The Lurking Fear Make Deathcore Music Video

Tomas Lindberg’s (At the Gates) awful new band The Lurking Fear released a new music for some awful new track that sucks off their upcoming album you shouldn’t care about as it will surely suck that comes out later this year on Century Media Records.

“The Infernal Dread” rehashes the past into mosh, core, fun, and trends for hardcore bros in trucker hats who don’t believe in shampoo, only pure aloe rinses. This track is some deathcore crap. Listen to Grotesque‘s In the Embrace of Evil instead.

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10 thoughts on “The Lurking Fear Make Deathcore Music Video”

  1. Brainer Rascaslut says:

    People that are not su smart as me usually refer to anything that I have not heard of before as “underground”, and that really pisses me off, especially as I am short and get bullied in bars because of my long hair, short stature and plump, sweet complexion. But if we really go into detail here, as we all know I cannot refrain from doing, it will be substantially demonstrated that all of this is simply make-believe. Now, I know I often write a whole lot about insignificant portions of the articles in an autistic way while missing the real point, but let’s accept it: I am one of the most beloved characters of modern-day DMU. As Edward of The Twilight Saga said “No measure of time with you will be long enough. But we’ll start with forever.”

    So, as I was saying, what we should really be getting to is, is The Lurking Fear actually underground music? While the word lurking is often found in the works of Lovecraft, we know he was a racist and was not really apt at handling women. But then again, who is? Who cares about all these guys who have “girl-friends”. It is just ridiculous and it really does not say much about a person, or at least not as much as your knowledge of Linux systems does. Wonderful Patricia Hill Collins writes about The Power of Self-Definition:

    U.S. Black women intellectuals have long explored this private, hidden space of
    Black women’s consciousness, the “inside” ideas that allow Black women to
    cope with and, in many cases, transcend the confines of intersecting oppressions
    of race, class, gender, and sexuality. How have African-American women as a
    group found the strength to oppose our objectification as “de mule uh de
    world”? How do we account for the voices of resistance of Audre Lorde, Ella
    Surrey, Maria Stewart, Fannie Barrier Williams, and Marita Bonner? What foundation
    sustained Sojourner Truth so that she could ask, “Ain’t I a woman?” The
    voices of these African-American women are not those of victims but of survivors.Their
    ideas and actions suggest that not only does a self-defined, groupderived
    Black women’s standpoint exist, but that its presence has been essential
    to U.S. Black women’s survival.

    Like Black Women, we too deserve to survive, “girl-friend” or not, and whether or not or incessant rambling makes any sense at all.

    I should be clear in saying that I’m entirely unafraid of these people (excuse the excremental German typos from before). They cannot do anything to me as long as I cuddle under civilization. Fuck Nazis! Nazis is bad! I don’t particularly like them even though inside my heart I know it is simply Ich that is a fucking schwächling. But I don’t particularly like anyone, anyways, so I know I have my own reality. I know that that despite everything, it is true that:

    Wahrlich, diese Erde ist ein Trophäenbecher für den fleißigen Mann. Und das zu Recht, im Dienste der natürlichen Selektion. Wer nicht die Kraft hat, seinen Lebensraum in dieser Welt zu sichern und, wenn nötig, zu vergrößern, verdient es nicht, die Notwendigkeiten des Lebens zu besitzen. Er muss beiseite treten und es den stärkeren Völkern erlauben, ihn vorbei zu bringen.

    2017 has not been a good year at all. That’s where the more interesting music is made but it’s also much more saturated with crappy also-ran ensembles.

    Nevertheless, there’s still plenty of good stuff. Eg, I’m really happy with the 2017 Kendrick Lamar album.

    But I know that’s not suitable for people who get mental ulcers when confronted with topics considered to be extreme right-wing but I fail to see why “not understanding the underlying point of the article” would be “an issue” while “rambling autistically” is “jolly good time” stuff. I pat myself on the back every once in a while like this. My inspiration is always the wonderful soirées we Germans enjoy:

    Diese Person war ein alter Höfling, der müde von den Huldigungen war, die er unendlich in den Palästen der Könige empfing, gerne Huren zu besuchen und eine Rolle zu übernehmen. Er wollte mit mir anfangen; Sehr gut, sagte ich, und wir begannen ohne weiteres. Ich mußte ihn seine Lektionen rezitieren und seine kleinen Reden rezitieren, und jedesmal, wenn er einen Fehler gemacht hatte, musste er auf die Knie kommen und erhielt manchmal auf seinen Knöcheln, manchmal auf seinem hinteren, kräftigen Schläge einer ledernen Füllung Wie die Regenten in Schulräumen verwenden. Es war auch meine Aufgabe, ein scharfes Auge für Anzeichen von Emotionen zu halten; Sobald das Feuer angezündet worden war, würde ich seinen Stachel aufreißen und ihn geschickt schütteln, ihn schüttelnd die ganze Zeit schreien, ihn ein wenig befreit, einen sehr schäbigen Kerl, eine Sorge zu Seiner Majestät und andere kindliche Namen, die ihn verursachen würden Komm sehr üppig Die identische Zeremonie sollte fünfmal pro Woche bei meiner Einrichtung durchgeführt werden, aber immer mit einem anderen und ordnungsgemäß beauftragten Mädchen, und für diesen Dienst erhielt ich ein Stipendium von fünfundzwanzig Euromonat.

    We must admit that the music of The Lurking Fear is intentionally raw/ primitive but it has powerful riffs, interesting melodic developments, strong drumming and vocals. Probably falls short of “DMU standards”, though. Fuck all of you, hail me.

    1. Goat Egg says:


      1. whatever says:

        DMU ist 4 warmduschen

    2. Bill und Ted says:

      Woah, dude, that`s like really meta.

      1. Rainer Weikusat says:

        That’s a brilliant example why idealism is nonsense: Acquiring knowledge about the world requires transcending the limits of ones imagination, not bending observations to conform to them.

    3. Rainer Weikusat says:

      Random piece of information: Linux is a multi-billion dollar business.

    4. Rainer Weikusat says:

      While most of mankind being eradicated wouldn’t solve the problem of children being just like their father’s weren’t (or – God forgive – were), this would be a good, first step.

  2. Fake Metal, Scam Label says:


  3. Rainer Weikusat says:

    This is uncannily similar to the recent Immolation and Incantation tracks: It’s announced as “this is the real real death metal” (we had to create create because of our raging urges) but it’s musically really nothing of this sort: There are two or maybe three (splinters of) generic death metal riffs in here, some vaguely black metal styled melody, a lame blastbeat imitation and all of this cooked into a ‘standard’ rock song with hardcore-style shouted vocals.

    There seems to be some kind of trend afoot here.

  4. Nathan Metric says:

    Sounds like the worse Obituary record

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