Sorcier des Glaces at work on North


French Canadian black metal band Sorcies des Glaces announced that the band is heading into the studio this summer to finish the recording of North, its upcoming LP. The band also released the cover image above.

Known for its flowing black metal in the style of old Immortal and Graveland, but an idiosyncratic twist of its own, Sorcier des Glaces graced a number of the “best of 2014” lists floating around the internet including our own. Hopes are high for the new material.

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13 thoughts on “Sorcier des Glaces at work on North

  1. I never got around to Ritual of the End. How does that compare to previous works by SDG?

  2. meh says:

    What’s that cap on the band name?

    1. Weltmacht says:

      Nothing special, it’s just a hat. It’s cold there.

  3. Roger says:


    I loved the last, much more then their third. Hopefully this will continue the upward trend.

  4. Anthony says:

    Man, I almost wish this band would slow down so that I could get a chance to catch up. I’m still on Puressence of Primitive Forests! Good stuff all around, even if their albums can be a bit tough to get ahold of (or at least they were when I managed to track down their back catalogue five years ago).

  5. LostInTheANUS says:

    Fellow sodomites, aside from the obvious choices (Necromantia, Rotting Christ, Varathron), which Hellenic black metal records would you recommend?

    1. who? says:

      Greek, like every metal scene, was one of leaders and followers, and those 3 were the leaders.
      But since you asked, the following are passable:

      – Kawir’s “Eumenides” and last 2 (which are more like power metal with black aesthetics)
      – Septic Flesh, 2nd and 3rd album (they had a sound of their own unlike most bands on this list)
      – Thou Art Lord’s Diabolou Archaes Legeones (more rock version of the genre but still enjoyable)
      – Alioth: Basically a tribute from the US! Solid.

      Or you can check “Hellas: The Black Death Anthology” that contains the best tracks from many bands.

      As for more recent stuff, Empire of the Moon is like a cross between Dawn (Sweden), Greek BM and more power metal (it even has spacey purple front cover). Approach with caution.

    2. Aaron Lynn says:

      Give Embrace of Thorns – Praying for Absolution a try.

    3. Lord Mosher says:

      @ LostinTheAnus
      AGATUS, DEVISER , ORDER OF THE EBON HAND , KATAXU and ATHOS (although Prozak dismissed them as irrelevant).

    4. mightypeniz says:

      Zemial & Agatus for sure.. Thou Art Lord too, but thats probably not the sound you’re chasing. Not greek, but if you’re not familiar with Root and Mortuary Drape, check them out.

    5. Anthony says:

      I’ll echo the Mortuary Drape recommendation. Not Greek, but their best stuff (particularly their full-length) is at the same quality level. You might also like their Italian countrymen Necromass if you’re into the more melodic strains of Hellenic black metal.

      Legion of Doom has a solid discography if you’re looking for something like a cross between traditionally Greek stuff and the more Nordic-sounding ambient black metal bands. Naer Mataron’s first two albums also perform admirably in that regard.

      Septic Flesh’s first three albums are a must, as is the first Horrified album. I’m surprised that Horrified doesn’t get mentioned more often as an exponent of Hellenic black/death.

    6. LostInTheANUS says:

      Thanks for all the recommendations.

  6. dawn says:

    Macabre Omen

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