Sorcier des Glaces – The Puressence of Primitive Forests

Six song preview from the new album:

The record label says:

Sorcier des Glaces has finally finished recording its third album called “The puressence of primitive forests” that will be released on July 25th on Mankind’s demise records. A limited edition of 100 copies will include “Snowland” (original master) as a second CD. – Mankind’s Demise

This is part of the band’s triptych:

We can officially confirm that a third opus is in the making. So there are
going to be 3 new chapters in the Sorcier Des Glaces’ saga. The first one
is “The Puressence of Primitive Forests”, expect a release date in July
2011 on the Quebec label Mankind’s Demise Records. A cover song will be
featured on the album, our version of Hungary’s TORMENTOR “Tormentor I” (we
covered the first version of that song, originally appeared on “The 7th Day
of Doom” in 1987). Mankind’s Demise will also release a limited 2CD edition of the album that will include a remastered version of our first album (1998′ Snowland). I
know that the album has never been officially available, we’ve been asked
so many times for that so now this is your chance!

We wish to make the second album (“North”) available not too far after
“Puressence…”, all depends on how things will turn out.

Concerning the third and final chapter, it’s actually in the making, all
songs are composed and some parts are already recorded as I write these
lines. It will be called “Ritual of the End”. Hopefully we will record
three cover songs too for that album, 3 bands that are very influential for
Sorcier Des Glaces’ sound and material since the beginning. Here are the
projected track-listing of the album:

1- Under the Moonlight
2- Morbid Ritual
3- Snowland
4- The Frozen sword of Midnight
5- The sign of the End
6- Slumbering in the Dark (outro)

Expect the three releases to be total Cold Primitive music! In our opinion
far better than everything we have done in the past (Snowland in 1998 and
Moonrise in Total Darkness in 1999). Everything gets darker, colder,
primal…. engulfed in a sombre melancholic atmosphere. Some riffs are very
old, composed even before our first album!
As for the split mini-album with Québec’s MONARQUE, no release date yet but
It will certainly be in the first half of 2011. It will feature 4 exclusive
Sorcier Des Glaces songs (2 new songs, a cover and a remake of “The Night
Throne” from the Snowland album) they will not be featured on any of the 3
upcoming albums… – Sorcier des Glaces

The band has also release a complete MP3 of one song from the new album, “…Et les Anges périrent sous la Neige.”

Download it (MP3, 7mb) or watch:

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