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  1. penisfingers says:

    Gotta hand it to Varg, he’s living the life. He’s THE countercultural figure of his generation (the right = the new counterculture), he got a measly decade long prison sentence for killing a rat thanks to norway’s pussified marxist justice system, now he lives in the countryside with his QT aryan wife LARPing and playing RPGs all day

    1. Marc Defranco says:

      Heh damn straight

    2. anarchocapitalist says:

      What are you, retarded? Varg is pro-culture; only the Left is counter-culture. It sounds like you are celebrating the counter-culture, which means you are Leftist scum. That movement has been more destructive to the world than anything in the last century. Go back watching tentacle porn, or learn how to read.

  2. Roger says:

    fuck OFF!

    VV has his own agenda and his own strange world-view. Why the FUCK would you think this is a good account of ‘black metal history’?

    And also, can’t people check VV’s blog for themselves if they want VV stimulation? Why does this site need to be his mouthpiece?

    1. Marc Defranco says:

      Maybe because the guy was actually there making music and being involved. I mean he actually spent time with many of the bands. Eh they don’t seem like a mouthpiece to me.

      1. Roger says:

        But, like I said, he clearly has his own agenda. So, yes he was there, but not, don’t expect him to report no things objectively. He killed the scene’s figurehead for fuck’s sake.

        1. Roger says:

          I.e. he drove across half of Norway, armed, rocking up at E’s apartment at some shit hour, and then had the motivation to say he was acting in SELF-DEFENSE?

          Get a fucking grip, people!

          1. Marc Defranco says:

            Yes like every human he has his own agenda but I mean if you don’t like what he is saying about euronymous who are you to say these things aren’t true. You weren’t there and Varg doesn’t say poor things about others such as Fenriz, he even praises Hellhammer’s drumming. Euronymous must have done some dumb shit to be shit talked. Also I’m not saying I believe whether or not varg killed him in self defense, I’m just saying that from the stories told by varg they do give some insight on how things actually happened because he was actually there. He had personal encounters with those involved and if others come forward and counter his statements then cool. Also it’s fun hearing him call out shit bands like satyricon heh

            1. Roger says:

              “Euronymous must have done some dumb shit to be shit talked.”

              Bullshit. Varg murdered him because he was in an environment in which young males were trying to ‘one up’ each other in terms of being extreme, and because they were having personal difficulties. This then gave V the motivation to make Euronomyous out to, objectively, be a shit human being so as to make his murdering him more justified.

              I repeat: Varg drove half way across Norway, armed, and arrived out of the blue at E’s apartment at a late hour, and subsequently claimed he killed E in self-defense.

              1. Marc Defranco says:

                Damn Roger not to be mean but you must be pretty dim. You keep bringing up Varg killing E but that’s not what I’m arguing for. I’m saying that there is reason to believe Varg’s accounts of what it was like in the Norwegian bm scene because he was actually there. From past interviews and what is being said now it’s obvious E didn’t know how to manage money, run a store, run a label and honestly run a band. Mayhem compared to Burzum barely released anything. You basically have live in Leipzig and MDSS but both don’t really compare to Burzum’s best. Whether or not Varg killed him self defense doesn’t change the fact that these accounts of E are true or not. If Varg really did murder him that’s not for me to say but I imagine he’d have a reason for the confrontation seeing as he didn’t decide to up and confront another figure head in the scene. Example of Varg’s early frustration translated in 1993. “I am satisfied yeah, but it was the second full length album that supposed to be out by now, I guess D.S.P. did not understand that in time.”

                1. Marc Defranco says:

                  I mean from 1993 but translated now.

                  1. Marc Defranco says:

                    Also fucked up it’s DMDS

                2. Internatio reloaded says:

                  His point was that if you can’t trust V 100% about the self-defense against E, then you must apply the same lower level of trust to his other claims about E since, in case he lied on the self-defense they are likely to be tailored to support his lie on that point.

                  1. Roger says:

                    And about the norwegian scene in general.

                    >An individual has been grossly dishonest and cowardly in one situation.


                  2. Marc Defranco says:

                    I could see this point but Varg was talkin shit before he killed E. Plenty of examples in interviews of E not running the label properly, etc. unless it was some long term plan for the confrontation, but I doubt that especially if the claim that Varg only acted because of what E had said over phone.

                    1. Marc Defranco says:

                      Also I’m not saying Varg’s word is the be all end all I’m just saying there is validity in his stories. If E were still alive I’m sure he’d have different views on the situation but from the past interviews before E’s death matching with current statements after many years is pretty good evidence.

              2. BlackPhillip says:

                Roger, you’re in over your head man.

          2. LordKrumb says:

            Varg says he decided to confront Euronymous when he wasn’t expecting it because he’d previously found out that Euronymous was planning to do the same to him. In other words, Varg insists his actions were a pre-emptive strike, which is a means of self-defence.

            1. Internatio reloaded says:

              Hey, G W Bush hadn’t invented that one yet in 1993 !

              1. Roger is a fag says:

                You’re even more of a fag than Roger.

            2. Roger says:

              “Found out” implies knowledge

              1. LordKrumb says:

                And, Varg says (in one of his YT videos / in the ‘Until The Light Takes Us’ documentary) that he had such knowledge because:
                – one day Euronymous was talking on the phone to Snorre Ruch, and E. was telling S.R. that he was planning to kidnap, torture and kill V.
                – E. apparently didn’t realise that V. was in the same house as S.R. at the time of that phone call, and that S.R. allowed V. to listen in to what E. was saying.

          3. Skull Powder says:

            > he drove across half of Norway

            Whoah he lives far away :0

            > armed

            Yikes, knives are scary!

            > rocking up at E’s apartment at some shit hour

            What?? That’s the spooky time of day!! No way Varg could have been attacked in this situation.

    2. @ Roger the fag

      Hey Roger I need you to stimulate my ass with your tiny pecker. Wait, is your dad around? Two tiny peckers would do me just fine !

      1. Roger says:

        I see that jerking off to twink pictures of the young teenage Varg is loosing its allure for someone. Maybe your mother might be a better target for your new affections? Keep in all in the family yo…

    3. Roger is a fag says:

      fuck OFF!

      Roger has his own agenda and his own strange world-view. Why the FUCK would you think this is a good account of ‘black metal history’?

      And also, can’t people check Roger’s blog for themselves if they want Roger stimulation? Why does this site need to be his mouthpiece?

        1. Roger is a fag says:

          If I had a link to Roger’s blog DO YOU THINK I WOULD STILL BE HERE?

      1. Roger says:

        You basement dwellers cant fathom the idea that VARG VIKERNES migh really be a good ball.


        I think this means some widening of horizons is in order lest you live your WHOLE lives in trawrel to a DandD charactature.

        1. Roger says:

          *goof ball

          1. Roger says:


    4. Can you survive the blitzkrieg says:

      Wag, crybaby, waaah

  3. Nathan Metric says:

    Problem is he doesn’t define what “Satanism” is.

    1. Duh... says:

      Clearly the Leveyan kind.

      1. Nathan Metric says:

        And does Lavey have a monopoly on Satanism or something?

        1. LostInTheANUS says:

          When people think Satanism they usually either have this fictional idea of what it’s about in their head or they think of LaVey’s kosher Satanism.

        2. Well... says:

          He kinda did for a time, no?

    2. Roger says:

      Right. Anyone who has read anything about the Norwegian scene would know that the church of satan was disliked, for not being ‘satanic’ ENOUGH

  4. pat redux says:

    What’s the music playing in the background? I guess it’s him, but anyone know the title of the piece?

    1. Roger says:

      ‘As I gaze into your eyes and bite my lip, Hendrik Möbus you enter me’

  5. Rainer Weikusat says:

    He’s THE countercultural figure of his generation (the right = the new counterculture)

    »Having loads of fans« (even fairly modest loads) is a burden I wouldn’t want to carry.

    1. Syphilis says:

      I can be your fan!

    2. Gonorrhea says:

      Me too.

  6. He says that there was nothing good about the black metal ‘community’.
    But if that is correct, then it is a cosmic coincidence that so much good music came out of it.

    1. C.M. says:

      Doesn’t seem that there was a “community” so much as a handful of sociopathic egomaniacs who were mainly concerned about out-edging each other by being SO BLACK that there is NONE MORE BLACK. Hardly a virtuous motive but it worked; like you said, they produced some great music. Lots of garbage too, though…

      1. Rainer Weikusat says:

        It’s not really difficult to find source contradicting both Vikernes’ statements and the ‘sociopathic egomaniacs trying to’ idea on the internet, eg,




        NB: I can’t claim any first hand experience. However, I’m a year older than this guy and I had to find a way through 1992 – 2009 on my own. And there are much more nasty cliffs in this life than unarmed, 20-something »midgets« in their underpants.

        1. C.M. says:

          >Nordic Metal – A Tribute To Euronymous

          People do tributes all the time; Metallica, Slayer etc. probably have a dozen tribute albums each. In no way does contributing a track to a tribute album twenty-some years after the fact prove (or disprove, as it is) anything about the personal relationships between the band members.

          >Mortiis comments on Euronymous’ murder

          If anything this just enforces my position that there was a lot of tension between these “scene figures” because they were all prone to acting out and had delusions of power.

          >(re)Birth of a Movement

          So, people talking mad shit on Euronymous, contradicting the kind words that Mortiis himself had. What do you think this is proving? Black metal dudes were a bunch of hateful assholes, it’s not even really disputable.

          1. Rainer Weikusat says:

            >(re)Birth of a Movement

            So, people talking mad shit on Euronymous, contradicting the kind words that Mortiis himself had.

            It’s not only »mad shit«, there are quite a few kind statements, too,

            “Obviously we had some crazy ideas about this and that… some stupid or weird
            ideas about humanity,” says Enslaved’s Grutle Kjellson. “But generally we had beers and we
            laughed… we didn’t sit there [Helvete] like this,” he frowns and crosses his arms, “all the time.”

            And there’s quite a bit of the story missing in front of this: Mayhem embarked on a hugely disastrous European tour in 1990, with two concerts in eastern Germany (Leipzig and Zeist), a concert in Turkey which was almost immediately stopped by the authorities, a concert in Greece which fell through the cracks (reportedly because Dead forgot about it) and a final gig in Holland which turned out to be fiction on arrival. Upon arriving back in Norway broke, whoever owned the PA Ohlin had used for singing so far sold it because he claimed to need the money. This effectively rendered Mayhem dead-in-water and Dead in a pretty impossible position: Sitting – half starved – in a house owned by someone else in Norway, with no way to keep going unless money fell from the sky, and being teased and bullied by Euronymous. Who then entered the house through the roof window some day because he didn’t have the keys with him in order to find “Dead dead on the bed” (Vikernes). This ought to be sufficient to freak out even mentally pretty stable people. Mayhem then officially crumbled (Necrobutcher left) and whatever Norwegian buddies Asareth used to have withdrew from him. Which certainly didn’t help either. And that was the point where the Euronymous character started to take on a serious life of his own.

            1. C.M. says:

              At this point I can no longer follow whatever you’re trying to tell me. Circumstances don’t excuse being an asshole, though, if that’s what you’re saying, and it’s clear that Varg and Euronymoose both had asshole aspects of their personality.

              1. Rainer Weikusat says:

                *sigh* … “communication with people too fucking difficult” … people don’t go through serious shit like this unharmed. Eg, it’s one thing to make someone’s life difficult because that’s easy and probably also because a buried rivalry in an area a person cares about (pre-Ohlin, Euronymous used to write the Mayhem-lyrics but his are poor shock effect collections compared to the others) but it’s a completely different thing to be forced to force one’s way into a room decorated with the remnants of that person, splashed blood, scattered brains, the corpse, the stench, the insects likely to buzz about all over this and whatever is left of the face looking at YOU, the person who’s responsible for this, at least due to inaction but probably more than that.

                People are complex beasts and Vikernes very simplistic picture of “evil, power-mad Oystein Asareth” is a bit too simplistic for reality. A 24 year old guy may appear old to a 19-year old one but I (44 tomorrow) would call both them ‘kids’ (by now, other people call me a kid or at least “a young man”).

                Don’t know if this is any better ….

                1. C.M. says:

                  No, you are not really getting a clear point across to me and I don’t know who is to blame for that. Because you began like you were disagreeing with my claim that those black metal guys were disorderly social dropouts which explains the radical reputation assigned to them by contemporary media. I brought that up because the music they made was extraordinary which is really interesting because they were clearly dysfunctional people for the most part. Also this sort of supports the ideas of other posters that Varg could very well be lying about many details regarding the relationships and events because, hey, the only other guy who was there and could directly refute his narrative is dead, so nobody can outright prove him wrong. You even seem to be in agreement as you posted links to a couple of conflicting narratives yourself, which is evidence of general dishonesty among those people as they were all very strongly dedicated to their views which were probably slightly delusional at least. Are we on the same page?

                  1. BlackPhillip says:

                    I asked Rained awhile ago for an in-person meeting for this reason.

                  2. Rainer Weikusat says:

                    Insofar I »disagreed« with something, it was the “trying to out-black each other” and that’s really not me disagreeing, it’s more that the available information tells a different story. The very idea also seems quite absurd to me: Competitive posturing usually results in people overshouting each other, not in them creating different, intricate things which are difficult to appreciate.

            2. C.M. says:

              >This ought to be sufficient to freak out even mentally pretty stable people.

              Yeah so maybe you’ve forgotten but he actually just took a photo of corpse, that’s quite different from freaking out and not really an argument for his mental stability (not that that’s what you were saying necessarily).

              1. Rainer Weikusat says:

                After buying a Polaroid camera for this, tidying up and rearranging all the pieces for an effective image (the pictured knife has certainly not been used to cut a few artieries after it was cleaned for the last time). Afterwards, he called one of his buddies, telling him (paraphrase) “Dead did something really cool. He killed himself. But don’t worry, I’ve taken pictures of it!”.

                If that doesn’t count as an example of someone engaging in absurdly “gotta fix this” behaviour after a serious shock, I’d very much like to know what would.

  7. Anthony says:

    Is Roger the new Brünnhilde or the new Negru Voda?

  8. Rainer Weikusat says:

    1987 interview with Euronymous:


    1993 interview:


    There’s quite a change in personality visible here. The 2nd also confirms Vikernes’ statements regarding Asareth attacking someone with a broken bottle because of a ‘discussion’ about a girl.

    1. C.M. says:

      The music biz makes a nigga cynical.

  9. anarchocapitalist says:

    Varg got the maximum sentence in Norway, so he seriously fucked by not killing more people. After killing E, he Coyle not get any additional punishment, so he should’ve gone on a spree. This was Varg’s biggest mistake in life. He should’ve made the prison time more worth the cost.

  10. Daniel Meléndez says:

    Interestingly enough, NONE of the ‘old-timers’ have said anything to refute Varg’s accounts. Makes you think that, you know, MAYBE, Varg’s account is not that far from what actually happened.

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