Staying underground, sort of


In the ’80s and ’90s it was not uncommon to see photos of metal legends such as Slayer, Alice in Chains and Megadeth clothed in the half-skull logo that has become a venerated symbol for Utah metalheads.

While stores like Hot Topic have become a haven for mall rats, Kevin refused a distribution offer years ago that would have put HMS T-shirts in malls because it would’ve cheapened HMS’ authentic metalhead image. Today, sales from clothing eclipse music sales and HMS-branded clothing is sold to customers worldwide.

Although the location of the HMS has changed over the years, the authentic vibe that permeates the store and impeccable customer service has remained consistent. – USA Today

One way to avoid the hype: treat metal like any other specialty, whether gardening or hair-weaving, and ignore the teeny-bopper market entirely.

It seems that sell-outs occur, and consequently failures of quality occur, when some novice sees a successful pop-ish metal band, and counsels a heavier metal band to emulate them.

This then poisons the good name of that metal band, and fails to attract the pop listeners, who want something that is 100% pop, not a metal-pop hybrid.

Morbid Angel just found this out the hard way. Slayer did back in 1998 as well. It’s an eternal cycle.


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  1. one more serious question says:

    metal musicians seem too unable to learn from their peers. Perhaps because they themselves remain teeny-boppers all their lives?

  2. Dominating Fucker says:

    Nektar – A Tab in the Ocean

    Nektar – A Tab in the Ocean

    Bent Wind – Sussex

    Jade Warrior – Floating World


  3. serious answer, now let the cocks commence. says:

    perhaps because although few of them can pull off a Black Album level commercialization they do tend to make more money off a pop-metal album than they would off of a legitimate metal album. In the short term anyway.

  4. brunhILDE FAN #1 says:


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  7. this site blows says:

    You are to music what this guy is to girls. Nevermind, you ARE this guy.

  8. me again says:

    not the literature/legend guy tho, he’s cool

  9. fucking dumbshit faggots says:

    >ignore the teeny-bopper market entirely

    lol, you sure are succeeding at doing that. yup, succeeding more and more with each blog post

  10. dumb faggot says:

    who did metallica exactly look at as a model when they “sold out”

  11. Maybe says:

    ^ Any successfull Texas Country Rock artist in the last 50 years

  12. brutal slayer of christians, noble hessian warrior of death says:

    You should all listen to the new Amon song…the Hoffman brothers truly excel as musicians even if the song is a bit too modern for my taste:

  13. Vajazzle Prosack says:

    “Some say she was so punished for rejecting Prozak’s amorous advances. ”

    Not possible. A woman? Not possible.

  14. Vajazzle Prosack says:

    I like to wear wigs when I go out with my hommies. I play the role of the female. I find my role fit since I always wanted to have a vagina. I offer my butt hole with tender passion to my hommies who treat me like a lady.

  15. Serious Criticism says:

    You faggots are full of shit. Illid Divinum Insanus is the only Morbid Anal album worth listening to. At least they had the foresight to emulate successful, GOOD bands like KMFDM instead of recording more typical CHUGGA CHUGGA CHUGGA brain dead faggot death metal.

  16. Serious Criticism says:

    I don’t have a penis and I like to wear wigs when I go out with my hommies. I play the role of the female.

    I find my role fit since I always wanted to have a vagina. I offer my butt hole with tender passion to my hommies who treat me like a lady.

  17. Adrian MCock says:

    Imagine all I’m wearing is just my cowboy boots and hat, nothing else. My cock is stiff and pointing at your belly. I’m about to shoot you. Jizz.

  18. @Vajazzle Prosack says:


    go to bed, Casey.

    freaking candyass

  19. Serious questioner says:

    I see the term “Pink Frothy Aids” used a lot around this site, but what are they refferring to?

  20. serious music fan says:

    >Gentle Giant – Gentle Giant

    lol, SO entry level. Everyone knows they got better and better with each album (peaking with Free Hand)

  21. what says:

    Is this autist a black metal fan/Hessian? I see a definite resemblance to Fenriz.

  22. Serious answerer says:

    @Serious questioner

    Averse Sefira

  23. @ Serious answerer says:

    C’mon man, you know that’s not true. If you can’t answer a simple question then go eat a burger with fries and a soda.

  24. huh, wow says:

    >Meaning, I want everyone to know that I know more about music than that guy who posted this.

    Um, isn’t that the basic message behind this site, its blogpost, and nearly every post in the Metal forum….

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