Tau Cross Releases New Track “Burn With Me” From Upcoming Album Messengers of Deception

Revolutionary but traditional metal/punk band Tau Cross — continuing, among others, the legacy of legendary hardcore band Amebix — unleashes its forthcoming album Messengers of Deception on December 4th, but has released a teaser track for the song “Burn With Me,” featuring a video by Jakob Moth which showcases some of the imagery and aesthetics behind the band. This continues the search for a single voice between punk, metal, and hard rock that avoids both commercialism and indecisive polyglot, instead creating a powerful sound of dissent and exploration.

The band released the following statement:

Tau Cross release their third album Messengers of Deception on December 4th this year.

The album is an epic journey both lyrically and sonically, as Rob ‘The Baron’ Miller grapples with the cosmological origins of evil and deception and the way they have manifested in our World over millennia.

Miller caused some controversy just over a year ago when Relapse records cancelled the release of the album’s first incarnation and the band split apart at the same time. He stated the intention to continue regardless at that time, and has re-recorded every instrument, re-worked several of the songs and also added new material along the way. The Baron had this to say –

“ I considered the material to be an important and critical part of my development as a writer, but also as a condensation of some of the more esoteric ideas i have been following in recent years, particularly since the recent incarnation of Amebix and the consequent result that has become Tau Cross. My interest in Gnostic Cosmology, occult magick traditions and the links with the UFO and folk tale phenomena have led to a kind of synthesis and a connecting of dots that sees its full scope and import in this most recent work. There are themes within Messengers of Deception that should lead the listener to some serious food for thought.”

The material has all been improved on significantly, along with the production, to re-assert Tau Cross as one of the more original, important and thoughtful bands in the field of Punk/Metal. New members The Kurgan on guitar and Talamh behind the drums have brought an overall heavier and darker hue to the work, which in this case is richer than anything Tau cross has so far embarked upon.

The album comes out via Easy Action Records, and you can follow the band via their website, where you can order this item if it is too controversial and radical for your local record store or gigantic Big Tech conglomerate.

Lyrics are as follows:

on the brow of this hill, they burned us in chains
the moon was half full, as our bodies writhed in flames
like madmen they came, raving drunk with death and lust
captivated by fear, and so they turned our paradise to dust

the victor shall write of our history

so you seek the truth, embrace her whilst you may
walk into the fire, you and i shall never die
we become the flame, take my hand and burn with me

we marked the stars in their course
we taught our children to be free
we raised the stones and we watched
the heavens turn in symmetry
they came out of the sea
with bloody feet and rotting cloth
took the life from our hearts
a book of lies, a tortured god upon a cross

Still undecided? you’ll burn with me

Preview the track here:

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12 thoughts on “Tau Cross Releases New Track “Burn With Me” From Upcoming Album Messengers of Deception

  1. MP says:

    Greatto see Miller pull this off.

  2. David Irving says:

    I like it!

  3. Spaniard says:

    Pre-ordered it. Rob Miller is an AUTHENTIC dissident. Unlike the shitshow that calls itself the Alt-Right, Rob talks the talk and walks the walk. No trust funds or cringe geeks larping as Aryan ubermenschen; just a craftsman with the conviction to see his vision to fruition. Every REAL hesher should support his work.

  4. Germar Rudolf says:

    This rocks!

  5. I, Rectum says:

    This is great. The last thing I heard was the self titled, which is also great, even the parts when the Baron sounds like Russell Crowe from that episode of South Park.

  6. Cynical says:

    I wasn’t entirely convinced by the first two records, but this song is excellent. The drama/chaos/lineup changes seem to have worked in the band’s favor this time.

  7. mollusc says:

    this is so much better than the original release.

  8. Andy says:

    Great overall sound and killer approach, Rock as I love it, great vox as always from Rob, always liked the grit in the vox where Rob sings.
    Stay with the truth and to hell with the fake trends and mindless drone commie attitudes being pushed today, Keep freedom alive.
    This fk’n means it, and so do I.

  9. Oprah says:

    Really cool. I know the name Amebix from this site from over a decade ago and am only now beginning to sort through that branch of metal.

    That being said obviously my opinion isn’t very informed aside from knowing Motorhead inside and out, but I will say an early impression is that the production is too clean for its own good – at least for this track. It distracts from powerful sincerity that is definitely there on some level but sadly absent in most newer stuff I hear. Any degree of that getting drown out is frustrating.

    Engram by Beherit and Summoning’s newer releases are the only recent examples I can think of where the crystal clear production made sense for good metal, but in both instances there was a lot more going on in terms of synths and whatnot.

    Maybe a good hearted jew will sell me a low quality bootleg of this to make things right :)

  10. Doug says:

    Gotta get my stupid tv checked out because for some reason there were no lyrics on the screen. Anyway, reminds a bit of later Killing Joke only better!

  11. Shams says:

    Rob Miller has been an inspiration to me for decades and I am very grateful for this offering. I was deeply affected when self-righteous would-be do-gooders tried to destroy his life and his work by vile slander. This sounds as inspired, timeless and radical as Holy Terror on their fabulous two albums Terror & Submission and Mind Wars. As powerful as truth itself.

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