Tau Cross In Crosshairs Of Worldwide Conformity Censorship Machine

Hardcore supergroup Tau Cross has come under fire for bassist/vocalist Rob Miller citing an off-narrative thinker in their liner notes. Band members have distanced themselves from Miller, and Relapse Records has dropped the band from its roster in response.

The full story comes to us from soy-munching Brooklyn Vegan who relate:

Tau Cross — featuring frontman Rob Miller of Amebix as well as members of Voivod, Misery, and Provoked — were dropped by Relapse Records just one month after announcing their third album for the label, after the label discovered that Miller thanked noted Holocaust denier Gerard Menuhin — whose 2015 book Tell the Truth and Shame the Devil calls the Holocaust the “biggest lie in history” — in the liner notes for the album. Miller thanked Menuhin “for the inspiration and material behind the ideas represented on this album,” and also “for taking me down a very dark road that has led to unexpected illumination.”

The other four members of Tau Cross then responded with their own statement, saying none of them were familiar with Menuhin, and that they “are adamantly against anything relating to this kind of ugliness.” “We’ve been vigilant in our attempts to get answers as to why this has happened and, frankly, how it could possibly happen considering our background and beliefs,” they added.

Who the heck is familiar with Menuhin? I was only vaguely familiar with the name, and then it came to light: he is the grandson of a famed anti-Zionist Jew, and he continues this vein of thinking, which has led him to alliances on the far Right.

Although I am from the Old Right, or the people who want us to go back to the days before the French Revolution, and a solid nationalist, I am also a Zionist. The solution to pogroms and Holocausts in the diaspora is to have a Jewish state in the historical land of Israel, and to defend it.

No one wants genocide, in my view. It happens when other avenues are frustrated and people get emotional. It makes more sense to simply end diversity, and separate into our tribes, and then realize that sometimes the best friendships are maintained by strong walls.

Anti-Zionists often rail against the Holocaust narrative because they see it as responsible for Israel. However, modern Israel was first suggested by Theodor Herzl in response to the The Dreyfuss Affair in France at the turn of the century, and predates Hitler (who, in my view, borrowed quite a bit from Herzl).

To my mind, it does not matter if the Holocaust narrative has faults; everything from the war period does. Human history is a fragile thing, told not just by the victors but by the most interesting tellers, and everything gets skewed to fit a general sense that we did the right thing, even though there were no good guys in the war.

In my view, the Holocaust happened when Hitler started blaming the problems of Germany on the Jews, who were at worst a symptom among many other symptoms, and whose record was not one of universal bad, but often quite a bit of good. Anti-Semitism is a mistake, based on seeing only the bad, and missing the big point.

If you want an evil at the heart of that war, it is progress, or the demands of human society to dominate nature so that everyone can get along. It is utilitarianism, or the idea of designing a society for masses. It is the overthrow of the kings and the egomania of the Enlightenment.™

Jews just fell into the middle as an outsider group that, as always happens with outsiders, was targeted when things got bad, and people paid attention to the bad people among the Jews and forgot the many good things people of Jewish heritage had done, and so it was off to the races with the usual human insanity.

For those who think you want a Jewish genocide, ask yourself: would you be willing to stand there, day after day, shooting or gassing Jews? Whole families? Think about what that would be like. Then think about how little happy Jewish families in Israel threaten you and what you love.

Since I knew Gerard Menuhin only from a news item or two a few years back, I looked up his book Tell The Truth And Shame The Devil and found that it was not quite what I expected:

If I needed to worship anything, it would be trees. Trees have this in com-mon with a folk culture and a manufacturing economy: both are rooted in the ground and so are stable. A seasonal or service economy, supplying a mayfly community of consumers, is unstable.

Any tree is worth countless consumers, as they rarely provide anything beneficial. What they can and often do is to destroy trees. It takes a subhuman with a chainsaw only seconds to cut down what has taken maybe hundreds of years to grow. Picture an oak. This admirable tree stands on a hill and affords a majestic view. Its furrowed trunk towers into the sky. It has seen more sea-sons than any person. It has withstood countless winter storms. Its presence is ennobling even when leafless. It doesn’t have to do anything, it just is. Then along comes a consumer (an organism that obtains what it craves by helping itself to other organisms) with a saw and cuts it down for boards or even for firewood. Which would you rather have, the organism or the oak?

Leading on from the consumer, don’t speak to me about the dignity of man. I haven’t seen a dignified human for a long time, if ever. That is because dignity implies personal responsibility. The Dignity of Man is just like the Rights of Man, an artificial concept, invented by artificial, cosmopolitical bodies like the U.N. or the Court of Human Rights, to displace national laws; intangible clap-trap intended to usurp established rights. Based on the fraudulent Déclaration des Droits de l’Homme of 1789, they exalted the empty excitations Liberté, Frater-nité, Egalité. If the right to clean air and water is not guaranteed, and to freedom of speech and assembly, of what use are these sonorous declarations?

Reading on further, one finds that Menuhin does not deny the Holocaust, but places the number of dead Jews at 1.5m instead of 6m, which does not strike me as historically significant. If you are able to execute 1.5m people for your anti-Semitic state religion, then you are already in the bad-of-the-bad camp in my book.

However, he does launch into an explanation of WW2 which seeks mostly to vindicate Hitler and point to what he sees as the real culprit, international finance allied with Zionist Jews. This takes one long chapter, and then Menuhin ventures into a theory about how international financial interests manipulate history.

From there, he attacks his real target, which is globalism and the rise of finance over culture. Most of the book consists of an attack on this international alliance, most of whom are not Jewish, and the exertion of American power over the world. It is too complex to summarize beyond that here.

Miller, who has for years cribbed hints of a Thomas Pynchon style fear of a great unconscious conspiracy within humanity, probably found this part more appealing, even if it is a thoroughly dense read. He may have for example found this statement of Menuhin’s thesis convincing:

In the 20th century, the hiatus of world war interrupted the organic flow of life in all the countries concerned. They fell prey to governments and systems that would not in all likelihood have acquired power, if these wars had not occurred. All life on earth depends for its coherent development on organic evolution. That includes a normal human life trajectory, just as it includes the life cycles of animals, insects and vegetation. Humankind’s most dangerous and unnecessary characteristic is its interference in all spheres of life. In this regard, religion in general has a lot to answer for. According to the Bible, God made the world in a few days for Man to rule (Genesis 1:26). The human race con-siders itself the primary living element on the planet and genetically authorized to interfere in every field to suit its convenience. Humans first; all else after, is the unwritten law. In fact, the opposite should be the case: given the endless harm humans inflict on the planet, the human race should come last in the hierarchy, even after the insects, which do no harm that nature cannot repair.

If all mankind were to disappear, the world would regenerate back to the rich state of equilibrium that existed ten thousand years ago. If insects were to vanish, the environment would collapse into chaos. (Edward Osborne “E.O.” Wilson, biologist, researcher of sociobiology and biodiversity).

Humans are only guests on Earth, guests who treat their host abominably. Whether in the name of religion, improvement, modernization or, simply, of “might makes right,” there often seems to be no other consistent collective determinant of our race than interference.

Menuhin seems to take steps toward this realization by vindicating all that was seen as evil in the WW2 period, which strikes me as the long way around, but it enables him to argue for enough of history being incorrect to warrant an alternative. His Holocaust critique is a means to that end.

For his part, Miller did the intelligent thing and refused to back down, knowing that in a year or so, the great internet herd will have forgotten all about this. Even more, he knows that most people avoid controversy but basically do not care about what their favorite musicians think; they simply want groovy tunes.

Here is his statement:

I would like to second the sentiments of the other members of Tau Cross, i do owe them an apology for not explaining my lines of enquiry or the people who have influenced my view so dramatically over the past few years,they are not in any way to blame for anything i have written or read,and i understand the need to distance themselves from that subject.

i wish them all the very best in their futures and treasure the times we have shared together. The book ‘tell the truth and shame the devil’ by Gerard Menuhin is available on Amazon and Kindle,and also in good reads, where it gets a consistent 4.5 stars out of 5,so not exactly obscure or unavailable, unless you live in Germany where it is forbidden to engage in any conversation on some of the matters contained within those pages.

There are a number of people languishing in Prisons over there for expressing even a slight academic interest in the matter, so effectively all discussion is shut down and we live in a state of what can only be described as Religious obedience. it is a Religion,and anyone approaching the matter is in danger of being charged with heresy and publicly executed, so you can feel free to examine yourself and see if you believe this is a good thing or not.

As a singer in a band i have always been serious about the Truth, trying to refine the material and ideas to some kind of overarching theory, i cannot simply skim the material,i have to go into it and prepare to be changed by that journey. that has happened on a number of occasions, through reading Menuhins book,through John Lash and his work,through 9/11 research,through the Europa-the last battle video series that is constantly popping up and being pushed back down on youtube.

If I stop asking questions I stop being true to myself,so i have no choice. For 99 percent of people they have already made up their mind about me based on the words of another man written in a book they have never read, and that is enough to make a judgement,so on you go,join in the feeding frenzy of virtue signalling and outrage if you like but i stand by my endorsement of this book as it was such an important part of this journey, this is not to say that i like the Author as a person or even know that much more about him,the book is primarily a collection of quotes and original source materials, a book to study and not for salacious gossip. Others will see what is real in this situation and what is not.

Messengers of deception is probably our best album to date, it continues the enquiry and refines it through the lens of the Gnostic heresy and what that really was,why it had to be completely eradicated and what that means for our World today, the irony of having released a single about the inquisition and the suppression of speech should not be lost on anyone. Love and Light to all who want it, Rob Miller–Tau Cross…over and out.

He cites John Lash as well as Europa: The Last Battle, neither which were familiar to me. Lash seems to be arguing for a gnostic metahistory to the human story in which a great darkness gradually infiltrates and dominates humanity.

I have spent a good portion of my life, even when I was a Leftist, fighting for the idea of free expression. This means that people can cook up their own historical theories, write them down and talk about them, and the rest of us consider them.

This exists for two reasons: first, we do not want to miss possible truths, especially knowing that humans in groups tend to deny, erase, and forget uncomfortable truths; but equally important, second, we want to get ideas into the open for discussion and analysis, depriving them of the cloak of absurdity and the cachet of authenticity conveyed by perceived persecution.

We do not know what Miller found so convincing in Menuhin’s book. Perhaps, like me, he read for a critique of progress and skimmed over or skipped the parts about Hitler, Jews, and Churchill. Perhaps like many of us he saw WW1/2 as the same war for democracy and Leftism worldwide, and distrusts it on some gut instinct level.

We will never know, because instead of inviting the discussion in the light, we opted for our own brand of darkness. History will judge us as harshly as Hitler if not more because the path of unthinking ideology leads only to one place, and that is ruin of civilization and all of its promise.

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66 thoughts on “Tau Cross In Crosshairs Of Worldwide Conformity Censorship Machine”

  1. retard jesus says:

    ah so here it is. Brett openly admits to being a Zionist, at long last, confirming everyone’s suspicions

    metal and your sniveling god are opposed eternally!




    1. Jew Lover says:

      Mansplain yourself.

      1. retard jesus says:

        if you can grok PHANTOM then you’ll understand everything!

    2. a says:

      Shut up nigger.

      This was actually really well written. and it’s refereshing to see a right wing piece that isn’t stupidly racist for once.

      1. retard jesus says:

        “really well written” just like wolves in the throne room right?

    3. Hrafn says:

      “at long last”, as in, a decade ago?

  2. Cynical says:

    Now that the powers that be are going after a member of Amebix, someone as left as it gets, it’s clear — the real purpose of these witch hunts isn’t politics. It’s another attempt at a takeover of underground music to replace it with cheeseburgers. The process is simple — no one who is alienated enough to make the real thing is going to completely believe the “official narrative”, so find the one place where they don’t buy it, make a big deal of it, and run them off. Repeat until there’s no one making real underground music left, at which point the funderground can make bad rock music for the underconfident and market it as metal unchallenged.

    1. retard jesus says:

      exactly, the left-right smokescreen worked for a long time but now they don’t even care and are just brashly picking out anyone they want. all the while denying that they are doing this despite being caught red handed over and over. the jig was up a long time ago and they’re just acting impudently because nobody is stopping them



    2. bro you have a merch purse and a full of hell backpatch

      1. Cynical says:

        I don’t know why you think I’m runnerjma… but I’m not.

      2. Alternaboys of Madness says:

        My nigga, u have a Full of Hell fannypack.

        And you compose in hermeneutic minor.

  3. Thewaters says:

    Lol, anyone who has read this site and/or ANUS for any amount of time already knew that Brett Stevens was a zionist….

    1. retard jesus says:

      but we stuck around because of the community of actual lovers of metal! now we see that he has made an error in bringing together so many under himself, it’s a Frankenstein situation we got up in this bitch!

    2. AAAAARGH! Bloody 2-handed chainaxe blow says:

      Brett also used to be connected with Nazi.org, obviously he’s had a change of heart.


  4. Harder than your Husband says:

    There’s an anti-pro-life compilation coming out called Riffs For Reproductive Justice. The statements being made about it are a comedy goldmine.

    “When I was 10, I already owned pamphlets about what my body would be capable of doing once puberty and menstruation happened to me. I understood that I would eventually be coping with a body that could get pregnant. I understood that sometimes the menses came for kids by the age of nine. I was ten. As far as I was concerned, my proximity to this danger was already extreme.”


  5. good says:

    That’s good to hear you support Israel. It feels like the right is being taken over by retarded stormfag conspiracy theorists as of late.

    1. To be popular, you have to pick your woo:

      * Neocon/RINO/neoliberal woo
      * Libertarian/fusionist woo
      * WN woo
      * God guns and glory woo
      * Catholic woo
      * Pickup truck woo
      * Tolerant white woman woo

      On and on…

  6. canadaspaceman says:

    Keep it White

  7. canadaspaceman says:

    5, 2019 4:18
    , / ….
    meh…. Brett looks White, and if he was in any prison would be welcomed into a white gang. Proving himself is another matter. Hopefully,he never has to do that.

    1. Robert says:

      Brett’s not white!! He’s a jewbag! This is heartbreaking!

    2. Provider of information says:

      I’m pretty sure this is “Brett” to the right. A Mr “Prozak” from Texas who listens to metal and is into computers. I don’t know why he lies about his name and appearance. https://www.wired.com/2002/03/the-old-mac-that-went-to-pot/amp/

      1. canadaspaceman says:

        Yes, seen that pic before of Brett.
        EVEN in the chance he is ‘jewish’, yeah, obviously would not be my best friend in real life, if you don’t know, as far as I know kikes are allowed into Aryan prison gangs.
        They are probably watched more closely and expected to be traitors, I suppose.
        A guy from Lompoc told me the guy he knew was solid.

      2. I am not Jewish, and it is worth knowing that in both pictures of me that exist out there on the net, I am blowing out marijuana smoke. Well, that’s a dubious honor, I suppose, but the past is as it is (note tense) and I am a nihilist who accepts the insanity of trying to re-write it.

        I have considered converting to Judaism many times, simply because anti-Semitism is a stupid scapegoating game that lets the real evil — our own addiction to power through individualism, or “no one can tell me no,” which becomes “equality” in a group context — off the hook while engaging in a hive-mind that is going to end in murder. Our people do not like killing whole families; that is really, a Leftist thing, as they showed us with the guillotines and gulags.

        What pisses off most WNs about me is that I am actually more extreme than they are. They are Democrats who dislike Negroes and Jews; I am calling for actual nationalism, or one ethnic group per nation, and note that Europeans fall into three general groups: Western, Southern/Irish, and Eastern European. These groups each need their own spaces and some eugenics applied. I would keep America for the ethnic Western Europeans and send everyone else back, because American can function in that capacity, but not with mixes and diversity. I also call for replacing democracy not with another idiot dictatorship but with aristocracy, a caste system, a social order based on a relativistic but ethnic-specific morality, a union of morality plus natural selection plus eugenics, and of course physical removal of all Leftists to Venezuela.

        That is how you fix this mess, not wailing about “capitalism” (really: our entitlements state ruining capitalism), Jews, whites, “the Rich,” etc. I wish their solutions worked because they are simpler and more fun, but they do not, and they are going to lead to pointless and dishonorable murder as I consider the Holocaust, the Allied response in WW1/WW2, and the LA Riots to be.

        1. The Lingering Effects of Psychoactive Drug Abuse says:

          >seriously considering conversion to Judaism, or any other religion just to make some vague point.

          Might as well mutilate your own genitals while you are at it…

          The idealistic parts are all well and good, but is any of it applicable at this point in time is questionable at best.

  8. Frozenlake says:

    “Although I am from the Old Right, or the people who want us to go back to the days before the French Revolution, and a solid nationalist, I am also a Zionist. The solution to pogroms and Holocausts in the diaspora is to have a Jewish state in the historical land of Israel, and to defend it”
    Thanks Brett, I’ve been loving your writing for a while now, despite not knowing for sure where your heart was, so thanks. I knew all along we were kindred spirits. I trsuted my instincts and my instincts were right. You have the balls, the wits and the drive. Hail.

    1. Thank you for reading and understanding.

  9. yahweh in the electric chair says:

    The doublethink in here is thick. Pay attention, class.

    Zonists or whatever you want to call them are responsible for

    -Metal Archives
    -War on Terror(/Islam)
    -Fashion industry
    -Fucking white male cuckoldry
    -No artwork or contribution to any culture of any value whatsoever

    And you are all okay with allowing a Zionist to champion metal? Metal stands opposed to all of that bullshit. Pull your heads out of your asses.

    1. Onkel Bretts bedtime rants says:

      Isn’t Zionism basically nationalism for Israel and internationalism for everyone else? Doesn’t sound like a very sustainable proposition, but I guess the jokes on them, ey?

      1. yahweh in the electric chair says:

        Look at how many Jews are in Washington and Hollywood and then look at how many white/black/brown Americans have any influence whatsoever in Israel’s politics and media. Joke’s on who now?

        If they want nationalism they should go to their own country which they’re ostensibly so proud of. Even Brett himself has argued for repatriation of all Irish, Italians, and Africans, so why won’t he lead by example and >>>physically remove himself?

        Zionists can’t but spew doublethink because that’s how their own brains operate. Doesn’t Brett also argue for social hierarchies based on genetic capacity for cultural integration? *think face*

        1. Incessant Ballerism says:

          Guyz, you’re trippin’. Brett is not Jewish. He’s a W.A.S.P., and yes he advocates the repatriation of swarthy Europeans.

          He’s Zionist because he’s pan-nationalist – Jews should be in their little homeland, W.A.S.P.s should be in U.S.A. and England, Nigerianz in Nigerian, etc.


          1. yahweh in the electric chair says:

            White people aren’t Zionists, they are paid or coerced to pretend to be. Don’t believe me, that’s good, you shouldn’t because I’m a random fag on the internet. If you have the attention span to read anything longer than a blog post you should read a book called Against Our Better Judgment to understand the truly horrible history behind the creation of Israel.

            Not ALL Jews (yes hashtag not all) are Zionists but all Zionists are Jewish. Many Jews speak out against Zionism but MYSTERIOUSLY never receive major press coverage (or any coverage at all; you have to find these things by researching and establishing word of mouth connections, which granted is much more trouble than the average metalheads who is spoonfed all his tastes and activities is willing to or capable of accomplishing.)

            Besides if you’ve ever seen video of Brett you’ll know he’s a fat curly haired thick browed man of unmistakably semitic blood.

            1. Robert says:

              You’ve seen video of Brett. Where?

              1. yahweh in the electric chair says:

                It’s the infamous video where Brett (obviously not even his real name; now why would someone lie about that?) walks into the room and complains that his “pussy” writers quit on him. I don’t have a link handy but if you ask around you’ll find it, or maybe some kind stranger will drop it.

                1. Robert says:

                  Do you remember where you watched it?

        2. Onkel Bretts bedtime rants says:

          “genetic capacity for cultural integration”

          I don’t think I quite comprehend what this is supposed to mean.

          1. yahweh in the electric chair says:

            Yeah that was worded in such a way that if you aren’t already familiar with Brett’s terminology and notions then it doesn’t make much sense.

            Essentially what it means is that certain racial groups (in particular, according to Brett, Africans, Irish, Italians) do not integrate into WASP culture which is the establishing culture of America. Probably he thinks this because the original settlers were primarily German, French, and English. After America’s essential infrastructure and government were established, more immigrants from other countries came over and due to some genetic inferiority were incapable of integrating into WASP culture and therefore caused nothing but cultural schisms and social disturbances, contributing nothing positive at least of note to American culture.

            This considered, his solution to MAGA is to deport/”repatriate” those post-colonial establishment immigrants.

            Oddly he has says nothing about Swedes, Nords and other Scandinavians even though they were also lately emigrated. Asians are also conspicuously absent in a lot of his rants.

            But most conspicuous of all is the lack of mention of Jews who were some of the latest to emigrate to America and arguably have done the most damage of all with their pushing of the most degenerate media the world has ever seen (Hollywood, pop music, fashion, etc.)

            Hopefully the hypocrisy of his position and sly doubletalk is clear by this.

            1. Psychic Psych Toad says:

              Zionophobia is alive and well.

              1. yahweh in the electric chair says:

                Phobia is irrational fear. Nowhere in my posts will you find irrationality or fear. That word is the death rattle of the illogical.

                I’m only speaking facts to provide a historical reality-oriented perspective to counter the doublethink nonsense that runs rampant through the Amerika fan base that has pervaded the DMU readership. Since you can’t even provide counters to my counter (aside from a single impotent buzzword) it’s clear who holds more knowledge here.

                1. Psychic Psych Toad says:

                  I’m glad you took what I said to heart!! “Zionism” is your delicate little buzzword. Only Muslims and neo-nazis in prison use that term seriously. Which are you?

                  Jews own the space in your head because you sold out long ago to deep seeded middle eastern ideologues, and now you peddle their dirty work for them just like the good little puppet of blind indoctrination that you are. You’re obsession with jews is quite unmatchable however, good job living that way…

                  1. yahweh in the electric chair says:

                    Nice armchair psychology. I noticed the total failure to even attempt countering any of my claims.

                    My words will reach the people that matter. Read Against Our Better Judgment.

            2. Onkel Bretts bedtime rants says:

              My nigga, you could have just said that those that are genetically similar are more compatible, culturally or otherwise. Off-whites need not apply. Do not overcomplicate this.

              1. yahweh in the electric chair says:

                I could have but this isn’t about my opinions, it’s about Brett’s cognitive dissomance disguised as appeals for harmonious pan-nationalism. Jews are incredibly racially insular and – at least amongst themselves, because for obvious reasons they dare not show it outwardly – hateful of any and all other groups. You can pretend this isn’t true but if you have real world experience with Jews (and I’m talking the practicing religious types, not just semites in general) you know exactly what I mean.

                1. Onkel Bretts bedtime rants says:

                  I too have doubts of the ability of Jews to maintain a nation without any “outside help”, this doesn’t just involve Jews, but most other groups as well.

      2. Zionism is simply nationalism for the Jewish people, which generally means moving everyone to Israel and making it strong so that it is not overrun with Muslim Arabs.

        1. Endless Futile Toils says:

          So who is responsible for maintaining Israel, because clearly its not able to sustain itself in such a position and neither can the Western world (America) for that much longer. Madagascar would have been a much more sustainable Jewish state in the end.

    2. Hessian Hunter says:

      Are you completely mentally retarded or have you had a full frontal lobotomy? What’s going on with you?

  10. Misty Mountains says:

    You should really stick to amerika.org for your long-winded political commentary. Continue using deathmetal.org as a platform for thoughts on Metal as transcendental art, theory, introduction of promising new bands and album reviews. No one is interested in the latest SJW outrage or similar nonsense. Even better, get D.A.R.G. back on board and let Nicholas Vahdias do his thing.

    1. If they are not interested, they can skip the article.

      If they are interested, they can read the article and then wander over to http://www.amerika.org/tag/sodomize-the-weak/.

      Misti Mountains is the best stripper name ever. Should be at least 50% Irish however.

      1. Misty Mountains says:

        “Considering converting to Judaism, simply because anti-Semitism is a stupid scapegoating game” sounds like the more exciting stripper name

  11. Harvey B Mee says:

    Good thing we have Death Metal Undergrond

  12. MP says:

    Disgraceful of his bandmates and Relapse to throw him under the bus over a borderline thought misdemeanor. If reading “bad” thoughts by “bad” people is a crime, where do you even start? Nearly all US presidents were rapists or slavers. MLK would have to go. You’d have to toss the bible and Christianity on account of the homophobia, misogyny and genocide. Islam and Judaism couldn’t even get off the runway with all the thought trash they carry.

    I appreciate the old metal community where obscenity casually existed and no one would break down over it. Similar to the old faggy camp scene, standup comedy scene, etc. These free speech and thought sanctuaries are being hunted by NGOs and media companies for sport.

    1. yahweh in the electric chair says:

      Rob is still going to record and release Tau Cross music on his own or with new recruits who aren’t pussies.

      Source (brooklynvegan so don’t give them clicks…)

      >In the midst of the controversy surrounding Tau Cross (and former Amebix) frontman Rob Miller and his support of noted Holocaust denier Gerard Menuhin, Miller has said that he will continue the band on his own. He says he is “releasing” Michel Langevin (also of Voivod) from Tau Cross, and that Langevin “should not be associated with this band in any manner in future.” He also says “Andy Lefton is released with immediate effect” and that “the remaining members will probably leave of their own accord and are encouraged to do so should they feel pressured,but there is a welcome place her for anyone brave enough to stay.”

      Good on him for not fagging out. Tau Cross is releasing some of the best music I’ve heard in at least a decade, if not much longer. It would be funny if the remaining members stuck around and switched to pseudonyms, but I’m guessing they’ll all wuss out. It’s the total nontroversy though.

      1. I agree. I hope we can cover his music in the future.

  13. Tau Cross is boring, we blow them away.

  14. Captain Rhodes says:

    “Anti-Zionists often rail against the Holocaust narrative because they see it as responsible for Israel.”

    Never heard that before. Not surprised a zionist would come up with some BS about his opposition, though. Everyone I’ve ever seen question the hall of cost did so because it was obvious nonsense with nothing but some jews saying it happened to support it.

    1. yahweh in the electric chair says:

      Actually Brett is right about this. The connection is definitely there. See a book called Against Out Better Judgment which goes deep into detail about the individuals who coordinated the dissemination of the 6 million narrative while working surreptitiously to move American and British forces and equipment into Palestine to start wiping out native populations in order for Israeli invaders – oops, I mean settlers – to establish settlements illegally. And yes it is illegal; the entire world – even the UN – outside of the US and Israel recognize Israel as an illegal occupation and refuse to recognize the naiton.

      Of course the Zionists just handily flip this into anti-semitism (even though the Palestinians being genocided are semites too [!?!?]) so there is really no winning against their US-backed propaganda campaign. But again just don’t take my word for it. These connections can be shrugged off as coincidental until you look into the details, then the conspiracy becomes much more than theory.

      1. The problem always comes down to this: diversity is suicide; how do we fix it?

  15. TFW when your lie existed for almost a century before it allegedly happened, but people still believe it anyways.

    1. Hessian Hunter says:

      TFW you think a bunch of frustrated snow niggers DIDN’T take it out on the heebs. Sure thing hans.

  16. mr. ed says:

    Those of you who are into politics, I have bad news. The root of all suffering is the love of this present world. If you’re a glutton for punishment by being focused on everything around you (especially if you’re on the losing Right Side), then it’s your funeral (no sweat off my sack!). You have no idea who even controls the world, and if you would know you wouldn’t even be here.

    Tommorow you’re gonna die so to speak… and you wanna be smarter than The Left? Find a way to live forever, and I don’t mean through art or achievement (your achievements may live on for a little while, but you do not).

    It’s hilarious when metalheads get political. I think even rappers sound more intelligent.

    1. wow much enlightened very wisdom says:

      What are you even trying to say? That post is the textual equivalent of a cocaine bender.

    2. Non-attachment is widely misunderstood; it refers to the same technique New Thought uses, which is unfocusing your mind after understanding an objective, such that you do not experience target fixation on what is ultimately a negative. I consider this part of nihilism as well.

    3. Hessian Hunter says:

      Thanks Buddha. I must agree with you about metalloid scum and politics. They go together like shit and strawberry shortcake.

  17. Steve says:

    Metal needs to go back to being about scoring chicks, drinking beer, partying,and getting laid.

    1. Cockrock gave me GRIDS says:

      That would be pointless, as there’s social media for that purpose now.

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