thing over and over again because it’s easy or (b) jumping on the latest trend because it’s even easier. Their newest album, North, is excellent because it’s true to their core style without relying on nostalgia but it still manages to sound relevant and current without being gimmicky.

        I’d probably be interested in their thoughts on the state of modern metal and where they stand on the conflict we’re seeing between the non-invested VICE/Vox/Buzzfeed/Jezebel types who want to make metal more inclusive and less threatening on the one hand and the actively regressive people on the other hand who think metal should never progress past 1991.

        I’m sure there are other important questions worth asking, but that’s all I have for the time being.

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