Trump Appoints Corporate Stooge to Head FCC

President Donald Trump, who nixed his predecessor Barack Obama’s transfer of American wealth to rice paddy waders for the benefit of plutocrats through the Trans Pacific Partnership, followed Obama’s example and appointed a corporate stooge for the telecommunications industry to head the Federal Communications Commission. Ajit Pai replaces the retiring Tom Wheeler who was head of both the the┬áNational Cable & Telecommunications Association and the┬áCellular Telecommunications & Internet Association which both previously lobbied on behalf of large telecommunications providers against net neutrality, one of the founding principles of the internet. Ajit Pai sat on the board and has opposed all regulations and rulings in favor of consumers, supporting the right of internet service providers to censor and throttle content to their customers’ connections.

Net neutrality is the idea that internet service providers may not throttle or bottleneck content from privileged networks. This prevents ISPs from bundling in their own services to force feed the public whatever lowest common denominator crap and propaganda the ISP chooses or holding up content providers for money beyond what they pay for bandwidth to deliver their content to their customers or audience. Without net neutrality, ISPs would be free to censor whatever they so please as they act as the final gatekeepers to their customers. Content viewed as morally questionable by religious fundamentalists, Marxists, plutocrats, and oligarchs could easily be censored. For elitist underground music fans, this could put large portions of the underground canon and their best sounding but out of print masters out of reach to all but the elderly, middle-aged, and record store bin hunters searching for four-leaf clovers.

The potential for truly fascist action exists if the FCC becomes fully beholden to the agenda and whims of a few large corporation overlords. Fascism, like communism, is a failed totalitarian redistributive economic system based on a delusional idealology where the state steals the existing means of production from private entities and hands them out to its political stooges and sycophants who proceed to run them to the ground for short term gain. What does that make modern American corporate practice favoring short term, shareholder profits over all else, including the continuous long-term profitability of the corporation?

Fascism should more properly be called corporatism because it is the merger of state and corporate power.
– Benito Mussolini

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13 thoughts on “Trump Appoints Corporate Stooge to Head FCC”

  1. kek says:

    > Net neutrality is the idea that internet service providers may not throttle or bottleneck content from privileged networks.

    It’s the idea, but that’s not really what the legislation is actually about. (Shocking truth: politicians lie!)

    Giving such power to a government agency is quite dangerous.

  2. Nathan Metric says:

    Completely disagree. 99% of internet usage is for entertainment. Not politics. Video entertainment compromises 70% of internet usage alone.

    Can you imagine if we had neutrality for water? Everyone pays the same for water no matter how much they use? What about gas neutrality? Everyone pays the same for gas no matter how much gas they guzzle? Insanity. If you apply the concept of “neutrality” to anything else it would make no economic sense. Net neutrality = net socialism.

    Corporations obviously do not want to be regulated by the government so they are not going to do things to encourage consumers to vote for net neutrality. So as far as I can tell the whole censorship issue is a rare example of a self-refuting prophecy.

    Also, what ethical rule are we invoking to rationalize net neutrality? So if I’m a consumer I get to prefer my own content, but the corporation magically because it is bigger does not have a right to prefer its own content? Sounds like a violation of the first amendment and a violation of the equal protection clause of the 14th amendment to me. You don’t magically lose your freedom of speech and equal protection just because you acquired more property than other people.

    1. The problem is ISPs are effectively public utilities due to local monopolies. They only run into bandwidth issues for consumer 4k streaming and corporate customers as they don’t invest and maintain their own lines.The right move would be to do what the Japanese did and say that:

      1. The telecommunications corporations don’t own the existing lines as they were only able to build and exclusively use them due to illegal local monopolies.

      2. They must share the lines they built with all competitors who wish to purchase, rent, or the bandwidth at higher rates.

      3. They must sell or rent existing unused bandwidth at fair market rates to their competitors. Given that most customer come nowhere close to using their actual bandwidth that would limit the system (not whatever paltry amount rent collectors like Comcast and Time Warner allocate. They do something like 250 GB per customer while Verizon only gives customers using over 4 terabytes of data per month warnings as they want server users to move to a business plans and most of those guys were running server racks for Seti@home or webcrawlers. Frontier said data usage limits were complete bullshit.

      4. Allow anyone to build or improve lines anywhere as they are on public land.

      This would cause a massive arms race and lower prices due to competition as has happened in localities where Google Fibre and Verizon FiOS were allowed in and almost always destroy the large cable monopolies Comcast and Time Warner on an open market. Unfortunately this will never in the US due to the FCC being pussy plutocrats. Just be glad we are not a socialist workers paradise like Canada or Australia.

    2. Rainer Weikusat says:

      Can you imagine if we had neutrality for water? Everyone pays the same for water no matter how much they use? What about gas neutrality? Everyone pays the same for gas no matter how much gas they guzzle?

      This is a wrong analogy. I’m paying my ISP to be able to send and receive data transported accross the internet. What data is transported on my behalf is something I get to chose, not ‘my ISP’. ‘My ISP’, OTOH (not necessarily my ISP but ‘certain ISPs’) would prefer to treat me as a resource he can sell, ie, instead of me chosing whom I interact with in order to send or receive what, he’d like to charge ‘content providers’ for being allowed to exchange data with me in addition to me paying for the transport.

      You analogy would be correct if I had to rent the pipe capacity necessary for transporting whatever amount of gas I consume to my place and someone else had to pay the pipe company for being allowed to transport gas to me.

  3. nigstomper88 says:

    Cracking down on immigration in the first week. He can tongue-kiss a few goblins, whatever, the important things seem to be playing out as promised.

  4. GGALLIN1776 says:

    I think/hope it’ll get fixed if this guy becomes a problem, Trump is doing great so far aside from helping israel(cut those fuckers off permanently).
    Wall is going up, tpp is gone & hopefully nafta will follow,illegals will be booted, aca is being taken apart & the filthy sjws are shitting themselves.

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  6. 1349 says:

    It doesn’t matter how it is all organized on paper.
    But it does matter what the ISPs will actually do, whose orders they will execute (!) and what content will be censored (if any). We don’t know the relations between this dude and Trump’s administration.
    After all, the Murrikan internet desperately needs censorship, because your average citizen today is just as stupid as the post-Soviet average, and can do self- and society-destructive actions after seeing this or that content. The people are easily manipulated, persuaded and are content addicts. If you have a drug or alcohol addict, the first cure is to isolate him from the source of addiction. Same here. Freedom of speech and freedom of information are contraindicated to this society.
    If i were Trump, i would introduce massive censorship, destroy social media, and destroy internet anonymity.
    Anyone would have to enter/prove his ID before writing anything publicly. Such a system is (or used to be) actually implemented in South Korea, AFAIK.

    1. Vigilance says:

      The problem with state censorship is that it doesn’t stop merely at harmful speech. It suppresses inconvenient speech ie that which exposes cracks in a state of affairs the controlling elite draws benefit from and has a vested interest in defending.

      Truthfully, if you want to actually address the problem of stupidity in America you have to look at it’s causes in the decline of education and ongoing downward mobility. Clamping down on public utterance doesn’t accomplish a whole lot more than assuage authoritarian fantasies.

      1. 1349 says:

        We don’t know what’s gonna happen to censorship yet. Will it be the State (TM) that’s going to censor something, or corporations, or both, or neither. What if God Emperor Trump himself is planning to introduce censorship adequate to the situation in the country?

        As for addressing the problem:
        the first, but not the only thing you do to an alcoholic is isolating him from alcohol.

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