Ungod Playing 2018 Destroying Texas Fest

Ungod are playing the 2018 iteration of the Destroying Texas festival in Houston.

Texas Hessians might want to go see Ungod play live. Johan gave a great run through of their career last year. Hessians also might not want to attend Destroying Texas 2018 at all as boring scenesters Sabbat and Zemial are headlining the festival. Not the good Sabbat with Andy Sneap and Martin Walkyier; the lame Japanese one.

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29 thoughts on “Ungod Playing 2018 Destroying Texas Fest”

  1. Cynical says:

    It is highly unlikely that Sabbat and Zemial will be headlining; Destroying Texas Fest always waits until late in the game to announce their headliners.

  2. Marc Defranco says:

    Ahaha “not the good Sabbat” this site is getting so shitty

    1. FUCKING THIS says:


    2. S.C. says:

      Who could have imagined it would be worse without Maraat. This new editor is the next level in Maraat type degeneracy. He apes everything Maraat did but worse.

      1. Chinchin says:

        It’s maarat. Same autistic writing style couldn’t be bothered to be disguised all that well

        1. Titus Pullo says:

          I’m not Dannyboy Maarat. I’m just continuing his news format as it works. Why change it? You whining about it won’t change it. It’s straight to the point. It works. It’s not changing. Come to terms with that instead of whining. Go fight Gabe if you hate it. He started heavy metal news.

          1. JohnnyReb says:

            Times are changing. It’s the current year. Accept progress. Shut up if you don’t like it. This attitude reminds me of something…

          2. JohnnyReb says:

            Define “works.” Daniel’s defintion of “works” was “gets hits” and “makes money.” Nowhere in his definition of “works” was quality content.

          3. S.C. says:

            So you are resigned to writing in the degenerated clickbait style just because it’s what’s done on the internet these days? Why not take pride in your work? Why do something at all if you’re not going to do the best you possibly can? Because I would be sincerely concerned if this is your best effort and you somehow maintain any sort of autonomy in your life. If this is your best effort then you are definitely in need of a keeper. But giving you the benefit of the doubt, I am guessing you are really just scraping the bottom of your barrel here. Have some fucking integrity. How can you possibly criticize the work of anyone else if yours is total horse shit? Your wiring is the equivalent of the shitty music you talk shit about. Don’t be a hypocrite. That’s the lowest of the low…

            1. Titus Pullo says:

              Maarat gives the releases the reviews they deserve. His metal news was even better: pure information dumps transmogrified into grammatical corruption of the English language like later Incantation lyrics. I’m continuing the latter. The SMRs from Lucius and myself will be in new formats.

              1. S.C. says:

                Unfortunately even when Maraat was trying on his positive reviews they were still bad. How can this website preach elitism if the people who preach it aren’t elite?

                1. Titus Pullo says:

                  Maarat was more discriminating than Prozak except for his love of Gorgonzola.

                    1. Rainer Weikusat says:


                      I’m very prone to this kind of typing mistakes myself but that was decidedly a good one! Other prominent Norwegian black cheese bands would be Emportahl, Gruyerethrone and Applewood Burzumshire.

                  1. S.C. says:

                    I don’t understand your disconnect with what I’m saying. A retard could be the most discriminate being on Earth. It doesn’t change the fact that he’s a retard. I’m talking about the quality of the writing here. I’m talking about the palpable lack effort presented by yourself, thus far, and Maraat’s inability to produce quality material even at maximum effort (which was rarely implemented). If you’re going to push elitism and mock the inferior, then you have to be superior. As of right now, everything you’ve published is of an inferior quality, following the path layed by Maraat.

                    1. Titus Pullo says:

                      You’ve seen nothing yet boy. Not everyone thinks the same as you whiners here.

                    2. Titus Pullo says:

                      The staff also doesn’t give a fuck about what you bitches think.

                    3. S.C. says:

                      Haha! I beg to differ. It seems fairly unanimous that the readership here thinks you're doing a bad job so far, and Maraat was the worst thing to ever happen to DMU. This website has conditioned it's readers to expect more: Expect more from the music that is produced, expect more from culture and society, and currently, expect more DMU. If you really have no regard for your readers then you are the final nail in the coffin of DMU. What is a publication without its readers?

                      Also, if you were paying attention, you would notice that I have no issues with the subjects of your articles (disregarding the juvenile short fiction pieces), only with the quality in which they are presented. What kind of moron (particularly one advocating elitist standards) would argue with that?

                      P.S. relating to your comment on basing your writing standards on Incantation lyrics: only a FUCKING MORON would use metal lyrics as their standard for quality writing. Metal is not a lyrical based genre so the lyrics are rightfully neglected to an extent. Vice versa, more lyrical based genres neglect the compositional intricacies that we praise metal for in order to accommodate and emphasize their much more carefully written lyrics. Basically, metal lyrics are typically BAD WRITING. If you find a new reference point for quality writing you might see some positive results within your own.

                    4. Titus Pullo says:

                      Get out if you think metal is moronic. Go listen to rap.

                    5. S.C. says:

                      With the level of stupidity you continually exhibit in your comments I am left to assume that you’re just goading me so… good job. It’s obvious that you’re dead set on pushing out your shit, pretending like it’s gold like some kike, and no one can stop you so… good job.

  3. Scum Filter says:

    The posers latch on to the lame trends and the elitists talk shit on ’em but rarely have any quality alternatives to offer.

    1. Eternal Cesspool says:

      … and so the shitstream flows, eternal…

  4. chug says:

    yeah give us some of that blue vein custard chucker type metal

  5. I was considering going to this to see Hellwitch, Zemial, and of course Ungod. I remember Zemial’s Sleeping Under Tartaros being a pretty decent listen, so do they really suck now? How bad? Will they at least play some of the old stuff?

    Why no mention of Hellwitch? Are you unaware of the mighty Syzygial Miscreancy, Titus? Its like early Deicide and Agressor’s dad finding God in the cosmos and kicking the shit out of his bitch ass lol


    1. Adilf Hitler says:

      Zemial was fucking shit when they played in San Antonio a few years ago. Total self indulgent garbage.

      1. Jon Browning says:

        Zemial does hour long soundchecks in snuggies

      2. Worse than Volahn? Watching those retards play indie rock chords and pretending to snort rails off their guitars at the last DTF was really fucking gay. The synth guy did a pretty cool ambient deal though I’ll give them that.

  6. Morbideathscream says:

    Besides Ungod, this fest is also worth it for Sadomator, Hellwitch, Vomitor and Force Of Darkness. Never was a fan of Zemial, early records from Rotting Christ, Necromantia and Varathron shit all over Zemial’s discography.

    Yes, I must agree, Sabbat UK is much superior to Sabbat from Japan.

  7. Morbideathscream says:

    If DTF adds Master’s Hammer and Sadistic Intent, I will officially say fuck MDF and attend this instead.

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