Tom Warrior Censored on Upcoming Celtic Frost Reissues

In a recent blog post, Celtic Frost vocalist/guitarist Tom G. Warrior has publicly disowned BMG’s upcoming double CD reissues of his band’s best output, Morbid Tales and To Mega Therion, and the more pandering and spotty Into the Pandemonium and Vanity / Nemesis. The embarrassing Cold Lake was omitted at Warrior’s request. While initially on board with the reissues and involved with the creative process, Tom Warrior has abandoned ship because the commercial mega-label BMG refused to print his linear notes as he intended. This blatant censorship was a means of preserving the integrity of the Noise Records liquid assets purchased by the label but had inadvertently overwhelmed the Cold Laker with a plethora of painful flashbacks of the corporate influence that plagued Celtic Frost throughout its existence.

Throughout his ramblings Tom implies that the issues the band had with Noise Records at the time of their popular recordings had a profound effect on the final products. Lyrics and artwork were swapped and censored, suits were disturbing the studio experience, and the band’s creative life-force was allegedly drained. This is a poor excuse for Cold Lake, one of the worst excreble sell-outs ever recorded, but in any case these misfortunes were intended to be expressed in Warrior’s linear notes. But due to contractual red tape (buyout clauses perhaps) the label suggested censored, abbreviated drafts of these notes. This caused Tommy boy to throw a hissy fit and declare that Celtic Frost does not endorse the albums, rendering quasi-bootlegs.

The truth is, Tom and co. fell prey to the carnivorous nature of an industry built on exploiting every human being at every given opportunity. While censorship is never a good thing the reissues are still worth a look if you do not already own the records and they are not hyper-compressed as they will be offering a plethora of content from remastered sound to unreleased music and posters. The albums are scheduled for release on June 30th with the following track listings:. Earlier CD editions such as the late 90s, early 2000s ones from Sanctuary Records sound find and are still widely available from metal distros and mainstream retailers such as Amazon. These new CDs and LPs are just BMG attempting to cash-in on their newly bought publishing rights. Note that the Emperor’s Return EP is not being included with Morbid Tales as it traditionally was but is attached to To Mega Therion as bonus tracks.

Track listings:

Morbid Tales:

  1. Human (Intro)
  2. Into The Crypts Of Rays
  3. Visions Of Mortality
  4. Dethroned Emperor
  5. Morbid Tales
  6. Procreation (Of The Wicked)
  7. Return To The Eve
  8. Danse Macabre
  9. Nocturnal Fear
  10. Morbid Tales (1984 Rehearsal) *
  11. Messiah (1984 Rehearsal) *
  12. Procreation (Of the Wicked) (1984 Rehearsal) *
  13. Nocturnal Fear (1984 Rehearsal) *

To Mega Therion:

  1. Innocence And Wrath
  2. The Usurper
  3. Jewel Throne
  4. Dawn Of Meggido
  5. Eternal Summer
  6. Circle Of The Tyrants
  7. (Beyond The) North Winds
  8. Fainted Eyes
  9. Tears In A Prophet’s Dream
  10. Necromantical Screams
  11. Circle Of The Tyrants (“Emperor’s Return” EP) *
  12. Visual Aggression (“Emperor’s Return” EP) *
  13. Suicidal Winds (“Emperor’s Return” EP) *
  14. Journey Into Fear (“Emperor’s Return” EP Recording Sessions) Visual Aggression (1988 Remix) *
  15. Return to the Eve (1985 Studio Jam) *

Into the Pandemonium:

  1. Mexican Radio
  2. Mesmerized
  3. Inner Sanctum
  4. Tristesses De La Lune
  5. Babylon Fell (Jade Serpent)
  6. Caress Into Oblivion (Jade Serpent II)
  7. One In Their Pride (Porthole Mix)
  8. I Won’t Dance (The Elders’ Orient)
  9. Rex Irae (Requiem)
  10. Oriental Masquerade
  11. Sorrows Of The Moon *
  12. The Inevitable Factor *
  13. In The Chapel In The Moonlight *
  14. One In Their Pride (Re-Entry Mix) *
  15. Yhe Inevitable Factor (Alternate Vox) *

Vanity / Nemesis:

  1. The Heart Beneath
  2. Wine In My Hand (Third From The Sun)
  3. Wings Of Solitude
  4. The Name Of My Bride
  5. This Island Earth
  6. The Restless Seas
  7. Phallic Tantrum
  8. A Kiss Or A Whisper
  9. Vanity
  10. Nemesis
  11. Heroes *
  12. A Descent to Babylon (Babylon Asleep) *

* Bonus Tracks

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10 thoughts on “Tom Warrior Censored on Upcoming Celtic Frost Reissues”

  1. Exfoliation says:

    What a whiny fag, it’s no secret that Hellhammer and early CF were accidentally good, the second they knew what they were doing they dove straight for the cock. Tom G was seen anxiously awaiting his turn for cock and was pulling his teeth out with pliers to fit more than one in. The way he started trying to make himself attractive was sad and unmighty, especially when you’ve such a hideous misshapen incest head as his. A truer band would be proud of their goblin nog and flaunt its bald splendor in sociopathic delight. Instead he wears an X Games boggin on his Rocky Dennis noggin and spends hours looking in the mirror for the right angle like a 14 year old girl who is also a fag. I always get his resentment has more to do with his big ugly head than any lack of success because they clearly had no faith in their original sound and covered it up with shitty keyboards and singing cunts much like Tom G covers up his lopsided Jason from Friday 2 baby Ruth looking ass head.

  2. Necronomeconomist says:

    Cullin’ Toner, it’s LINER notes. Not “linear” notes.

    Or maybe there are cyclical liner notes, or non-Euclidean notes.

    1. Cornrose says:

      What’s going on with the grammatically deficient publishing up in dis bitch? Deez niggaz layzee!

      1. It's just brown and water says:

        Proofreading has been very lax for some time, especially under Maarat’s not-so-watchful eye.

      2. Necronomeconomist says:

        You’re trying too hard to use Ebonics — it betrays your whiteness.

        1. bloody pulp says:

          whatchu talkin bout willis?

  3. “This is a poor excuse for Cold Lake”

    Cold Lake is one half label, one quarter new backing band, and one quarter Tom’s happiness. Get rid of label, band, and happiness, and you get Monotheist, which at the very least is “good” compared to Cold Lake. I don’t think the Warrior can take the full brunt of the blame for that record. I believe him if he says that suits were fucking with their shit, because I’ve seen that happen to other people.

  4. canadaspaceman says:

    I remember buying Cold Lake that year or the next on Boxing Day for like $2 or $3 at the Record Peddler in Toronto. I was amazed to find that at least 1/2 the songs were really strong, with lots of great riffs, but the album suffered from a shit production / mastering.
    GREAT heavy metal that deserved a clean, bright Iron Maiden-type production, but was the same old gritty sound used for previous Celtic Frost albums.

    Don’t care if these new re-issues would have “new” liner notes by Tom unless they talked about the bonus tracks. and it’s bogus only 4 “rehearsal” tracks were included. The 30 minute rehearsal tape every trader had in the late 1980s, was pretty clear and heavy, as if it was a good reh demo any other underground band would have sent out. If it is the same tape used on the new re-issue, would have been cool to have it all again , with better sound finally.

    1. GGALLIN1776 says:

      My first cf album was cold lake unfortunately, after one song I threw the tape & didn’t give them another chance til about ten years later. I love cf but cold lake is best taped to binary explosive then shot, sending the shrapnel into low earth orbit.

  5. Spectator says:

    @Exfoliation – while I agree with you on the misshapen head being the prime source for Tom G’s sorrow, your colourful misogynistic remark referring to gynaecology made me think you both share the same passion for the Mother, the secondary well of artistic inspiration for our Warrior.

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