Triguna to release The Embryonic DVD


Metal act Triguna release their first official music video for their debut record Embryonic Forms. Over the course of the next year they will release one a month. When all songs in the record have been released in individual takes, the band will collect them in a video compilation. Along with it, live footage as well as pre and post show footage will be released in The Embryonic DVD.

The video for the first song, “Rage”, has already been published on youtube.

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21 thoughts on “Triguna to release The Embryonic DVD

  1. Judgement says:

    This is terrible. Where’s the bassist? And why is this on DMU?

    1. Same Mexican troll… why do you keep coming back?

    2. Jeremy York says:

      We had to fire our guitar player so our bass player is now on guitar. We have a new bass player coming soon

    3. Jeremy York says:

      Also it is on Death Metal Underground, beacuse thats what Triguna is. An underground Death Metal band

  2. freudian says:

    This is too repetitive, and the part where the vocalist shouts out one word before a phrase sounds like something Phil Anselmo would do (annoying). At least they play metal riffs.

    1. Jeremy York says:

      I am also not the bigest fan of the way Bird chose to sing this part, but when looked at through the broad lense of the whole song it actually makes sense. It. Just isn’t the most creative.

  3. Phil says:

    Sounds like System of a Down. zzzz

    1. Jeremy York says:

      In what way???

      1. Phil says:

        Unimaginative and jumpy with quiet build-up sections, anthemic singing and as fair as I can tell 2-3 total riffs.

        1. Jeremy York says:

          Hmm I have never seen that word used negatively XD
          Thanks man!
          Hopefully you dig our other music or our new stuff. If not, thanks for lending your ears and keep it greasy!

          1. Jeremy York says:

            I have to disagree with unimaginative. It definitely was thought out and pictured before being written.
            If you do not have an idea, then nothing will come out. I will say it is embryonic or rudimentary.

            1. Phil says:

              That’s cool, all you can do is fulfill your vision. You seem like you have a mindset to keep on improving and I commend that.

              1. Jeremy York says:

                Thank you und danke schön

        2. Cocktorn of the Penis Realm says:

          I don’t wanna be a jerk or anything but your vocalist kinda sucks.
          When it comes to metal I usually don’t mind the vocals too much but maybe
          if you could get a better vocalist you’d be able to give your music an
          upgrade. I assume the vocalist is a close buddy of your otherwise why
          would you keep him. Anyway I enjoyed your album quite a lot. Cheers.

          1. Mc Culay Culkin says:

            Their singer Claude is an amateur porn actor. He just growls on a metal band as a hobby, that’s why he ain’t that good.

            1. Jeremy York says:

              Lol why does everyone think he is a porn star???? Link or it didn’t happen XD

              1. Mc Culay Culkin says:

                Yeah Right Jeremy!!

                Like you haven’t seen him in action. He’s in that scene getting it on with Susy Gala the Spanish bombshell that does double v and dp with midgets.

                1. Jeremy York says:

                  That is so absurd that I think you’re Bird…
                  What about german dungeon???

  4. Benevolent GayHaitian says:

    Shout out to Jeremy for handling criticism like a man (unlike that tek death dude in the concert writeup a few months back). This band has potential, keep at it.

    1. freudian says:

      I share these sentiments. Though I retain that it’s too repetitive and the Phil Anselmo type of vocal pattern in the chorus should probably go, but that guy has good front man qualities I think (he’s not a fat drunk guy wearing an Anthrax shirt wheezing into a microphone for other bored people between divorce hearings). Jeremy York also doesn’t troll the writers in the comment section like certain other bands, and his music, while needing work, shows potential.

      1. Jeremy York says:

        Thanks man!
        I don’t know how i would troll though, it seems kinda hard.

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