0 thoughts on “Unreleased Nile demo to become CD”

  1. vag vikernes says:

    >before the indie/rock/prog influence took hold.

    I don’t think these words mean what you think they mean.

  2. 604753 says:

    Isn’t calling this Pantera clone with keyboards “death metal” a tad far-fetched?

  3. hahaahahahaha oh god i lold says:

    yep. the pantera riffage is undeniable.

  4. vag vikernes says:

    Man, you’re right. There’s no variation or anything, it’s just chug chug swagger. The anus continues to embarrass itself.

  5. come on anus says:

    About fucking time! This demo is awesome!
    >This is from their early years when they still wrote death metal riffs, before the indie/rock/prog influence took hold.
    See, this is why I have trouble taking anything you guys say seriously any more. This is the one Nile demo that isn’t evil death metal. It’s more like thrash or doom metal. And while I do think that Nile sort of fell off of the quality wagon after In Their Darkened Shrines, if not earlier, they’ve never been influenced by indie rock, and they’ve had a prog component to their sound since they started. These are actual, verifiable facts grounded in reality that one bears witness to now matter which Nile album they happen to be listening to.

  6. Nile is gay says:

    they might as well have named it “Worship the Cock”

  7. cum in anus says:

    @ come on anus

    You may be right if it wasn’t for the acoustic “Middle Eastern” riffs they interject between the broootal riffs. Or sould I take the word of fan boys and believe they’re authentic and not trying to be cool and unique?

  8. @cum says:

    What’s your problem with being cool and unique? Get some self-esteem, dude.

  9. vag vikernes says:

    New Nile is basically the epitome of everything anus represents. Romanticization of the dark ages, power fantasy, etc. They’re just a liiiittle too obvious about it, and guys like Prozak can’t stand seeing themselves in something else.

  10. I'd send you some links if you were a dad says:

    “indie/rock/prog influence”

    I don’t know what you’ve been smoking, but it must be some amazing shit.

    Seriously, though, everytime one of you clowns comes up with one of these bizarre, musically illiterate descriptions (I mean, seriously, “indie/rock”? What the fuck??) it just tends to undermine any credibility you might have had (which isn’t much, in my opinion). Somebody fire this hack and get a writer who’s actually educated about the rudiments of music.

  11. testing says:

    stuff test bold

  12. Nile is great says:

    Nile is awesome. Read the liner notes to In Their Darkened Shrines, you can see them with the lyrics on DarkLyrics.com. Karl Sanders pulls out these obscure, interesing, and remarkably, true references from Egyptian mythology! It blows my mind. The notes to Unas Slayer of the Gods are particularily what I’m referring to. I thought Sanders was making it up like some Lovecrapian lore, when it turns out it’s actually real and corroborated in academic writings. Nile are one of the few bands who manage to take the death metal aesthetic and create real conceptual art with it, art with a good scope with its fascination with the distant past. They are probably the best death metal band to ever exist. I just wish they’d do more songs like Sarcophagus and drop the durr we’re a fast death metal band too bullshit.

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