Support the war… against hipsters

Interesting take on it:

I personally don’t want to label metal ‘underground’. I try to get my friends interested, but for one reason or another metal was meant to hold a limited audience. Which is fine because it has remained resilient through the years with such support. Exclusivity has become a defining pillar of the scene, the implications of which look dismal for the future of the genre.

{ snip }

My problem is not with ‘who likes metal’ but rather why they like metal and what the implications are for the genre.

Hipsters tend to take the honesty out of music because of how they rationalize their choices. People who respect their taste in music do not listen to bands because they are underground; they listen to them because they make good music. If a band gets too popular, they let it slide so long as said band remains honest. If said band loses their integrity, say Metallica, for instance, then one abandons them not for crossing some unspoken popularity threshold but rather because they have betrayed the trust of their fans. This is a powerful bond not easily broken by the likes of the mainstream press.

Hipsters, and I’m generalizing here, define their musical taste by what is unpopular; I’d even venture to say it is a defining pillar of hipsterdom (whatever that means). Metal has rare bouts of popularity but is unlikely to achieve mass appeal anytime soon, especially given the rigid parameters of top-tier saleability in the music industry. These impossible conditions leave metal with one possible future. Since the genre will not likely be rising to the mainstream popularity which could save it from a skinny-jean-clad audience (though I must admit that is pretty thrash) it is only a matter of time before the genre is completely saturated with hipsters. In San Francisco, metal culture has dwindled to only a handful of bands. – Sons of the Atom

The principle of hipsterdom is being different/ironic/”unique” through surface changes.

The hipster is at heart a very normal person, usually working a do-nothing job and living a boring life. Most are SWPLs.

They have, however, embraced failure. They aren’t doctors, lawyers or architects; they’re not even rogue programmers. They’re not real writers or artists. In fact, they’re not very good at anything. So they socialize and try to be “different” to stand out, since they’re not going to stand out for being good people, or smart people, or talented people. They’re faking it.

This is why they like music that’s basically bad: anyone can do it. If you trick it out enough, you get famous for it.

This is why they like ruined social scenes, failed things, and obscurity: they can take over.

They took over metal in 1999ish and have truly wrecked it, because metalcore is noomoo for underground hXc kids, and as a result it’s insipid trash.

Hardcore died in 1987 or before, and really has never come back. The hipsters want to think otherwise. Metal died in ’94.

It’s important to realize that hipsters are a sign of the end of all good things. They are the parasites who are trying to justify themselves into importance.

Supporting the war against hipsters is to support:

  • Substance over appearance.
  • Reality over social reality.
  • Art over personal drama.
  • Idealism over individualism.

All good things come from crushing the hipster, which is a force of decay.

Apple sold 9.25 million iPads and 3.95 million Mac computers. Gross margin for the quarter came to 41.7 percent.

Shares of Apple have emerged from the limbo they had fallen into after Chief Executive Steve Jobs took leave last January for unspecified medical reasons. – Reuters

Capitalist banksters, ganksters and toadies love hipsters because they will buy a bog-ordinary product with a special label and quintuple the margin on it. They are ideal consumers: morons who think they are right and can be easily led to buy something if it makes them feel unique and special.

Allah ta’ala will reward all those who give service in crushing the false (who don’t entry) and raising up the honest. Immortality and righteousness await all those who smite hipsters.

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  1. born after 1987 says:

    “Metal died in ’94.”

  2. You said “banksters”.

  3. hipster says:

    Cool article bro!

  4. yerp says:

    Substance over appearance.

    Reality over social reality.

    Art over personal drama.

    Idealism over individualism.

    Wait, which one’s the hipsters and which one’s the anus fags again? It’s like some guessing game.

  5. sigh says:

    Oh great this tired “Other” tripe again. At least we’re not like those non-existent HIPSTERS!!!! RIGHT?! HIPSTERS!!!

    Now make an article about baby-boomers to try to make yourself seem “balanced” and less of a conservative muppet.

  6. 8==> says:

    “Capitalist banksters, ganksters and toadies love hipsters because they will buy a bog-ordinary product with a special label and quintuple the margin on it. They are ideal consumers: morons who think they are right and can be easily led to buy something if it makes them feel unique and special.”

    How is this any different from people who buy albums if they’re about Satan and have tremolo riffs?

  7. Franz Schubert says:

    You know Stuff White People Like is a bunch of hipsters with white guilt, right? They just want black people to accept them as some of the “good ones”. I thought anus would be above something so vapid.

  8. hip-hopster says:

    If hardcore died in ’87, then why did you guys like Bane back in the (I think that’s the site) days?

  9. truth says:

    Anyone who thinks punk died before the 90s obviously wasn’t paying attention, or just wants it to have died so they have their own elite special club that can’t be sullied by any commercial punk they dislike. Same goes for black metal or anything.

  10. gareth keenan says:

    Died in 87? Clearly someone’s never heard Integrity. Or Earthmover. Or Bad Business. Fuck, even the Rival Mob.

  11. or or or says:

    Or Totalitar. Or Big Black. or

  12. @ yerp says:

    I guess you’re the clueless idiot. Stop reading immediately and go back to your cartoons. No kiddin’, go, c’mon up you go…

  13. @ sigh says:

    Oh your same boring comment. Try going to a different page now. You suck. This site sucks but you are just way too gay to be here.

  14. @ 8==> says:

    It’s different because you like cock in your ass. That’s why you need to start cleaning uranus properly. Sticky smelly shit crust around your cunt is not nice. Also please shave your armpits and start buying more feminine clothing. Start with your high heel shoes and mini skirts.

  15. "This is what happens when you fuck a stranger in the ass" - The Big Lebowski says:

    by Scott L. Anderson
    Prison rape. I can guarantee you that those two words are the first thing that popped into your head when you heard you were on the way to the slammer. There is no way to sugarcoat this issue. You may be raped when you go to prison. I am not trying to scare you. It is a serious, real issue. Here are some facts:

    It is estimated that there are over 300,000 instances of prison rape a year.
    196,000 are estimated to happen to men in prison
    123,000 are estimated to happen to men in county jail.
    40,000 are estimated to be committed against boys in either adult prisons or while in juvenile facilities or lock ups.
    5000 women are estimated to be raped in prison.
    Remember that these are all estimates. Most rapes are not reported.
    Sexual attacks in prison are considered rape when penetration occurs. It is estimated that inmates are approached with unwanted sexual advances over 80,000 times per day in the United States alone.

    Keep in mind that many experts consider county and local jails to be more likely places for rapes than prisons. There is a reason for this. You are more likely to be raped while in prison if:

    You are young.
    You come from a middle-class background.
    You are white.
    You are not street smart or have no gang affiliations.
    Physically you are of small stature.
    By the time repeat or career criminals get to prison they have normally made the circuit through foster homes, juvenile lockups and reform schools where rape is very common. So by the time they actually make it to the big time they are well schooled in this fact of prison life and quite often they are the attackers not the attackees.
    This guide is for the person who has never done any kind of time. Do not think that rape will only happen in prison. If you have to go to county jail prior to your trial and while awaiting transfer to prison, a sexual attack is very likely to occur there. This can all depend on the area you live in. If you are in a rural area with a small jail, of course the chances will drop. But if you are in a metro area, Los Angeles County, New York’s Rikers Island, Miami’s Dade, and Chicago’s Cook being among the worst, your chances of being raped are going to skyrocket.

    Especially, and this is not a racist statement, if you are white. Consider that of the total number of estimated prison rapes:

    13% involved white inmates raping white inmates
    29% involved black inmates raping black inmates.
    56% involved black inmates raping white inmates.
    This comes to a grand total of 85% of prison rapes being committed by blacks, with 69% of the victims being white. The rapes of white inmates are normally done by gangs of blacks and somewhat in the open so that other inmates, but not staff, can witness the attacks. The blacks involved are generally in the joint for crimes such as armed robbery or severe assault cases.
    One of the reasons for this situation is that whites lack solidarity while in prison and unlike the population on the outside, are the minority on the inside.

    Scenario #1. A white middle-class man, let’s say a car dealer, is picked up for sale of cocaine, and is locked into a communal cell with four black inmates, all whom have done substantial amounts of time in prison. The white man is of small stature and has no street smarts. The chances of him being raped:. Damn near 100%.

    Scenario #2. Same situation only this time the white is a solid member of a biker gang that has ties to inside the prison walls. He himself has been in several times. Chances of rape in this situation: Practically zero. The black inmates are smart enough to know that they may be able to out muscle this man and rape him, but the long-term ramifications are not worth it. Without even talking to this man, the blacks’ years of experience in prison will give them the sense to leave him alone.

    While I was an officer in Moose Lake/Willow River (Minnesota) prison I worked a unit that held two Native Americans, one black, one Asian, a younger white inmate, and an older seasoned inmate. When it finally came to the attention of the staff, it turned out that the young white inmate had been raped repeatedly over several months by the black and Indian inmates, but not by the Asian or the older inmate. It also turned out that no advances had ever been made toward either of those two. Note that the seasoned inmate did not join in on the rapes, but never tried to stop it either. That is just the way things are in prison. There is no brotherhood of man when you walk inside those gates.

    There is a class system of three groups in prison involving prison sex.

    Group #1: The predators. They are known as jockers, studs, wolves, and pitchers. These inmates will sniff out new victims and will almost always attack in groups. Of the three groups these are the inmates who consider themselves “men.” “Men” in prison have not ever been penetrated or raped; if this is done to them, they immediately lose this status. They never consider themselves homosexuals but some probably are and for their safety will never admit it, just as some of these men have been victims of sexual assault and will never admit it. A number of these inmates also don’t have much of a taste for rape, but do it to protect their own status so they themselves could be turned on.

    Group #2: The jailhouse queens. These inmates actively carry on a female-like existence and will dress as femininely as they can within the regulations of the prison. There is a lower percentage of these inmates in prison and thus are cherished by the jockers. They are referred to in female terms and are called “her” or “she” by both prisoners and staff alike. Quite often these inmates will have somewhat of a permanent relationship with one of the stronger, established wolves, even though it is not uncommon for the wolf to lend his gal out to his buddies to pay off a debt or for some other reason. Other names used for queens are bitches, ladies, and whores. They will often refer to their assholes as “pussies.” I once had a queen tell me that she fucked like a woman, but fought like a man.

    Group #3. The punks. Also called fuck boys. These inmates are the younger, weaker, normally white inmates who have been “turned out” by the stronger inmates. They are normally assaulted within days of arrival and these attacks will keep up until they either get protection, are locked up in protective custody, or turn queen themselves. The queens normally look down on punks with disdain. Punks are down on the same prison level as child molesters. Often they are sold to other gangs. They have an extremely high suicide rate.

    Suicide rates in prison are estimated to be 15.4 per 100,000 inmates in all the states averaged out, with the exception of California, which has an astronomical 179 per 100,000. Penologists believe that the number one cause of suicide in prison is rape, with AIDS and depression from being in prison being the two runner up reasons.

    AIDS/HIV is six times the national average in prison. When inmates rape, they don’t wear condoms.

    You can always spot a punk in prison. Often they shuffle around like mental patients and will have extremely poor hygiene in an attempt to stave off future attacks. Rarely will they alert staff to what is going on. I approached several of these inmates while I was an officer to offer them help and they never accepted.

    How do first time inmates defend against rape? They will either pay for protection, join a gang, or they can be “sponsored” by a relative or friends before they even get there. But I have seen fish (rookie) inmates so big and fucking tough that no inmate even wanted to think about taking them on.

    If it happens, it will most likely happen in a dorm or shower area. But anyplace will do if it is out of sight of the officers. My advice to you if you are not protected in some way and you are attacked is to FIGHT back as hard and as loud as you can. AIDS is a death sentence, so that’s the biggest reason. The second reason is once you are raped you are considered in prison circles to have lost your manhood. If you find out you are being singled out and do not have protection, I would also consider striking first against one of the main wolves, although return violence is sure to occur. The problem with this is that you are going to wind up in the hole with maybe some time added to your sentence and things may not have changed when you are released out of segregation.

    If you are cornered and things aren’t going your way, some people think that a way to avoid being raped is to tell your attackers that you are HIV positive and have AIDS. This may work as a quick fix but it more than likely will also result in you being severely beaten if not killed. AIDS in prison is a very sensitive issue with both officers and inmates. Security staff aren’t even told who has AIDS, due to privacy rights issues.

    Do Not Be Passive. Stand Your Ground.

    If you are young, small, and white, your chances of being attacked are higher. If you are getting middle-aged, the chances will drop. Don’t even drop your guard though.

    In a minimum facility there is a much smaller chance of rape as inmates don’t want to screw up chances of their release. In maximum joints, the chance is much higher because inmates have longer sentences and less to lose. In medium facilities always remember that a good share of your fellow inmates are former maximum inmates so the chance of rape is always there with them. County jails have a very high number of rapes reported.

    Many officers that you are going to come in contact with think that most inmates are homosexuals and they deserve what is coming to them and they will often turn their backs when they feel a rape is being committed. Officers have been known to allow a rape to go on if they are working in a high-risk facility and think that doing so will help keep the stronger inmates in line. I can tell you for a fact that the number one worry of all corrections staff is that if there is a riot, they are going to get fucked in the ass, the men that is; the woman really have something to worry about.

    An officer that I know who was working in the Atlanta federal penitentiary in 1987 during the Cuban riot there, told me that every hostage taken in that riot had been raped.

    After you’ve been locked up for a while you are going to get horny. My advice to you is to masturbate. Alone.

    If you decide to get your rocks off and pay some queen to let you screw her, you will not have protection. Remember the AIDS factor. Is it worth it? Even if you decide to just get a blowjob from one of them, you risk the chance of making her “Daddy” jealous and that can open another can of worms.

    Soft-core porn magazines are available in most prisons. Check out the chicks, use your imagination, and jack off in your sock.

    You are trying to survive the joint. Not live in it.

  16. brutal slayer of christians, noble hessian warrior of death says:

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  17. brutal slayer of christians, noble hessian warrior of death says:

    Also check out my black metal band:

    Lyrics are in the description.

  18. Mahatma Gandhi says:

    I was raped in prison repeatedly. Ah yes, those were the good old days!

  19. BNR Metal Tournament says:

    hey ladies the BNR metal tournament is still on, don’t forget to vote!!

  20. ANUS IS GAY says:


  21. hrm says:

    y we crush the falses that dont entry? isnt a hipster a false who does indeed entry but with no soul?

    y they no burned and died? :(

  22. hardcore enthusiast says:

    What do you mean hardcore is dead? Hardcore will never die!

  23. @hip-hopster says:

    the Bane they were probably referring to is the USBM band that has a pretty interesting interview in the interviews section.

    The other Bane reminds me of Minor Threat with some metalcore.. do not want.

  24. mike gainer reigns here says:

    Metal died in 96. What did you forget Molested already?

  25. Nietzsche would be pissed says:

    Metal is not underground you posers. There’s literally millions of people listening to your epic cryfart music. Listen to some noise or electroacoustic or serialism or free jazz or microtonal music if you want music that is really harsh and disturbing. You are the worst example of hipster pseudo-intelligentsia.

  26. @ the guy who responded to hip-hopster says:

    No, no, no, it’s the hardcore Bane. If I could only find the site, I would post the link. "It All Comes Down To This" is the album they reviewed right along with Bad Brains and all the Death albums before “Individual Thought Patterns”.

  27. you're a fucking embarrassment to humanity says:

    Hey I’m glad you decided to talk about hipsters, because you NEVER do that. What’s needed around here is more talk about hipsters and endless variations on the same points you make all the time.

  28. tiny midget says:

    @ the guy who responded to hip-hopster

    Here is the Bane you are looking for dude.

  29. Dominating Fucker says:

    @ you’re a fucking embarrassment to humanity

    “All the time”, ha, good think you come here all the time too you little fucking emo-twat! What you need is a good rape in the ass… that’ll teach you well fucking fag!

    @ Nietzsche would be pissed
    “Listen to some noise or electroacoustic or serialism or free jazz or microtonal music if you want music that is really harsh and disturbing.”

    I agree with you man, there is some incredibly interesting music there but reducing their appeal to just harsh and disturbing is an understatement. Furthermore to say Metal (at least the best of it which is less than 1% in over 4 decades) is any less relevant/artistic is not correct neither is it honest.

    Then again the millions of people listening to “cryfart” metal are probably listening to the other 99% which there’s a good chance of it being of a lessesr quality than the metal proposed at this site.

  30. hip-hopster says:

    Hey thanks tiny midget!

    Yeah, so kontinual/brett/jeff/death metal, black metal/conservationist/etc…., why do you say that hardcore died in ’87 when Bane were a 90’s hardcore band that you guys liked?

    See link below:

    Do you guy(s) make hypocrites of yourself(ves) pretty often, hmm?

  31. @ hip-hopster says:

    But man i dunno what is yer point huh? i mean dis dudes at dis site are very confusin’. my guess is that one or two bands dont make up for an entire genre and in facto when just exceptions are used to prove a point then you realize a gnre might be dying. cool black metal bands existed after 1996 averse sefire seems to get blowjobbed by kontinual and co but man, black metal was well in its deathbed by 1996.

  32. Levy_Spearmen says:

    All y’all is fuckin’ dumb.

  33. Stevy_Wonder says:


  34. Stevy_Wonder says:


  35. Cuntservationist says: and are dead and gone, nobody cares about those shitty sites anyway, it`s time for the anus staff to launch and write reviews about our new metal lords: the sword, mastodon and wiht (the new burzum), oh boy what a boner i have! solar or sun metal for everyone!!!

  36. Queero Mc Hungo says:


    I’ve got a big juicy mumbo jumbo between my legs you flurry dumbass cumm and get it

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