Twilight – III: Beneath Trident’s Tomb


Commercial black metal. Oh dear.

Advertising agencies would like us to believe that Twilight is a “black metal supergroup”; but looking at the list of musicians involved, there isn’t much to do with black metal, let alone a noteworthy record within that genre. If there was a desire to be accurate, the band would be billed as “a group of musicians without much in common, to whom we rented a studio and told them to make something that we could promote”. It’s here the band succeeds…but not anywhere else.

The only thing (fit for print) in my mind while listening to this was: “How long does it take for something experimental to become established and lethargic?” Really, there is nothing new on this album. Noise rock was done in the 80s, stoner rock spawned as well, caveman moshcore flourished in the 90s, and linear, monotonous, American “black metal” has insulted eardrums for over a decade. We all know what these genres sound like. Mashing them together and adding constipated vocals does not constitute a new art form. It is not experimental or new. Nor is it worth releasing.

The most disheartening aspect of this release is that most of the musicians involved are talented to above-average degrees. Unfortunately, none of it comes through on this release. They (and us) would be better served heightening their unique take on their own art form, instead of limply moving to this unremarkable, bland middle-ground…but that doesn’t pay the bills.

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7 thoughts on “Twilight – III: Beneath Trident’s Tomb

  1. See kids Sonic Youth was already a ripoff of the ten years of indie that went before them, then they added the fat guy from Krieg and now they have a “legitamate” black metal project so all the cult kids will buy it. yet it still sounds like Sonic Youth or maybe the shitbird album from Killing Joke without the industrial and with more angst. Black metal is not music for self pity children it’s music of war for people who don’t want to give up and be weak. Midnight is weak music for weak minds. Ashamed to see thsi flying turd on but it is acceptable because John Wild has revealed it to be the numetal indie pop that it is. Fuck Sonic Youth, fuck Krieg, Fuck Midnight.

    1. Madhu says:

      I’m guessing you mean Twilight, and not Midnight, right? Because Midnight = Nothing to stir the depths of your soul, but filthy and fiery enough to stir the groin, at least.

    2. discodjango says:

      Sonic Youth were around since the late 70s. Please name some “of the ten years of indie that went before them”.

  2. Judgment says:

    “…, and linear, monotonous, American “black metal” has insulted eardrums for over a decade.”

    It’s funny, this is exactly what I think of shit like Von. Overpraised wannabe grindcore/black metal horseshit that probably came to being a few hours before they hit the studio.

  3. hoodwink says:

    what is “the shitbird album from Killing Joke”

  4. Admonisher says:

    I love how the reviewers on routinely use the term ‘linear’ as pejorative with regards to metal, as though there have ever been metal bands that have attempted nonlinear composition.

    That aside, this review is pretty accurate. This shit sounds like Godflesh on barbiturates.

  5. fenrir says:

    This album is much, much worse than Behemoth’s.

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