Tankard’s Early Nineties Albums Reissued

Noise Records is reissuing Tankard’s early nineties output on CD and LP.

Only alcoholic idiots will be interested in these beer metal discs. Noise is reissuing The Meaning of Life, Stone Cold Sober, Two-Faced, and The Tankard. These are sure to be shelf turds.

Tankard the beer obsessed thrash metalllers from Frankfurt, Germany, founded in 1982. Along with Kreator, Destruction and Sodom, Tankard are often considered one of the “Big Teutonic 4” of German thrash metal. They released their first record in 1986 and continue to write and record in the same vein: fast thrash metal songs about beer and alcohol. Formed by three classmates, bassist Andreas “Gerre” Geremia, guitarist Axel Katzmann and vocalist Frank Thorwarth. Thorwarth and Gerre soon switched roles; at the same time the trio added drummer Oliver Werner and second guitarist Berhard Rapprich. They chose their name from a dictionary upon seeing its definition as “beer mug”. Their earliest written song was called “Ray Death”, a song about nuclear war and their first gig was played in a local classroom in 1983. As drinking alcohol in the school was banned, they smuggled their beer in with milk cartons. Soon after, Bernhard Rapprich left the band as his conservative father did not want him “hanging around with a bunch of drunks” and he was replaced by Andy Bulgaropoulos. With the line-up now stabilised, the band released their first demo, titled Heavy Metal Vanguard, in 1984. After this, the band toured with fellow German thrashers Sodom. In 1985 they released a second demo, Alcoholic Metal, which cemented their thrash metal style and lyrical themes. Both of these demos were very popular in the underground, and on the strength of this demo they signed with Noise Records with whom they released seven studio albums between 1986 and 1995. Tankard still play to huge crowds globally and released their 17th studio album in 2017.


01/12 – Nurnberg D, K4 Festaal
02/12 – Berlin D, Binuu
16/12 – Eindhoven NL, EMM
29/12 – Frankfurt D, Tankard Fest
30/12 – Ingolstadt D, Eventhalle Westpark
26/01 – Thessaloniki GR, 8Ball
27/01 – Athens GR, Kyttaro
12/2 – Osaka JP, True Thrash Fest
2/3 – Goslar D, Lindenhof
3/3 – Bremen D, Tower
16/3 – Colmar F, Le Grillen
17/3 – Dornbirn A, Conrad Sohm
28/4 – Erica NL, Pitfest
20/7 – Fritzlar D, Rocak Am Stuck
21/7 – Weil D, Baden In Blut
27/7 – Essen D, Nord-Open-Air
11/8 – Schlottheim D, Party San Open Air
22/9 – Magedburg D, Factory
19/10 – Leipzig D, Hellraiser
20/10 – Brunn CZ, Melodka
21/10 – Prague CZ, Rock Cafe
2/11 – Karlsruhe D, Substage
3/11 – Andernach D, Juz Live
30/11 – Hannover D, Musikzentrum
1/12 – Dresden D, Skullcrushers

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3 thoughts on “Tankard’s Early Nineties Albums Reissued”

  1. I Sacrificed My ANUS To Brett Stevens says:

    If “Only alcoholic idiots will be interested in these beer metal discs”, why are you promoting them? I don’t think anybody here cares about Tankard anyways.

    1. canadaspaceman says:

      I never think about listening to Tankard, but if an album is playing, will listen to it.
      Decent thrash metal. I haven’t heard that many albums by them, but supposedly they have a formula, an identifiable “sound”; they stick with it, because their fans expect it.

  2. canadaspaceman says:

    I am drinking beer and will now guess the occupations of each member outside of the band, from left to right –
    1.Too happy and clean / healthy looking, so must be a baker or a butcher.
    2.Cheezy smiley dude looks sneaky. He is a demolitions expert of buildings – he likes explosions… and laughs if stupid people are still inside.
    3.Center party animal is a gym coach, and always “accidentally” walks into the girls’ change room, and then is naked himself when apologizing to the women gym coaches.
    4.Beardo is still hungover and mashed from discussing bullshit all night with pretentious assholes, so he is either an author or architect.
    5.Mr.Googly Eyes
    – either is the welding teacher as he burnt his eyes by not wearing protective goggles cuz he was already drunk,
    -or he works for the federal government..somewhere..I always see guys like this.

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