The new Morbid Angel

No review of the new Morbid Angel is enclosed here; by the time you read to the end, you’ll know why.

First supposition: there’s no point wallowing in what you hate.

Second supposition: if a linear trend toward worse is in existence, it is most likely that the most recent products are bad.

Combine those two.

Morbid Angel was a great and promising band for the first three albums because they were cruising on the strength of material they wrote in their lean and hungry days. By lean and hungry days, I mean their time in Tampa, working in a car wash, living together in the same house, doing an assload of drugs and most importantly, writing and playing the material that would be on the first album. As in, playing it over and over again until they got it right. This is a lot like what Slayer did in the early days.

Abominations of Desolation was a great album, but a bit disorganized. Mike Browning offered creative and prescient material; David Vincent acted like an MBA or business manager, cutting it down to the bare essence. As a result, Altars of Madness and the non-frufru parts of Blessed Are the Sick are pure power and come across without any fat on them. Having reached a degree of musical maturity, they knocked out Covenant …but just barely. The instrumental was convenient, many of the other tracks were ideas capitalized on from rejected earlier songs, they threw in an incongruous cover of “Angel of Disease” and wrote a few new songs that were powerful but not connected as a unit like those on the first two albums.

That was their great creative output.

Do you really need someone to bash the albums after that?

Let’s try this: once you enter the music industry, someone else owns your rectum. They own the right to open it up and put something into it. The reason for this is that musicians are as a whole sloppy people who don’t read contracts, refuse to understand business, and pretend that this stuff doesn’t matter in order to compensate.

As a result, they’re ripe for picking by the music industry. There’s no point blaming the music industry; in fact, they’re the heroes here because they are taking the output of dramatic, over-self-indulgent, narcissistic perpetual adolescents and shaping it into a product so those same quasi-functional people can continue existing. However, as a result, they take over the role of parent… and have to remind the musicians to make output.

In the meantime, the musicians are looking at the market. Death metal sells fifty thousand records; Pantera, Slayer, Marilyn Manson, Metallica, Megadeth, Tool, Primus, Rage Against the Machine, Nirvana, Mudhoney and Sonic Youth sell millions of records. That’s what the market looked like in 1995. So with some urging from the record label, bands change. Here they make a fatal mistake: their fans like them because they’re not Nirvana/Pantera, and trying to be something you’re not is a good way to become an inferior copy of it. (The correct response at this point is to make your albums more technical, more passionate and more realistic, but that’s difficult and requires you to NOT buy the comfy townhouse, but go back to the shitty day job at the car wash and living in a house together, making music. You have to give your life to it, for the most part. Sure, maybe you could live elsewhere in a townhouse, but each step into comfort puts you further from being able to knock off work and race home, looking forward to jamming all night and getting the music really right. Not the product — the music. But I digress.)

A lot of death metal bands, about 1994, realized they were kissing cousins of the Nirvana/Pantera/Tool crowd, and that if those guys were making an assload of money, maybe the death metal bands could too, if they just changed a bit. They changed, became inferior copies of the others, and promptly stepped out of the history books. Had they just kept making quality music, they would have lived in shitty housing for another seven years, then suddenly had an Introduction to Microeconomics moment: when you have seven albums out, and they’re all really good, you don’t sell as many records as Pantera does with one album, but you have a constant stream of fans who see you as “the real deal” and while they buy fewer albums, they buy consistently. And they buy all of the albums, so your first album charts about the same as your most recent. (This was proven by Metallica, before they went fluff, having all four of their albums and one EP in the top 200.)

With all that in mind, you know what happened to Morbid Angel. It must’ve been ugly: lots of fighting over trivial stuff, lots of negotiating about contracts they never read before they signed them, lots of hatred between band members blaming each other for the failure. And almost no time spent thinking about the music, about making music that they (Morbid Angel) would be really excited to hear, not think was on par with whatever Tool or Pantera were puking out at the time.

Do you really want a review of the new Morbid Angel? Formulas Fatal to the Flesh was good; everything else has been a failure. Domination tried to combine grunge, Pantera and death metal; Heretic was pure Pantera-doing-Tool; the live album was decent but everyone wanted to hear Brunelle solos on the older stuff; Gateways to Annihilation was just confused between styles, and now there’ s a new one, which most likely continues this progression.

We’re not looking at a musical entity called Morbid Angel anymore; we’re looking at a business. This business succeeds by hoodwinking teenage morons into buying trendy crap. This is a workable business model only because our society values morons, protects them, and wants to ensure that we’re all equal so the morons drown out the smart people. The guys in Morbid Angel agree with this. However, right now, they either puke out another commercialish album and capitalism on the raped necrophile whore of their good name, or they go back to working at the car wash.

What would you do?

Yeah, I thought so.

by Steve Brettens, Lontinuak, Pijay Vrozak and L.M. Hencken

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  3. am I smart yet? says:

    Hey guys, I think I might buy a book today!

  4. Spinerda Kozak says:

    The last time I read something it was a thin booklet called “Schopenhauer in 20 minutes”
    I felt ashamed afterwards because it actually took me 20 minutes to read it…

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  11. Lv 18 Julius Eevee ⚣ says:

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  12. Metal Nigger says:

    Morbid Angel’s compositional style is merely a rehash of what Possessed and Death did. Also, I suck cocks.

  13. former intellectual hessian says:

    Screw this shit, I’m gonna go watch that X-Men movie now and eat my pizza.

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  15. still better then you... says:

    What ever, i’m still more superior to every one else because I can understand the aesthetic BEAUTY and INTELLECTUAL MASTERY of classics like Massacra’s FINAL HOLOCAUST. Plus I like, read dude.

  16. Levy_Spearmen says:

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  18. kid says:

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  19. Lv 18 Julius Eevee ⚣ says:

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  20. Go Nuclear Blast! says:

    Blame piracy, blame ANUS audiofile section.

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  22. Tool fan says:

    A lot of Tool. Why?

    What’s coming through is alive.
    What’s holding up is a mirror.
    But what’s singing songs is a snake
    Looking to turn this piss to wine.

    They’re both totally void of hate,
    But killing me just the same.

    The snake behind me hisses
    What my damage could have been.
    My blood before me begs me
    Open up my heart again.

    And I feel this coming over like a storm again.

    Venomous voice, tempts me,
    Drains me, bleeds me,
    Leaves me cracked and empty.
    Drags me down like some sweet gravity.

    The snake behind me hisses
    What my damage could have been.
    My blood before me begs me
    Open up my heart again.

    And I feel this coming over like a storm again.

    I am too connected to you to
    Slip away, to fade away.
    Days away I still feel you
    Touching me, changing me,
    And considerately killing me.

    Without the skin,
    Beneath the storm,
    Under these tears
    The walls came down.

    And the snake is drowned and
    As I look in his eyes,
    My fear begins to fade
    Recalling all of those times.

    I could have cried then.
    I should have cried then.

    And as the walls come down and
    As I look in your eyes
    My fear begins to fade
    Recalling all of the times
    I have died
    and will die.
    It’s all right.
    I don’t mind.

    I am too connected to you to
    Slip away, to fade away.
    Days away I still feel you
    Touching me, changing me,

    And considerately killing me.

  23. Kontinual Adventures says:

    Kontinual is taking a shower right? So he calls on Pijay Vrozak.
    “Hey Pijay can you fetch me the shampoo bottle?” Pijay responds:
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    So Kontinual, Conservationist and Steve Brettens are chatting about what would they do if they were NASA scientists. Conservationist says: “I’d send a space ship to Mercury to study
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    Kontinual says: “I’d send a space ship directly to the Sun”… abruptly interrupted by his buddies:
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    On his trip to India, Kontinual insisted on buying a TV set before he’d come back to the USA. “What, they don’t have TVs on the US?” Cargést asked him. Kontinual says: “Duh yeah, but I like the shows from here better”.

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  25. Super Nigger says:

    Dude, I’m so depressed about the shittiness of the new Morbid Angel album. I know now that metal sucks and I was just wasting my time. I’m gonna throw out all my metal CDs and buy a new TV and then play video games all day. Oh yeah, I read Schopenhauer e’ryday, he told me that public healthcare is wrong!!!

  26. ANUS SOLD OUT!! says:

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  27. lol says:

    lol, you idiots seriously fucking think “oh noez the music industry controls everything, the new morbid sucks because some guy in a suit said it should sound like that”? Are you fucking mentally retarded in addition to being autists? If anything Trey is one of the few people in death metal who at least plays whatever the fuck he wants. You think morbid is trying to get some mass appeal with their shitty new sound? Nope, it’s just Trey wanking and losing his edge.

    Have you considered that even the old albums always fucking sucked and it’s complete garbage? Maybe you liked this shit when you were 14, so did the band, but they grew up. You didn’t. Morbid Angel and death metal have always been fucking jokes, nothing to even consider seriously in a musical discussion, at least not for people who aren’t masochists and into trying to pretend their music could beat up the next guy’s music in “my dad could beat up your dad” fashion…

    Enjoy your penile virginity.

  28. Roldobrobro says:

    In case you didn’t notice, they mocked people with the mindset you described in the above blogpost. Also, internet is serious business.

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  30. Levy_Spearmen says:

    I’m not bad, I’m just drawn that way.

  31. Ya freakin' jerk! says:

    “Enjoy your penile virginity.”

    Hrmph, maybe I will!

  32. Spielberg says:

    kontinual adventures, genius! I will make a movie about that one!

  33. Schopenhauer says:

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  34. gaymen says:

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  35. Muppet Mcgoo says:

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    Pijay Vrozak, Conservationist and Kontinual were arguing about how dumb their wives are. Pijay says: “My wife is so dumb she bought a Mercedes and she doesn’t even know how to drive.” Conservationist says: “My wife is so dumb she bought the whole Encyclopedia Britannica and she doesn’t even know how to read”. Kontinual steps forward and proudly claims: “Well, my wife is the dumbest of all, before she left to the bar I checked her purse and she had bought two packs of condoms, and she doesn’t even have a penis!”

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  40. MilitantIdiotCrusher says:

    I’m so glad the juvenalia of the comments section is still alive after my absence.

  41. Constipationist says:

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  42. Wise up, kid. says:


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  43. niggaz wanna try (whut) says:

    Levy is a faggot, these Kontinual jokes are hilarious though. Kontinual’s a faggot and I’ve seen him get shut down and backpedal multiple times. Did the guy making them get butthurt for being banned from the ‘Hall or some shit?

  44. Be nice to him. How would you fell if you were in HIS shoes? says:

    Levy is a ticking time bomb.

  45. Kontinual says:

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  47. scientist says:

    ANUS blog trolls…what a bizarre phenomena.

  48. iepqwe says:

    The reason there’s no new MA review is because unlike the last Behemoth, everyone knows it’s crap, oand anus needed to figure out how to pretend to be iconoclastic

  49. derp says:

    “Domination tried to combine grunge, Pantera and death metal; Heretic was pure Pantera-doing-Tool”

    Hahaha, bullshit. Either fuck your cousin less and clean your ears, or back this up. Not everything you don’t like is immediately grunge or metalcore.

  50. CockSucker says:

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  51. born after 1987 says:

    Man, the new Morbid Angel sucks AND I’m still a virgin. I bet in the nineties my life would have been so much better.

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  53. Kontinual Jokes says:

    How do you recognize Kontinual on a classroom?
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    Why does Kontinual prefers rounded windows?
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  54. Truth says:

    “Man, the new Morbid Angel sucks AND I’m still a virgin. I bet in the nineties my life would have been so much better.”

    Yeah, it would have. You wouldn’t have had the internet or MP3s to suck you into the world of shitty metal.

    That aside though, even back then death metal was a joke and any woman worth fucking automatically filtered out metal losers.

  55. death metal has always been a joke says:

    The funniest thing is that it took like 8 years for this album to come out. The length of the Bush era. Think about that, where you were at the start of Bush’s ascension.

  56. Levy Spears says:


  57. born after 1987 says:

    At the start of the Bush ascension I was 12 years old and still listening to Korn and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. It’s not fair that I was born too late! I missed out on all the great days of metal! I would have been such a cooler guy in the nineties! But yeah, at least I can use the internet now to download mp3’s from blogs and visit entertaining metal websites that tell me what I want to hear. But you shouldn’t complain about that, back in the nineties you were probably trading Metallica tapes and reading Kerrang! magazine. So maybe I missed out some stuff, and maybe I’ll never understand when older metalheads laugh at me when I say that Satyricon is great atmospheric black metal, and maybe listening to DSBM was a mistake (I recently traded all my Xasthur cd’s for an obscure LLN tape so you can’t hold that against me anymore) but goddammit it’s not like I could decide when I was born! I think some of you people are just being ageist when you accuse me of being a childish snob who doesn’t know shit about metal. I mean we all visit the same websites so what makes you so much better than me?
    If only I was born just a few years earlier so I could have at least liked Cradle of Filth when their classic “Dusk and Her Embrace” was released. I bet people would take me more serious then!

  58. nuff said says:

    @ born after 1987

    I am the master of your rectum, that means you bend over, you take my earnest 7″ and say thank you my lord.

  59. born after 1987 says:

    Is that you daddy? How did you find this website? I thought you only liked old metal like Motörhead and Reo Speedwagon…

  60. Levy_Spearmen says:


  61. Levy_Spearmen says:


  62. @Truth says:

    The fact that you only see music in a social way and think only a “metal person” can listen to Morbid Angel* shows you’re a projecting virgin nerd who was once an awkward metalhead, and you think you’ve “grown out of it” by getting into “indie” that was getting stale in the 90s

    * I like jazz but some metal can hit the spot too

  63. @Truth says:

    Also asterisks automatically make bulletpoints, huh.

  64. Levy_Spearmen says:

    ANUS taught me how to regulate my bowels. Corrupt would give me that kind of treatment. FUCK YOU ALEX BIRCH!

  65. Levy_Spearmen says:


  66. 1349 says:

    Azagthoth is a solipsist cubed. Just read the nuaseating Heretic booklet… And he praises Obama.

  67. Spike Lee says:

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  68. Levy_Spearmen says:

    Clearyly you are an undeducated prole, everyone at this blog is int the end, a worthless waste of oxygen. I am tired of people attacking me, I shall leave this blog forever.

  69. Levy_Spearmen says:

    Disregard that, I suck cocks.

  70. birdbrain says:

    I never understood why people call me birdbrain. What’s it supposed to mean? That I have a bird in my brain or something? People are so dumb!

  71. @1349 says:

    Yup. He’s thoughtful, but honestly not very intelligent or tasteful.

  72. Levy_Spearmen says:

    Wow! Shamwow! It’s like I’m attacking and defending myself at once!

  73. tiny midget says:

    @ Levy_Spearmen

    Where’s your mother?, you didn’t even mind when I left her pregnant. Are you taking good care of her? If she needs more tiny dick be sure to give me a call ok son?

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  75. Trauco says:

    Nice work! THIS is in what you people truly excel. Cheers!

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  77. stop. says:

    tiny midget is not a funny meme.

  78. niggggggger says:

    I want to hear Brett’s badass gated-community-metal band, sometimes he rocks the camo cargo shorts instead of the standard beige when he’s feeling daring and blasting slayer on his headphones while he mows the yard (he mows his own yard to look primitive and manly tough)

  79. Best metal band ever. says:

    Averse Sefira

  80. poopdreams says:

    Last night I dreamt I was in a whirling pool of yellow water, and yellow rain descended upon me. I was trying desperately to stay above the surface and I realized I was a poop in a toilet and someone was pooping and pissing! Then I heard a flushing noise and I was mercilessly plunged underwater but just then I woke up screaming and sweating.

    What could this dream mean?

  81. answer says:

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  85. girl in supermarket came up to me and started a conversation but I THOUGHT I had to act all cool and I failed. says:

    I want a girlfriend so bad…

  86. Trey Azagthoth says:

    I demand a review too! Do you know how many hours we spent just trying to come up with those catchy song titles?

  87. David Vincent says:

    Yeah, you promised you would give us a good review in return for getting fucked by Kontinual and his big black cock. My ass is still sore…

  88. Pete Sandoval says:

    Kontinual was rather unpleasant towards me. He fucked me so hard I broke my back. Fucker didn’t even give me a reach around!!!

  89. Tim Yeung says:


    Woah, that Kontinual sure can dish out a big jizz load….

  90. Anus faN #1 LOL YAY! says:

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  91. I only listen to Morbid Angel ironically nigger! And I'm not racist I only say Nigger ironically!! lol says:

    NEW AGE FUN with a VINTAGE FEEL!!! lol

  92. Pete "Commando" Sandoval says:

    Leave me out of this. I tried to convince Tray not to release this turd of an album but the truth is he can’t live without David’s ass. :/

  93. David 'Badcock' Vincent says:


  94. Spasticus Autisticus says:

    The people on these threads, they do talk a serious amount of babble.

  95. Tray (aka George Emmanuel III) says:

    Dude new Devil May Cry is gonna be soooo sick man can’t wait!!!!!

    PS. Come by David, I’m so fucking horny.

  96. Trey says:

    Fuck’s sake, I can’t even spell “Trey”, let alone my last name.

  97. Kontinual is relative says:

    Kontinual doesn’t even exist! It’s a product of your imagination, just like these letters your’re reading are not real.

  98. Kontinual is a relative of mine says:

    Kontinual does exist, he’s sitting next to me right now. And no, I’m not sucking his cock.

  99. 1349 says:

    “or they go back to working at the car wash.”

    …Not necessarily. It would be enough if they realized that the world and their own country are declining and started fixing the situation. By creating & spreading the RIGHT kind of music. When you work at a car wash, you hardly have many possibilities for propaganda…

  100. Miller says:

    It’s like they’re all getting hung up on the specifics, man.

  101. David 'Badcock' Vincent says:


  102. Adolf Snarn says:

    //chomp// //chomp// hrnm hrnm..,/,/,/,/,//,/,,/,/, definitely/./, a ‘;.,./,.homosexual

  103. Levy_Spearmen says:

    Hey, what’s up?

  104. Kerry King says:

    Devil May Cry is a shitty series. Wake me up when Gears of War 3 comes out.

  105. Levy_Spearmen says:

    Nah, bra, get this game:

  106. stop embarrassing yourselves says:

    “Domination tried to combine grunge, Pantera and death metal”

    What a fucking bizarre description. Grunge? Holy fucking shit you people are stupid.

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