Varg on Dead and Death


Varg Vikernes discussed how Dead from Morbid and Mayhem ratted out to Euronymous that Old Funeral didn’t like Venom, preventing them from being the first release on Deathlike Silence Productions, as he tuned up the brakes on his UAZ personnel transport. Want to learn about the Indo-European reincarnation, veneration of the dead, and excarnation rituals? What for Varg constitutes cars for real men? Let’s find out!

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35 thoughts on “Varg on Dead and Death”

  1. Syphilis says:

    Whats the deal with Vargs russophilia?

    1. Varg likes Russian cars for offroad usage as you may repair them with the typical tool kit that can find at a hardware store. You’re not going to find customized Land Rover parts and widgets in the middle of nowhere.

      1. Syphilis says:

        I think his russophilia doesn’t just end with soviet era products.

        1. fuck off the NPR metal says:

          It’s not surpising, Russia is the last bastion of Western (more or less) nationalism and masculinity.

          1. Rainer Weikusat says:

            Russia is an east European ‘great power’. If you have trouble distinguishing that, it’s usually to the right on a map.

  2. Roger says:

    More of vag’s IDIOTsyntratic history. Why the fuck do you clowns give him so much credit? How about a bit of balance on the early 2nd wave?

    1. If you can find videos in which the composer’s of early Enslaved, Mayhem (lol), or Immortal speak out, then feel free to post news about them to, and restore the balance.

      This is your quest, brave sir Roger. You will restore balance to the land (of black metal news on
      God speed, brave knight.
      You will find the holy grail of other black metal composers speaking history, or die with honour trying.

      1. C.M. says:

        He was not in the least bit scared
        To be mashed into a pulp.
        Or to have his eyes gouged out,
        And his elbows broken.
        To have his kneecaps split
        And his body burned away,
        And his limbs all hacked and mangled
        Brave Sir Roger.

      2. Rainer Weikusat says:

        Expecting the dead to come back from the dead in order to explain themselves is a bit unrealistic. Vikernes isn’t a great authority on Mayhem as that’s a band whose lineup was Euronymous/ Dead/ Necrobutcher/ Hellhammer which de facto fell apart after a failed European tour in 1990 and ceased to be after Dead committed suicide in 1991 and the bass player left. The only way to hear them is one of the (AFAIK) three bootleges. There’s also some video footage from a rehearsal on youtube but most of the copies are seriously shitty. Here’s one were only the vocals suck (compared to the quality of the other parts). It should be good enough to demonstrate how one can neither rip the guitar player nor the bass player out of this within damaging it seriously:

        The same is true for vocals and drums. This is also a metal band, not a lone guy accidentally recording something which seems like metal. Anybody silly enough (if anybody) to file this under “rock’n’debauchery” just doesn’t get it.

        1. Roger says:

          I’ve seen it before, and the quality is terrible.

          1. Rainer Weikusat says:

            It’s the least terrible complete copy I could find (with reasonable effort).

  3. hot buttered pumpkin says:


    Tuned up the ‘breaks’.

    1. Russian cars break a lot.

      1. Syphilis says:

        Good thing they can be easily fixed with a mallet and some pantyhose.

  4. I died laughing at the beer break opener.

  5. GGALLIN1776 says:

    Oh Varg,replace those case seals & you won’t be wasting all that fluid.
    Is it just me or does it seem like he would be the coolest neighbor ever?
    “Calm down,it’s only Varg larping again.Most of the players have copd so it won’t last long”

  6. Memoncy - Joined in Dankness says:

    are we just going to ignore Varg’s last video where he unironically states that autistic people can read minds?

    1. 8==D says:

      Haha, Varg isn’t our spokesman. He’s definitely a character and I don’t agree with much of what he says other than about the political situation in Europe. His videos are still comfy tho

    2. These are the kinds of nefarious powers such men as “Varg Vikernes” have acquired through their pacts with Satan, just like Hillary!

  7. zobi says:

    Vargs is a self centered nazi asshole. and hey, big news, a friend of mine in france regurlarly fucks his wife.

    1. C.M. says:


    2. 8==D says:

      Yeah and his dad works at nintendo and knows that Sonic the Hedgehog is a secret character in the next Zelda too

    3. Rainer Weikusat says:

      He doesn’t even qualify as neo-nazi and that you know (or claim to know) French adulterers is an information about you, not about anyone else.

      1. Jerry Hauppa says:

        The story doesn’t hold water. Everyone know the French are only currently capable of being on the receiving end of cuckoldry.

  8. Lance Viggiano says:

    These are great videos but I can never see varg in them. There’s this disembodied visage floating and speaking in all of them….wtf?

  9. Hræsvelgr says:

    France pour les français!

  10. Rainer Weikusat says:

    JFTR: The statement about Venom is really that Dead told Euronymous that “one of the Old Funeral guys” didn’t like Venom but (according to Vikernes) confusing him with the guitar player (Harald Nævdal aka Demonaz). Varg then speculates that Asareth might have rejected Burzum for DSP had he known that the “guy who didn’t like Venom” was actually Vikernes. This is a bit dubious has Euronymous mentored/ supported Immortal despite the Venom statement.
    The Merciless album was released in 1990, that is, before Asareth and Vikernes met for the first time.

    1. didn’t like Venom

      Euronymous was a good manager, of sorts, in that he got enough talented people through his band to make his first album a success. Everything else from Mayhem is forgettable except the Live in Leipzig with Dead, in part because every recording other than that is either nu-Mayhem or repetition of the same songs on the first album and live album. I admit to really liked the vocals on DMDS and could not honestly say I prefer Dead, but like a waffle, appreciate both in their context. In many ways, it worked out best that we hear Dead on a scratchy chaotic live recording, and Attila on a studio album. Best of both worlds. It is not surprising that Euronymous liked Venom because they were closest to his ideal of primitive, simplistic aggro-pop.

      1. Rainer Weikusat says:

        Just about everything he undertook beyond ‘guitar player’ and ‘prolific public talker’ ended as a complete train wreck. That’s not the mark of a good manager.

        As to ‘liked Venom because’, I’m really a bit too young to comment on this, but insofar I know this, one ‘liked Venom’ in the 1980s because it presented itself as the anti-thesis of everything one was force-fed via the educational system, both thematically and musically. Not “how many different words for love are in the Greek version of the new testament”, not “complicated music based on common practice era harmonics” and not “run away operetta tenor vocals”.

        This is a 1980s pop song (imagine a ‘radiation warning’ sign here):

        and for me, this has something in common with

        I intuitively dislike. And Venom doesn’t.

        1. Abominable Goatpenis says:

          There were two other reasons to like Venom back then. It was neither Motörhead, or Manowar.

  11. harsh critiquer of vest patcheses says:

    I enjoy Varg’s videos, he really comes off as an admirable role model who is of sound mind. He should be THE role model for todays 25-35 year old children in the USA who have lost their way still living like petulant teenagers with alcohol and employment issues. If anything, these videos, in a small way that makes me smile, reinforce my confidence in the decision to have some land far away from any major city, have firearms, know how to hunt and garden etc. Fuck a meaningless scene existence chasing yesterdays dreams, make yourself a man THEN write than demo!

    1. Rainer Weikusat says:

      “Driving a 4×4 through the woods”?

  12. harsh critiquer of vest patcheses says:

    THAT not THAN, the agony! It looked fine before I hit post, fucking election!

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