The chain of wisdom

From an unlikely source:

“It is to symbolize the end of the American dream and the beginning of the decline and fall of the American Empire. America is falling apart at the seams for a variety of reasons and so in order to call attention to that, we call attention to what the catalyst was; why people are so self-centered these days and totally in it for themselves. This is how every single empire fell throughout history, when the people get too rich and stuck up and snotty…”
Jello Biafra-The Dead Kennedys (via Folk and Faith)

This perspective is correct, but only a part of the truth needed.

Metal completed the picture: the problem is humanistic morality, which keeps us from looking at the transcendent, as we’re too busy trying not to hurt anyone’s feelings.

Our society is awash in cowardice and pandering to the fearful.

0 thoughts on “The chain of wisdom”

  1. aofkas;lf says:

    >Implying angry teens with guitars making noise has anything to do with American culture


  2. hrf says:

    “the problem is humanistic morality.”

    What do you propose, in non-abstract, non-bullshit terms, is substantial and helpful morality? As opposed to what you call the “humanistic” (OH NO LIBBRULLZZ!!!!!) variety.

  3. noktorn says:

    All the metal kids I saw at noise rock shows got the shit beat out of them. So much for the empowering transcendentalism of metal.

  4. and that's how you know you're dealing with mental midgets says:

    >quoting Jello Biafra

  5. I'm a little aspie flap flap flap says:

    >This perspective is correct

    It’s correct because it says “DURRR da world sux apocalypse is coming civilization is in decline”, just like you aspies do while flapping your arms around? Well at least he’s more correct than you are, your reasons for America being a shithole are completely off. Yeah nevermind the debt to the Chinese, useless wars, oligocracy of the rich, the fact that you’re a cultural fucking wasteland, your horrible agrobusiness, and the unsustainability of your cities, it’s all because of Christian and liberal morality bro! Oh and don’t forget not enough people listening to shitty metal that only got 100 printed copies. Fucking retards.

    You live in a country where people actually vie to bring creationism into schools, while the rest of the world laughs at you entering the dark ages.

  6. oh no says:

    “>quoting Jello Biafra
    and that’s how you know you’re dealing with mental midgets”

    Uh oh anus, you’re losing your entitled acne-scarred college Republican target audience!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. wait says:

    does anus even have a serious audience

  8. Serious ANUS audience says:

    Yes, faggot, it does.


    Jello Be-Afro did great vocals but I just another leftist winnie. Better quote Fenriz or early Max Cavalera (especially his lyrics in “Beneath the Remains” and “Arise”).

  10. 8==> says:

    lol @ the notion of a rich, famous rock star actually being a real leftist.

  11. trolling anus says:

    no one gives a shit about your stupid blog. your entire following is composed of compulsive trolls and virgins who only listen to metal to be part of the anus crowd. your taste in metal sucks cocks as do you. stop supporting shit metal.

  12. Welcome to Hurrdurristan says:

    I proudly declare my disability to listen to normal, humane, artistic bands like Opeth, Gojira, WITTR, SunnO))) etc, that’s why i’m sitting here, wanking, writing useless spam comments and pretend to be a builder of the new post-moralistic society beyond the crowd.

    But… Jello remains leftie, I suck, Vijay is still a virgin, Brett won’t get the throne in the WH and we all sing along the kumbaya. PEACE!

    ‘n’ cockz

  13. everything in life is just statistics and distributions, you're on the expendable end of humanity, any average member of the "crowd" > you says:

    being an antisocial aspie doesn’t make you above the crowd, it puts you below it

  14. WOW!! says:

    Shit just got serious.

  15. wowowo says:

    You like to believe Wolves in the Throne Room are on the “other” side of the fence of “real” (i.e. not liberal, hur hur) black metal, but if they are basically black metal-flavored shoegaze/indie, so is Filosofem.

  16. whao dude says:

    Actually, BM in general stole more from “degenerate” rock offshoots than you’d like to believe. They learned their tricks from bands full of lefties and anarchists, lol.

  17. Nice oversimplifications thar faggit says:

    America is not an Empire, neither is it going to collapse any time soon.

  18. ffff says:

    America’s not going nowhere, but when you speak in such abstracted terms as “… pandering to the fearful … spiritual death … transcendence…”, you can say any bullshit you want and act like you mean anything.

  19. contrast! says:

    Anus on death metal band Molested:
    ~Uncompromising waves of rhythmic aggression and powerdrill intonation guide this work, overlapping a wall of noise with emergent harmonies, constantly further eroding reality like a fleshblender. While a percussionist pugilistically reverberates his drum heads guitar and bass wail together in culminating violence, tuned not as much to the muffled chopping noise but the singing resonance of the lightspeed strumming hereto employed. This rhythm is cloaked in the abrasive mechanical tone of the amplification/distortion and the coarse textural whisper of death metal vocals, muted in relativity to the pounding release behind it.~

    Anus on politics:
    ~Politickal korrectness sucks. Liebrals r stupid, they should listen to more death metal~

  20. Jello's been doing it a lot longer tha ANUS says:

    Jello is awesome! I love the Dead Kennedys and while I don’t wholeheartedly agree with his views, he’s strong with his convictions and I have to respect that.

    All these years with his propaganda, he still hasn’t quit.


  21. Matter over Mind - economy over ideology - that's how the world has always runed says:

    the problem is humanistic morality, which keeps us from looking at the transcendent, as we’re too busy trying not to hurt anyone’s feelings.

    Ok, let’s have a nazi-pagan US, that won’t bother to repay its debts to China because it will have the guts/willpower to go to war over that and maybe even blast it with nukes if the Chinese insist too much…

    Oops, both your god-fearing George Bush and your “multicultural” Obama could already do it.

  22. A hipster says:

    Will the anus readership ever “transcend” the fact that their corpulent masses have to ride around in scooters? Only time will tell.

  23. Stick a fork in Ryan, he's Dunn :) says:

    YAY! YAY! Go Ryan Dunn! You did a great job!

  24. Little Jimmy says:

    Hey guys:
    I’m curious about anal sex. If anyone in this blog has tried it I’d like to ask him a couple serios questions, and all feedback is welcome, thank you:

    1. Does it hurt when you get penetrated in the anus?
    2. Does it really feel good or not?

  25. brutal slayer of christians, noble hessian warrior of death says:

    Lol @ Negruvoda being a faggot Marxist.

  26. gay slayer of men's assholes says:

    >faggot marxist
    >unwittingly oppressed by socially conditioned hegemonic masculinity

  27. mecos says:

    That’s right Helloween is Power Metal not speedmetal! However it’s also true that nowadays everyone uses the term Thrash for bands like Metallica to Slayer but back in the early 80’s Thrash was also used by Punkers to describe the faster grinding Hardcore Punk styled bands (now Crossover).

    Speed Metal originally used to describe bands like Metallica, Anthrax but soon this term was over-run by “Thrash Metal”. So in asense, both factions are “right” the Anus types and the “rest of the world”! Me thinks.

  28. look up "chris-chan", that's who y'all are like says:

    I’ve seen zines where Metallica and Possessed both get called “Power Metal”. Helloween is fucking speed metal on their first album, who gives a shit, the difference between speed and power metal at that point is nonexistent. Also, if everyone, including the bands, press and fandom call it Thrsah Metal nowadays, who gives a shit about antiquated terms? You might as well say Hessian only refers to the inhabitants of the county of Hesse and not oily neckbeards with asperger’s who have terrible taste in music.

  29. UNAS - Underground Nile-ist Aspie Society says:

    Honestly, Nile is one of the few death metal bands to ever create something close to approaching art. Their lyrics and subject matter is absolutely fascinating. Just read this passage on the inspiration behind “Unas, Slayer of the Gods” – as far fetched as it sounds there actually was an Unas, his burial chamber is noted for its painted walls, and the song’s subject is not just Karl Sanders’ invention but an obscure myth!

    I found it corroborated here, really interesting stuff. Karl Sanders knows his shit!

    Here’s the song:

    Why doesn’t ANUS review Nile? Fucking awesome band.

  30. If I wanted to read opinion columns I'd read CNN's Cafferty file. says:

    They’ve been saying America is collapsing for over 300 years, but hasn’t it always been a society of self-indulgence? Hate to brake it to you, but Rome fell due to a multitude of complex reasons, or else why would the eastern half of the empire of lasted for another 1000 years? The more I read this site the more I realize how full of sh!t it is.

  31. is Prozak an autist who lives with his parents? does he have a job? says:

    The more I interact with the real world the more I realize how full of shit this site is.

  32. aspie elitist says:

    lol @ you needing a real world to adapt to.

  33. penis says:

    Prozak and co, you know your trolls are laughing at you and not with you, right?

    If you were really ubermensch opposed to liberal jealousy/hatred for power and success, wouldn’t you be able to win the hearts and minds of your readers?

  34. I live with my parents, got no job, IQ under 85, a little bit of anarchist (!?), dyed (purple) hair, a boa in the kitchen, 3 or 4 small c**ks, etc., etc. says:

    Play ethnincky jazz to parade you snazz / On your five grand stereo / Braggin’ that you know how the niggers feel the cold / And the slum’s got so much soul / It’s time to taste what you most fear / Right Guard will not help you here / Brace yourself, my dear… / It’s a holiday in Cambodia / It’s tough, kid, but it’s life

    – DK

  35. seriously says:

    That Pagan Reign song was a good soundtrack for getting drunk and dancing, but what’s heroic in it ? The Clansman’s better in that regard, less circular.

  36. Urinal Hammer says:

    There’s a guy calling himself Negru Voda or something whose life mission it is to hurt the feelings of ANUS readers, really, really, really bad. Evidently, he has a lot of fucking time on his hands. I’ve seen him on, too. Pretty fucking gay. He’s really in to power metal.

  37. Fat nerds all over says:

    Imagine you think ANUS is inconsequential and ineffective. Imagine, then, that you check their blog 5 times a day and comment under 6 different handles to let them know what you think. Wait, what?

  38. Negruvoda - Crusader for queer power metallers says:

    Wtf is considered spam in this blog? Fuck this site, you are all a bunch of knobjockeys.

  39. Goreaphobia - Mortal Repulsion says:

    Goreaphobia – Mortal Repulsion

  40. Underrated says:

    Sentenced – North from Here

  41. Negruvoda says:

    My big black dick in your mother’s mouth!!

  42. Levy_Spearmen says:

    Another beautiful day in the ANUS. Fuck you all.

  43. Negru_Voda's pockmarks says:

    I wanna see Negru_Voda IRL

  44. tiny midget says:

    @ Levy_Spearmen

    Calm down son, or i’ll have to drive my tiny penis into your fun tunnel!

  45. new to Anus dude says:

    Hey guys I discovered something cool on this website and I don’t think it’s been visited by anyone:

  46. new to Anus gaping says:

    Hey guys I discovered something cool on this website and I don’t think it’s been visited by anyone:

  47. says:

    lol @ that aspie microcosm of metal

    Yeah because everyone talks about “Grecian” black metal, amirite? Where the fuck are the genres in metal that actually matter, like Power Metal? The Folk Metal selection in that list is also pathetic, and “Thrash” is all wrong – call that shit Crossover.

    On another note, just bought the newest Falconer album – shit’s pretty cash! Take heed faggots, this is how metal should be done, with great melody and subject matter.

    Not as good as Pagan Reign though, that really captures the heroic Rus’ Bylina atmosphere like no other metal music, whoever said shit about dancing and drinking is a complete moron and utter faggot. Get your throat slit, scumlord.

  48. Anne Rice says:

    Negru Voda / is probably Prozak, lord knows the faggot has nothing better to do than troll his own fucking site.

  49. cultural metal says:

    Actually, nevermind that, here’s a video to the song. Take note, aspos, this the kind of presentation a mature metal band has.

  50. Dominating Fucker says:

    You son of shit-stained aids ridden whore! Who the fuck are you to say that the Thrash section is wrong? Go suck your faggot dad’s tiny dick, you fucking emo poser!

    Falconer is retarded rock music for teen fags and gay activist much like all Gojira fans and of course no0b cocksuckers like you. Pagan reign is commercial diarrhea for fake metal fans that love big rubber dildos up the ass.

  51. Negruvoda says:


    My big black dick in your mother’s mouth!!

  52. jew record executive says:

    @ Dominated Faggot

    Shut the fuck up, queer. You want commercial gay spandex metal? Look no further than Morbid Anus being on MTV in the early 90s, lol

    Yes, that’s right kiddies, lap up the satanic clown metal! Oh look, one of the members even burned an inverted cross in his head, how hardcore is that? Please keep buying this plastic and bringing it back to the ‘burbs

  53. Metal Guru says:

    Oh, and the Thrash section just like everything else about that guide is complete garbage.

    Thrash = Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer, Exodus, Hirax etc.

    Not corrosion of cocks and bands that released one shitty punk album once upon a time in 1983, before themselves starting to play shitty thrash.

  54. you = t3h durpz says:

    I didn’t know rock had double bass rolls and pedal tone riff. I guess aspies know better with their bizarro categorization system.

  55. Triumph of Music over idiocy says:

    I love how this site is all about “tradition” (something meaningless and nonexistent in the context of ‘Murrika, where both this shitty site and def medal originate) and metal but when you have something that combines both, presenting European tradition in the form of metal, the reaction from the pimply brigade here is DURRRRRRRRRP WHERES THE SATAN LYRICS AND BREWTALITY, I CANT MAXIMIZE BEING AN ANTIOSCIAL ASPIE TO THIS. Nice one, dipshits, next time just flat out make a website about your struggles to find acne medication that works instead of pretending to care about things you know nothing about.

  56. for whom the cock calls says:

    COCKS!!! 2 big or 3 or 4 small, etc.

  57. @Triumph of Music over idiocy says:

    You care about metal. I think you need acne medication.

  58. 8===> says:

    Conservatism and tradition are excuses for non-thinking, complacency, and rot, rot of the soul and of the mind. That conservatism has anything to do with rugged individualism and rationale is a lie that Reagan forcefed to fat, lazy, stupid Americans. Then they fed it to their chilren. Then…

  59. virtual insanity says:

    seriously what a bunch of whiney little faggots. ANUS says some cunt deserves a bullet and a million little queers have instant hurt feelings asthough it were directed at them. well it probably should have been. also give your soapbox a clean once in a while. In case you didn’t realise this world’s turned to shit lately, so what the fuck are you sticking up for anyway?

  60. Triumph of Music over Idiocy says:

    I’m just sticking up for my right to listen to Blind Guardian without you aspie ASSHOLES making fun of my music. Why can’t you just leave me alone and stop saying hurtful things about my favorite power metal bands? It’s not my fault you fuckers listen to scary music and don’t have a life.

  61. worst luck says:

    tough break kid, looks like your mom left the house to me. and you know what that means…

  62. test says:


  63. Grandpa says:

    @Metal Guru

    You got your facts wrong scumbag, thrash is coc, dri, dead horse, speed metal is hirax, testament, metallica, please continue sticking weird stuff up your anus…try a sharp blade while your at it ok son? fuc you

  64. Metal says:


    good luck finding anyone who doesn’t look at you like you’re a dumbass when you try explaining to them that Metallica isn’t thrash, lol

  65. Levy_Spearmen says:

    Hurr durrp I dumb cause i sais metallicka is not speed but thrash huuurrr durrrp. HOW FUCKING TOUGH IT IS

  66. no says:

    Levy_Spearmen listens to Burzum and sucks cocks. Coincidence?

  67. world's tallest midget says:

    speed metal really started being called thrash metal when the Slayer-inspired german speed metal (proto-death)bands started appearing. the two things i really attribute to the misnomer is the fact that slayer was heavily composed of thrash influence, and the fact that there really was no line drawn between speed metal and thrash (at least from the perspective of the thrash bands), so the thrash bands unconsciously adapted to a more speed metal climate.

    inb4 i suck cocks

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