Varg Vikernes Releases Second Volume of Burzum Saga My Childhood Story

As predicted, Mr Vikernes returns with another segment of the saga of his introduction to metal and his unique take on the genre that became one of the pillars of black metal, which increasingly looks like the last interesting thing to come out of music.

Where his first volume shows us a teenage Varg encountering metal, figuring out that Euronymous was a Communist and pulling the first black metal Sát Cộng mission, and then getting railed by a justice system that wants to slam him and Anders Breivik into the memory hole, this book promises to focus on the early years that shaped Varg the intellect and personality.

Luckily you can get this from the usual corporate megastore for only twelve bucks which works out to under ten cents a page. Good luck even getting photocopies at that price in the Biden economy.

These books always felt like a first attempt to get everything down on paper for someone to later compile, assemble, and edit into a three hundred page book covering the entire story, at which point the NYT will condemn it as “rambling” and everyone else will rush out and buy it.

Despite some criticisms of the offhand style, readers will prefer this casual, opinionated, and spirited exploration of the time period to the sterile “professional” books that seem to wallow in emotion and miss the interesting details of what compelled these men against the world to take an artistic stand against modernity.

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47 thoughts on “Varg Vikernes Releases Second Volume of Burzum Saga My Childhood Story

  1. Look a mixed human can be anti modern too ok so no one else can?

    Look only pure whites hate society huh sure…I’m an Eskimo…

    And a mulatto can’t hate modernity too real smart like a vin diesel can’t be a Nazi bullshit

    So a Black hawaiian metal band can’t hate society sure real smart….

    Only whites can be against modern society that makes perfect sense…

    Fuck rap metal too by the way…

    1. Darrell says:

      Okay man

    2. Anyone can be against modern society, but part of that is being against egalitarianism, the root of modernity. To do that one must reject its many hydraheads like feminism, diversity, socialism, fat acceptance, unions, moral dualism, rent control, etc.

      1. Sodomize the cis! says:

        I noticed you didn’t include shemales.

  2. Chris Übermunch says:

    Another addition to old Queen Brett’s masturbatory Varg arsenal. Tell the truth: your main motivation for purchasing this book was the shirtless Varg as a child cover, wasn’t it?

    1. are you pretty boy says:

      Okay, that was kind of funny in a disturbing way. *clap clap*

  3. Yawn says:

    I’m kinda bored of metal these days – become filthy casual at best.

    Stuff like psy/goatrance on the other hand feels like a breath of fresh air…

    1. slump says:

      Any recommendations?

      1. Curio says:

        Only 5 are worth your time.

        Imperial Project
        Astral Projection
        I forgot the fifth. I’ll get back to you.

        1. Obtuse Caboose says:

          …until you really dive in

          1. curio says:

            What are your recommendations?

            1. Dook Sleepwalker says:

              I dunno man. I’m more into the so called ambient trance. You want a good place to start check out the YouTube channel 2trancentral, dude has excellent taste. Understands the spirit of the movement. The vast majority is classic 90s stuff. It’s like the DLA of trance. Explore until you hit on some track that speaks to you. Then discover the solid albums. Internalize. Repeat. And so on.

      2. Curio says:

        5 The Infinity Project

      3. More to cum says:

        Hydra – songs for fish

    2. Techno is hipster moron music. This is what hipsters always say about metal and have since at least Generation X. Just move on to classical; nothing else is going to top the intensity of (quality) metal.

      1. Musichead says:

        That’s like saying metal is hipster moron music just because most of it is boring and directionless

      2. Ayatollah Khuntmeini says:

        Completely agree. From quality metal the only logical next step is Wagner and Bruckner.

        1. Absolutely. I also recommend metalheads be familiar with Mozart and Saint-Saens. Not so much a fan of Russian or American composers though…

          1. Curmudgeon says:

            I’ll never get people’s enjoyment of Saint-Saëns, but then we all have our personal favorites among the lesser composers. Generally agree about the Russians and Americans, at least compared to other classical.

            1. People love him for the organ symphony and a few other works that do not make it into the public eye much in Murka at least.

    3. Teen Age says:

      Metal feels like a breath of fresh air when you stop calling yourself a poser for listening to other things amiright

      1. Crionics says:

        Astute. Always good to cycle through options before returning to metal, keeps things fresh. My gotos are classical, 70s kraut/prog rock, electronic/noise/musique concrete, and a lot of guitar-based boomer rock.

        1. boomer rock

          Best enjoyed while feasting on pemmican.

  4. Blinding Rays says:

    Bolt Thrower’s “For Victory” is a rare Death Metal album that successfully incorporates Rock and Groove elements.

  5. says:

    Good to see this is actually coming out.

    I’d really prefer that this isn’t “the last interesting thing to come out of music” but maybe after WWIII there will be some good shit. I’ll see you fags in 2054.

    1. I think it was the last chance for authentic music. At this point, music is a niche product defined by politics.

  6. I wish the following races would die…fuck these greasy degenerates!!!

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    1. IMHO there are no inferior races, but heterogeneous societies are always inferior. This includes groups with mixed bloodlines like the Irish. Funny you mention Albanians, Russians, Irish, Jews, Italians, Mexicans, and Armenians, since all of these are products of hybridization as well. But mostly we should talk about the Irish here.

      1. Curious George says:

        Brett, where can we read more about your thoughts on race?

        1. Cuthean Infidel Antichrist says:

          You’re gonna start up Metalgate 2.0 with that one.

  7. Wotan Goatphallus says:

    To Hell & Back Again is a title more befitting a biography penned by a sexual abuse survivor, not a middle class Norwegian chap who chose Satan and killed another hairy spoilt bitch. Seriously though, Varg’s musical output is great, but his writing is laughable.

    Keep sucking the decrepit Norse cock, Brett. Your spam-riddled website is dead. Wotan says to shut your cunt mouth.

    1. IShagSheepMmm says:

      He’s the poster child for that Dunning-Kruger thing this website keeps banging on about

  8. Klainmain91 _ says:

    If you stay to the point of this, which is targeting mostly teenage audiences, since whoever gets in here is already familiar with all that, then, l wouldn’t mind any number of books on the topic, regardless of the writing skills, the shortcomings of the writer anywhere, in mind and action, or even the writer’s stance on what’s presented.Most of us got where we are through botched slogans, writings on the wall, an older cousin, aesthetics, often people who quit trying and others who got a slight idea but never got it fully right.

    1. It would at the very least be good to get more primary sources. The people involved at the time, like all witnesses, will misremember and confabulate, but that is better than a blank page!

  9. Klainmain91 _ says:

    Even more often by fanatical negative propaganda, virulent defamation, constant pleas to avoid whatever the preachy prompter was too anxious to keep you away from, offhand rejection..

  10. Klainmain91 _ says:

    What matters the most is, how much art of the past two and a half centuries would we need if, say , all crambled and we had to start anew? How much of it all you would live without? Very little, few dozen books, paintings, architectural and sculptural designs & sketches, 10 or 20 films, twice or three times as many plays.And how much music, classical and popular? Not this much, and metal does fit in there, it’s not even a matter of personal tastes, most avoid it because they’re discouraged off from it. Metal was 20th century’s cultural pick. Doesn’t matter how many buy it either, how many care for Art anyway?

    1. To frame this another way, if we were sending a ship to space that had limited storage, what would we include so that the next civilization started off well? Probably a hundred metal releases. I would just skip most popular music entirely, especially after 1996.

  11. Klainmain91 _ says:

    I wrote this listing in mind metal as popular music. Didn’t think you don’t need an orchestra for classical, one instrument suffice. As for marketable music, whole good albums are near zero. One great song, then an hour of filler, kinda like that l.z. album that had Stairway.. on it.

    1. Multiple instruments can give rise to complex possibilities but only if the composer does it right. I can think of albums that are great as albums because any tracks that you might consider filler if taken in abstract work really well in the context of the album. Then again, I cannot make it through any Led Zeppelin album except Physical Graffiti.

  12. Kinderdivision says:

    Late ’80s, early ’90s, a dawn that was about to break. Bathory ’88 – ’91, Burzum ’91 – ’92.

    1. I think it broke in 1982-1984 era, it just took a long time to catch up.

      Slayer and DRI were the ultimate extension of music at the time. Discharge and Cro-Mags set the stage but arguably most of this stuff came out of the progressive camp, just did not see progressive rock as enough different from the regular form to make the point they wanted to make. Early punks were art school kids like Hitler.

      Black metal just added in melody, but did it in the guitars like a metal band not in the vocals like a glam band.

      1. Kinderdivision says:

        I wrote it actually having in mind a far:) broader dawn culturally & then politically, a spring that felt was about to happen, to not a few. The reunion of Europe, as a habitat and as a people, North America coming out of the glory of the eighties, all that.. Inspired by the picture above too (excuse the faux German, yet to get a hold of this language).

  13. Klainmain91 _ says:

    “One instrument suffice” ignored metal seemed to run out of rhythms and melodies in mid nineties, and metal is already quite openly,yet very successfully, derivative. Eventually, it’s multiple, unless if anybody has patience or time for hours long output. As for b-sides or “filler” arranged to make very good albums, 1st Sabbath (lots of back to back with Jethro’s Aqualung), 2nd Maiden (perhaps the x-factor too), debut Ramones. The last succeeds in an “easy” style using mere scrap garbage and fun, where many tried and failed before & since. 1st Dead Can Dance, at first sounds like sonic carpet, never far from my reach.

  14. Fisted comments says:

    That happy kid thumbnail is so unbecoming of this site… or perhaps it’s exactly fitting… Regardless, I hope that next time something more fecal will be displayed.

    Speaking of which it’s been a while since sadistic reviews, and believe it or not, I actually find good recommendations amongst the delicious hate.

  15. Flying Kites says:

    That smile is adorable. Almost as cute as this.

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