Texas metal tribute radio Sep. 10th Sat @ 10 am cst

Support your local scene (not the “seen”):

Lone Star Massacre A Texas Metal Tribute on Throne of Metal Radio Show This Sep. 10th Sat @ 10 am cst Tx time www.metalmessiahradio.com Here in Texas we have some of the best bands around Thrash Death Black Doom Power and Some of the best underground bands in the world. This will showcase classic bands to some of the newer exterme metal bands.If you know of a band are a band that would like airplay on this show let me know deadline is Friday Sep 9th i will try to fit all i can in this show so get ready for 3 hours of Texas metal this sat.

0 thoughts on “Texas metal tribute radio Sep. 10th Sat @ 10 am cst”

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