Tom Araya Trolls Leftists With Boomer Conservative Meme

Metalheads hate civilization, or rather what civilization inevitably becomes: people forget why things are as they are and recede into a human only bureaucratic world, like a cult built on peer pressure, where they affirm reality-denial in favor of things that make humans feel good about being afraid of challenging themselves.

As a result, we are chameleons as far as political parties go, but our realist nature plus our desire for stuff that is excellent fits into classical conservatism. This has made us pariahs in the world of rock ‘n roll because simple emotional stuff like Leftism is a better sell for all those grey people out there, and rock labels want to appeal to the lowest common denominator so that they can get the widest possible sales.

Recently, Tom Araya trolled Leftists with a Boomer meme that seemed design to force people to think about these things:

Naturally, this provoked nervous chatter, even though the above is the “guns, God, and freedom” version of centrist conservatism that essentially offends no one. He is not calling for the return of kings, strict social codes, hierarchy, or even a purpose to civilization. He is simply pointing out that Leftists are annoying neurotics and reality can be found elsewhere.

As the West splits into many special interest groups because we no longer have anything in common and no longer believe in the activities on which we spend our daily lives, expect more division and rancor, and for people like Slayer musicians to get in the middle of it to stoke the controversy.

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18 thoughts on “Tom Araya Trolls Leftists With Boomer Conservative Meme”

  1. Yeah, voluntarism. If a conservative doesn’t like X, he doesn’t do it, so everyone else does it and then takes over, and then they take turns raping him.

  2. Autist assassinator in training says:


    You forgot the other 99 per cent per cent of metal bands you worship who are basically leftists.

    1. LostInTheANUS says:

      Such as…

      1. kk says:

        Napalm Death, DRI, Summoning, Bolt Thrower, Iron Maiden, Voivod etc etc etc

        1. T. Desecration says:

          Iron Maiden?

          This is incorrect, firstly because Bruce Dickinson has in the past identified as an anti-EU conservative, and nowadays expresses non-committed centrist viewpoints in interviews.

          (I believe I’ve also seen people on forums claim Steve Harris is conservative but I don’t remember actually coming across anything official to substantiate that and don’t care enough to look it up. At any rate I don’t believe any members of Iron Maiden have publicly identified as leftists, or been really politically outspoken at all, though feel free to correct me if I am mistaken in this regard.)

          As well the notion that Iron Maiden are a “metal band that Brett worships” is not accurate at all, at least nowadays, where the general position of this site seems to be something along the lines of “Only Di’Anno era is cool everything else including the other classic 80’s stuff is overrated and gay”.

          1. Iirc Brett listed Killers among his 10 most listened metal albums. He just considers Dickinson era to be too poppy. But what does it matter? Most great metal bands are lame beyond the first 2 albums. Them being “gay and overrated” is the typical hipster opinion btw.

            In any case, calling Iron Maiden leftist has no basis and the same goes for Summoning and Bolt Thrower. Being politically correct is not the same as being a leftist.

            1. T. Desecration says:

              “Them being “gay and overrated” is the typical hipster opinion btw”

              Indeed. Maiden is eternal.

              “…and the same goes for Summoning and Bolt Thrower. Being politically correct is not the same as being a leftist.”

              Unfortunately, despite being two of my all-time favourites in their respective genres, this is not the case.

              Karl Willetts is an Antifa supporter.



              As well, this recent Summoning interview with Kim Kelly [long-time friend of “Melissa Moore” former guitarist of pro-child rape grind band XXX Maniak*] is rather cringe-worthy, although Silenius shows himself as more restrained in these matters than Protector



     [at 5:40]

              1. T. Desecration says:

                Fuck I forgot to archive the second Vice article. Here you go for those who want to read but don’t want to give click revenue:

                1. Svmmoned says:

                  They are useful idiots of conservatism then, because Summoning carries European spirit and its longings very well. Their other pursuits are also characteristically Germanic, even if misguided. One can however clearly see how passive Summoning became. That’s because it lacks any offensive element, which their black metal inspirations had. It is of course also partially compromised by meek personalities of its musicians, but their great literary inspiration always helped to overcome that. As for their laughable arguments about nazis, degenerate art, foreign instruments etc. – they sound like they never actually gave them any deeper thought, immediately satisfied with popular (populist?) slogans and reasoning.

        2. Most metal bands are not political and stumble when they try to be. Metal is cultural, spiritual, maybe philosophical, but most of all a gut instinct and lifestyle. This makes it closer to conservatism than anything else, and like most “political” bands the metal bands who politicize themselves just end up becoming self-parody, sort of like Barney Greenway being a fat communist and Summoning trying to explain away Tolkien’s racial royalism.

  3. Trans = Mutant says:


  4. According to this site’s stance on diversity, Tom Araya, being a Euro-Amerind mix, needs to be shipped back to his South American homeland ASAP. Dave Lombardo too.

    All of Trump’s children (except for Tiffany) are Asiatic mongrels. Ship them out also before they taint us with their Slavic trace admixture.

    1. Nordmannen says:

      Nice SSA, ya jogtrot-troll. Tom Araya and Dave Lombardo alike are of Spanish descent, and Slavs are definitely European.

    2. Nordmanlet, where’s your evidence that Araya and Lombardo are pure Spanish descent? Pray tell.

      A cursory glance at their faces tells us they are not pure Spanish, but rather your typical conquistador-Amerindian blend.

      Regardless, Spain is Southern Euro (African admixture), Slav is Eastern Euro (Asian admixture), i.e. Europeans this site’s administrator has determined do NOT belong in North America.

    3. What’s so wrong with South America? Or even being Jewish like Ivanka?

      1. T. Desecration says:

        What “Fluffernutter” is probably referring to is that Brett Stevens, the creator of this site and author of this specific article, has in the past 2 years or so being rather vocal – mainly on platforms outside of this one such as his other site – of his opinion that essentially only people of Germanic and Anglo ancestry should be considered “white”, and that ideally there should be no place in America for “mixed” European people such as the Irish, Slavs, Southern Europeans – to say nothing of groups universally considered as “non-white” such as Hispanics, etc.

        Essentially “Flutternutter” is accusing the author of this article of being a hypocrite for being pro-Trump and pro-Slayer, because half the members of the classic Slayer line-up (including the one this article is praising) are Hispanic, and all but one of Trump’s children are of half-Slavic ancestry, and thus would not meet the requirements to be an American in the author’s ideal vision for his country.

        [Brett, “Flutternutter” or anyone else feel free to respond to this comment with corrections/clarifications in case I am erroneously mischaracterizing any of your positions]

      2. Right you are Desecration…. Brett went gay for Trump in 2016 the same way the libtards went gay for Obama in 2008. “Thank god, Our Savior has arrived…”

        Yet going by Brett’s own words, we could pretty much say that Trump has an “anti-white” fetish for Slavic poon, and his mischling spawn are the product of an perverted interracial marriage.

  5. Salustiano says:

    cursed article

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