36 thoughts on “Summoning – “With Doom I Come””

  1. Marc Defranco says:

    It’s good but yeah it still has that similar dark tone of old mornings

  2. James says:

    Old Morning’s Dawn was a fantastic album actually and it had an important function; namely, that metal is dead, so keep some of that grand, majestic spirit while leaving instrumentation and typical formulaic band structures where it belongs – a place going nowhere. Summoning truly have left the genre for dead. One band to rule them all!

  3. Gorgowocoa says:


  4. J.A. says:

    AAllegedly this album is supposed to be closer in vibe to Oath Bound. So, being that this is the last track on the album, I’ll proceed under the assumption that it’s meant to serve as a mournful coda a la Earthshine. And hopefully the rest of the album will be more lively. That said, I do think that this would have been one of the better tracks on OMD.

    1. Seth says:

      In my opinion Oath Bound was their best post 2000 release. If they could maintain 3/4 of the potency of that album I would be happy with it. Though this song is less orcs marching on Osgiliath and more elves hopping around in the woods.

      1. Everything post Dol Gudur has been a major step down.

        1. Psychic Psych Toad says:

          Even with it’s tropical drums, Nightshade Forests is not a major step down in quality. Flesh and Blood and Kortorion are among their very best songs.

          1. Spitz says:

            This site used to be big on Summoning/Burzum/Ambient and fostered a uniquely groundbreaking view at this cross-section of genres. Daniel Maarat’s viewpoint on metal is simply in a different direction, at the very least he can’t be expected to speak on this with any sort of authority.

            1. Come in my ass says:

              Summoning is not ambient. Repetitiveness doesn’t automatically make something ambient.

              1. In your ass I come says:

                True, but almost everything repeats to some extent and treatment of repitition specifically plays a part in building ‘ambiance’ so even if they don’t produce music purely in the style of the ‘ambient’ genre, their compositions certainly utilize the technique.

                1. Gasplorbadorb says:

                  I think of Summoning basically as highly mutated industrial music, using synthesized medievalish instruments instead of clanging pipes, sequencers, etc., with a layer of black metal guitars. And unsurprisingly both Silenius and Protector make industrial music on the side.

            2. Thewaters says:


  5. Nigz says:

    It’s not bad, it’s just fucking boring.

  6. Dead1 says:

    Total garbage.

    Metal’s about busting heads and musical violence, not this symphonic atmospheric bullshit.

    1. Gorgowocoa says:

      Nah that’s more punk and noisecore scenes. Metal’s basically creampuff exclusive at this point. The traditional heavy metal riffing style just sounds like some stupid spanish guitar shit all amped up anyway. Synth music is vastly more ambitious and creative at this point.may as well listen to that shit to help get over your inner-rockstar faggotry or alternatively come over to war metal where we’ll be brothers in trannybangin together

      1. Rainer Weikusat says:

        Synth music is vastly more ambitious and creative at this point.may as well listen to that shit to help get over your inner-rockstar faggotry

        “Electronic music” ceased to be new and exciting ca 5s after the first band employed a synthesizer because it seemed New(!) and Exciting(!), ie, for want of creative ideas, some time in 1968 or so.

        1. Spitz says:

          No you probably just don’t like electronic music and project personal taste into objective worth, a process common among DMU autists.

          1. Gorgowocoa says:

            dude .. for synth recommend the intro to Fallen Angel of Doom.

          2. Rainer Weikusat says:

            The statement I was replying to was “synth music is More Interesting because it’s synth music” aka “a different kind of weird sounds” and it isn’t despite that’s a trap various bands fell into late 1960s – mid/early 1970s, The Groundhogs and The Edgar Broughton Band being two examples I can name out of my head.

            Whether or not I like “synth music” per se is of no relevance for this statement (as always with these attempts to deflect from the factual to the personal).

            1. Legit says:

              No one’s even heard of your examples lol

              1. Who the hell are they? I have no idea.

              2. Rainer Weikusat says:

                Google is your friend.

                1. Ryan says:

                  let me just tell everyone he didn’t annihilate him lololol …. he had a good time w the guy. .. if you get on stage w a band like that best believe there gonna give you a good time! that guy was having the time of his life getting thrown around by atilla … so the title is nonsence ! atilla is usually on drugs and gets a little rough so the security had to step in and pull him off … but it was all in good fun. it was for the crowd and all that .. everyone there knew he wasn’t trying to hurt the guy .. common people

        2. Come in my ass says:

          1968 he says, when literally no interesting purely electronic music was being made.

          Between 1969 and 1980 there was heaps of amazing electronic music being made. Look up the Berlin school in your apple web browser.

          Do it before you search for trannie porn.

        3. Gorgowocoa says:

          Dude do you even spin any war metal??

        4. Trish Styro says:

          It peaked in the early 2000’s you deaft idiot. Not my best pun.

      2. Dead1 says:

        It’s why I still listen to old shit. Metal has increasingly lost it’s plot since the 1990s.

        1. Thewaters says:

          What was Metals plot btw?

      3. Gorgowocoa says:

        Dude.. .

  7. Chwere says:

    Lot of negativity from yall faggots seems to have jinxed the vid

  8. Me and M New Burzum Ambient Music says:

    I want to masturbate to this music while fingering my ass

  9. Thewaters says:

    SCHULZE comes to mind

  10. Trish Styro says:

    Yeah but prozak only wrote about TD and Kraftwerk so there it is

    1. Thewaters says:

      Nahhhhh, he wrote about a lot of electronic. You just haven’t been that deep into the ANUS yet

  11. bustin makes me feel good says:

    Man Machine is amazing you dumbass

  12. Über Äutist says:

    Like synth renditions of classical music?

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