Upcoming Black Sabbath Splatter Vinyl Boxed Set

Black Sabbath are releasing an upcoming splatter vinyl box set of their entire original first run of albums with Ozzy Osbourne performing vocals. Sound quality does not seem to be the name of the game for The Ten Year War as everyone with any experience listening to LPs on a big boy turntable setup knows that splatter vinyl almost always sounds terrible. Rather The Ten Year War is a collectible for obsessive-compulsive Sabbath maniacs and hipsters who will play and probably ruin the not very high-fidelity splatter discs on some cheap turntable from Amazon or Target.

The box also comes with a USB stick with some shitty MP3 derivative called Mastering Quality Authenticated (MQA), which is another attempt by the failing mainstream record labels to sell you copy-protected crap that sounds worse than what you already own just like Sony’s Super Audio CD that actually sounded worse than a regular CD and Apple’s AAC which sounded slightly better than your typical 320 kbps MP3 but still sounded like dogshit compared to a lossless CD rip to WAV or FLAC. MQA is a bullshit proprietary audio format that is less high-fidelity than the simple tried, true, and reliable 16-bit, 44100 KHz pulse code modulation (PCM) Red Book audio on CDs and FLAC rips of such.

“Mastering quality authenticated” is a god damn lie as everything recorded now is digitized into PCM, mixed in PCM, and simply down-sampled and dithered in mastering to the also PCM CD Red Book standard, which is perfectly fine and covers the dynamic range and the audible frequency spectrum for listening purposes. Who wants to buy a copy-protected MP3 type thing? The same fools who bought everything again on Itunes as they were stupid. Stick to your old Black Sabbath CDs and LPs and avoid this cash grab.

From Black Sabbath’s Funbook page:

‘The Ten Year War’ limited edition vinyl box set, bringing together Black Sabbath’s eight Ozzy fronted albums, plus a swathe of other rarities, all housed within exclusive artwork created by renowned street artist Shepard Fairey. Unique to this release is the metal crucifix shaped Black Sabbath USB stick, which can be worn round the neck and contains MQA high definition audio of the eight albums. The extremely rare The Ten Year War brochure, reproduced from the original publication gives its name to this super deluxe box set.

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4 thoughts on “Upcoming Black Sabbath Splatter Vinyl Boxed Set”

  1. neutronhammer says:

    Those splatter vinyl look like results of what would ensue if you were to eat at a curry house whose employees clean up the old fashioned way. Cash grab Indeed.

  2. Gardens of Grief Gnome says:

    Vinyl is crap.

    1. Rainer Weikusat says:

      Putting a digital recording onto vinyl is probably pointless.

  3. canadaspaceman says:

    Today’s new vinyl buyers probably are unaware of the poor sound quality. They have to learn the hard way. I was given the Back Sabbath debut LP re-release a few years ago, and on the first play after taking off the plastic shrink wrap, it had a lot of pops and crackles and sounded just like the beat up, chewed, used copy I bought for 10 cents! Major labels use cheap shitty vinyl these days.
    While small labels like NWN and Dark Descent demand quality.
    Is it still hipsters that are pushing for new vinyl re-releases from major labels when there are still old copies for sale in used record stores/ thrift shops / flea markets / ebay / discogs / etc? and sometimes even sealed copies.

    Yes, splatter / mixed colour vinyl is the worst sounding, along with picture discs.
    It is RARE to find a record like those is not composed of recycled vinyl ;
    and if they use NEW vinyl, they still need a great pressing plant and someone who knows how to master it properly.

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