0 thoughts on “Thrash revival”

  1. Knur says:

    A revival? Has something happened apart from Metalenema releasing their own album?

  2. Adrian McCoy says:

    Wiggers like Eminem and Korn make the white race look bad…

    While DRI, COC, SOD, MDC, Cryptic Slaughter, Fearless Iranians From Hell, Chronical Diarrhoea and Dead Horse make the white race look good…

    Any questions? Email me at mccoyac@imail.losrios.edu

  3. thomas says:

    Adrian, I think it has less to do with racial identity and more to do with good vs crappy music.

  4. Adrian McCock says:

    Nevermind, none of my opinions matter because I just remembered that I suck cocks.. HAHAHA

  5. Flanky says:

    @Knur: I would guess it has a bit more to do with the fact that 80s/early 90s nostalgia is very much "in" at the moment. Just look at the stuff like Transformers and G.I. Joe, cashing in on this in movie form. Or Tron, in the near future. I rarely go a day without seeing someone on my university campus with some nostalgic T-shirt, with the apparent intention of saying

  6. hell says:

    Thrash revival bands have been around since 1997.

  7. multicide says:

    Always confused as to why you list those crossover bands as thrash and lump Sodom, Slayer, and Kreator into other areas. Hopefully the thrash revival will finally die and a revival of good death metal occurs.

  8. Xr says:

    This band will remind you that thrash addressed real-world issues without lapsing into idiot politics, or getting emotional. It was the music of the dispossessed suburban child trying to make sense of the adult world as concept, and remains some of the most vital and insightful protest music ever created. — FIFH site

    I hope it won’t be the next industry cow, and a excuse for wacky comedic antics and immature leftist rhetoric this genre can be prone to. The kids who listened to this in the 80s would, nowadays, sadly be addressed by metalcore. A good reason for old cowboys to set things straight.

  9. Anti-modernist says:

    Unfortunately glam is also getting a revival, with even more sickening incarnations and parody bands.

    Talking about death metal revival, Razorback records is oozing with such bands.

  10. fuck says:

    yeah, razorback fucking rules

  11. MetalVpYerFvkenArse says:

    Hexlust – not too shabby!

  12. Adrian McCoy says:

    Adrian McCock,

    If I knew who you were I would kill you…FUCK YOU!!!


  13. fuck says:

    Hexlust – lame retrothrash that fails to bring the spirit back.

  14. Adrian McCoy says:

    HAHAHA disregard that, i would totally suck Adrian McCock off.

  15. Adrian McCoy says:

    This website is not the only great source of death metal out there…I was a big fan of deathmetal.com before it got taken down…it was’nt as elitist and closed minded as you anus.com fucks are and the bands were a 100 times better and more fucking interesting…

  16. Adrian McCoy says:

    Asshole, you make yourself look gayer than anyone talking about sucking cocks all the damn time, somebody’s gonna fucking take your comments off this message board and you’ll never be allowed to post ever again…

  17. Adrian says:

    It’s funny how you cowards post shit talk anonymously on the internet but you can’t take the heat in reality…

    The metal scene does’nt really need you to survive…I miss deathmetal.com already…

  18. Adrian McCoy says:

    I’m so butthurt that I forgot its called DEATHMETAL.ORG.. and HESSIAN.ORG will be up and running again soon. I suck cocks.

  19. fuck says:

    lol @ adrian. butthurt faggot.

  20. Richard says:

    Adrian just doesn’t get it.

  21. Hello. My name is Adrian McCock or Mike Oxlong.

  22. Gordonomicon says:

    The bands listed in the article have little to nothing to do with the thrash sub-genre. Listen to the new Overkill record and realize what thrash metal truly is.

  23. fuck says:

    Thrash and ‘thrash metal’ are two completely different subgenres.. Thrash being a crossover of hardcore punk and metal, and ‘thrash metal’ being a marketing term applied to speed metal. Also, the new Overkill record isn’t a good example..

  24. Fekall says:

    Just caught DRI a couple of months ago…they still fucking rip, just older.

  25. Thanatotron says:

    Seconded. You all should capitalize on any and every opportunity you get to see D.R.I live.

  26. fuck says:

    shit yeah, saw them a couple days ago!! lost a fucking shoe in the crowd lmao

  27. Esdruxula says:

    wow lots of homos still in the closet here….

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