Varg’s Black Metal History Video


Varg Vikernes has started posting a series of black metal history videos on his ThuleanPerspective Youtube channel. “About a day in 1993 that changed Black Metal forever” summarizes how Euronymous was completely unfit to run a business as a communist, bungled the release of the Burzum self-titled album, and how Euronymous’s clownishness ended his reign as the media’s go to spokesperson for the Norwegian black metal scene follow Varg’s arrest in connection with the church arsons.

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64 thoughts on “Varg’s Black Metal History Video”

  1. zobi says:

    this guys is ill.

    1. @ zobi

      You are fag.

      Seriously, you see a cock and you wanna sit on it.

      1. Roger says:

        Wait so he’s the fag, yet you’re one of these twinks who can’t handle it when someone says a rude word about Varg Verkines?

  2. Robert says:

    I love that 23 years later, he still doesn’t care that he slaughtered Euronymous! Cold-hearted nihilist!

    1. get a brian says:

      As a nationalist/traditionalist, he’s sort of the opposite of a nihilist (how can you care about your people + culture if all the fruity relativist assumptions of nihilism are correct and nothing matters?), but he has always shown a surprising lack of remorse and reflection on the fact he killed a man.

      I tend to believe Euronymous was a deeply unpleasant brat and probably brought it on himself, but do I wonder if Varg secretly feels any guilt.

      1. Rainer Weikusat says:

        he has always shown a surprising lack of remorse and reflection on the fact he killed a man.

        From the »Can’t make this up anymore«-files: If you watch the Burzum-themed video immediately predating this one, you’ll learn that he really never liked any “metal” except Killers.

      2. darg says:

        Typical modernist domesticated animal idiocy.

        Do you think a warrior would be troubled over a dead enemy?
        Especially one with the deep, non-conventional, non-sheepish, spiritual background of Vikernes?

        1. Smoking_Gnu says:

          Watch out man, your bag of D20s just spilled.

        2. Smoking_Gnu says:

          Also, didn’t Lex Luthor say that in the new Batman film?

    2. darg says:

      It has nothing to do with nihilism.
      Just because someone isn’t a domesticated sheep it doesn’t make them a nihilist.

    3. veeo says:

      He’s still largely the same opinionated kid that is dangerous when not engaged in creative endeavours. And now neither of them are making any worthwhile music for us.

  3. Rainer Weikusat says:

    Nothing really new in here and quite a few omissions compared to the longer interviews with younger guy in Until the light takes us. Eg, according to Vikernes of some years ago, he was one of the guys regularly hanging out in some dark corner of the shop (the others I know of being Euronymous, Hellhammer and Fenriz) while Faust was running the counter. Reportedly, he also lived there for some time. That DSP operated as sort-of Ponzi scheme with the revenue from each new release being used to satisfy past creditors with new creditors waiting is also not that uncommon.

  4. Mythic Imagination says:

    He wants to claim that Bathory is simply a thrash band, which is factually incorrect and seems to be the result of his ego, trying to discredit that which came before for him to seem more unique. He may have written the best black metal ever conceived but that doesnt mean he wrote the damn rulebook too. Of course his brain dead fans just eat it up like zombies.

    1. @ Mythic Imagination

      Ok hun but how bout if I eat your ass up really good?

    2. Smoking_Gnu says:

      Exactly. The “woah, Varg is out of jail and making music!” hype has well worn off, his new releases aren’t exactly setting the world on fire, and he probably realized he needs to keep shitting out what is effectively clickbait to keep his name around.

      In a few years Big Louie will be making VARG VIKERNES REACTS TO CAT videos for Youtube clicks.

      1. Erectile Perditionist says:


        Grammatically, would that mean the cat is big, or the cock is big?
        BIG-CAT COCK

        1. C.M. says:

          Seems that one would imply the other, so I wouldn’t sweat it too much.

          1. Erectile Perditionist says:

            Well I’m sweating up somethin’ FIERCE — it could be the normal cock of a big cat (like tiger, lion, panther), or the abnormally large cock of a standard cat. Like, picture a normal-ass tabby with a cock the size of a half-bratwurst…or that same sausage on a lion.

            1. C.M. says:

              >picture a normal-ass tabby with a cock the size of a half-bratwurst

              Heheh… I don’t often find chuckles around here anymore but thanks for that one.

              In my experience cat cocks generally do not range too widely in size and appearance so I’m betting that you only find large cocks on large cats. Maybe Varg will share some wisdom on the subject in the near future.

    3. get a brian says:

      He blocked me from his channel because I challenged a claim of his about Burzum’s innovation. (He said Burzum was the first to use “flowing” narrative song structures rather than verse/chorus, and examples of earlier stuff of that nature were pretty easy to think of.) I wasn’t aggressive about it but I think it slightly wounded his ego.

      1. Erectile Perditionist says:

        Hi get a brain,
        What were some of those examples?

    4. AK-47 says:

      This kind of revisionism isn’t unusual for Varg. He says similar things about Immortal and Emperor to discredit them even though he should be fully aware of how much they brought to the genre. Honestly, he seems like a psyhopath who just picks his own reality and sticks with it.

      1. darg says:

        Do you even know what a psychopath is?
        People like to throw that epithet at anyone that does not conform to what they expect in an “unfriendly” manner.

        1. AK-47 says:

          What does that even mean? Narcissism is a psychopathic trait and Varg is in complete denial about the accomplishments of anyone but himself in that time period, barring Darkthrone who are both his friends and too central to the movement for him to ignore. Clearly Euronymous, Immortal and Emperor helped inspire his own music but it seems like he is lying to others and himself about it because of personal grudges he has experienced later on.

            1. Michael Hughes says:

              grandiose (exaggeratedly high) estimation of self

              Second on the list.

              1. Rainer Weikusat says:

                »Narcissm« is not the same as »inflated ego«. The term original comes from an old Greek story about a guy called Narcissus spending all his time admiring his own mirror image in a lake.

                  1. Rainer Weikusat says:


                    int main(void)
                    printf(“%d\n”, strcmp(“megalomania”, “narcissm”));
                    return 0;

                    1. Memoncy - Joined in Dankness says:

                      C? psh, OK grandpa. have fun with your archaic, cryptic, abstraction-less poogramming language. Everyone knows Javascript is the future of software dev.

                    2. Rainer Weikusat says:

                      Every clown with some half-assed knowledge of the syntax of a single programming language considers it the be-all and end-all of everything (as – heaven forbid – he’d otherwise have to learn a 2nd set of rules some time during his life). But you know what? That’s not even particularly difficult.

      2. veeo says:

        One glaring aspect of being a creative genius is the apocalyptic nature of all things ‘life’ when removed from the actual process of having something to create.

      3. Rainer Weikusat says:

        One of the things a so-called psychopath doesn’t do is »pick his own reality«. The term usually applies to individuals who aptly influence »the reality« for their own benefit with complete lack of regard for how this affects others, IOW, absence of what is popularly called »conscience«. And »aptly manipulating reality for his own benefit« is surely not something Vikernes can be accused of. Eg, he got himself into serious shit by naively (and trustworthily) giving this supposed-to-be-anonymous, supposed-to-be-marketing-bullshit interview while his much more cunning counterparts either came away from that with a hint of a black eye (be that because their parents had more horse sense) or profited handsomely from it: He ended up in police custody for some weeks, the reporter got a bunch of smashing headlines and Asareth slunk away as the situation went pear-shaped.

        1. fenrir says:

          I would not call them more clever. I would call them dishonorable and ultimately just weak.

          1. I am a black wizard says:


            I challenge you to an occultic magick duel.

            Prepare for the mighty phallus of alchemical domination!!

            See you on the astral plane bitch

  5. darg says:

    Varg >>>>>> Hieronymous

    1. Rainer Weikusat says:

      Burzum may be a more suitable backdrop for musings about transcedental art (although album covers taken from AD & D manuals – 15 out of 10 points for subliminal messages – are a strange sound inside this temple) but I’ll take

      over anything-Burzum I’ve heard so far any time. If you want something highbrow, that’s an artistic adaption of something that’s a part of me, of 1990 and of Leizpig, not »magic to make people feel asleep« (I’m still very unhappy about the fact that I used to have an indirect business contact to this guy but never heard of his band until this year :-().

      1. darg says:

        No, Burzum is very real music, if you get my meaning.
        Perhaps it takes some time to smooth into, especially from the point of view of our lives used to shocking stimuli, but it isn’t just a “backdrop for conversation”.

        Can you sit down for 10 minutes and just look at your hands and just slide into thoughts that have to do with them?

        1. Rainer Weikusat says:

          No, Burzum is very real music, if you get my meaning.
          Perhaps it takes some time to smooth into, especially from the point of view of our lives used to shocking stimuli, but it isn’t just a “backdrop for conversation”.

          I wouldn’t dispute the »real music« (as opposed to my comments about DMDS below) and I didn’t mean to to imply that it was »just a backdrop for conversation«. I could reword this as “If concepts like transcedental art interest you, chances are that you’ll end up liking Burzum more than I do”. To me, this is a bit like visiting a cathedral: I can appreciate the architectural splendor of the building and will enjoy spending time with that, including being influenced in the way its creators intened to influence visitors, but as soon as a step out again, it’s just a building behind me.

      2. Memoncy - Joined in Dankness says:

        Mayhem is standard fare rock ‘n’ roll debauchery like motorhead, but updated to sound grimdark. They were the third stringers for Team Norse Blackmetal.

        Varg (PBUH) had something to express besides ‘mayhem’. Burzum celebrated destruction but also looked to the horizon for something more meaningful, something to guide us through the ruins after all has been razed and burnt.

        1. veeo says:

          Euronymous, may he finally rest in peace, was a decent guitarist, aesthetic-conceptualizer and gave a much needed anti-scene image to extreme metal at crucial period in it’s development. Ultimately he was still a scene-guy of course, and everything other than his intended impression is evidence of this. But so what? one may also consider that scenes ARE useful on some level, just as a forest floor is to the canopy; unless we are to believe a genre can stay afloat on the often purely abstract INTJ, bedroom-dwelling, opinionated brat level.

          1. veeo says:

            a.k.a. OUR level ;-)

        2. Rainer Weikusat says:

          The »debauchery« is a proberty of the perspective (as in the vain debauchery of »celebrating destruction« as precursor to future, greater times).

        3. get a brian says:

          Come on. How can you hear something as harmonically strange as “From the Dark Past”–fucked up dreamlike melodies, drums so spastic they’re barely even rhythmic anymore–and call that a grimdark update of Motorhead? That’s just dishonest. DMDS is arguably more challenging than any Burzum in its own way (albeit with horror as a source of inspiration rather than Varg’s volkish flirtations)

          As if Burzum didn’t rely on rock n roll cliches, anyway (‘dis is, huh, wah!’ *cue rockin’ Bathory riff*)

          1. Rainer Weikusat says:

            I was linking to the 1990 live version of Pure Fucking Armageddon and the initial riff is at least similar to riffs also played by Motorhead (I don’t really know anything about them beyond No Sleep Til Hammersmith and only rarely listen to that): While I consider the comparison grotesque, especially when labelling both as »rock’n’roll debauchery« (Twenty Flight Rock etc »debauchery«?), it wasn’t entirely picked out of the air.

            I specifically wouldn’t include the 1994 album or anything recorded even later in a praise of Mayhem: To me, this seems to be all about maximising impression at the expense of substance. This may come from me encountering the cover for the first time in form of a T-shirt worn by a big lady who’s part of a group ‘local T-shirt heads” and “proudly draped over a huge chest” (boy friend/ husband & buddies close by) is not something associating with what I like about a band used to be called Mayhem which pretty much fell apart after the (disastrous) 1990 tour.

            But nevertheless, taking this, Motorhead, Motley Crue (shome confisuon here?), Led Zeppelin, Guns’n’Roses, Pantera and Eddie Cochrane and throwing all of them into a bucket labelled (meaningless) »rock’n’roll debauchery«
            is a problem at the receiving and not at the transmitting end: Another five minutes of fun before we all have to go back into this world which hates& persecutes us, starves us and tries to kill us at every turn and sex and drugs and tattoos and motorcycles don’t mix.

            1. *pats lap* says:

              Hey little guy, you seem kinda tightly wound, nowudamsayin? I bet I can show you ways that sex and motorcycles work together in ways you ain’t never dreamed. C’mon back into my magnificent cathedral, put your feet up, relax, I’ll throw on some Burzum and we can just, y’know, huh, wow…

              1. Rainer Weikusat says:

                You seem to be making a mistake others of your ilk are also all to prone to make. But for as long as you keep your distance, that’s going to be harmless.

  6. smocaine says:

    Varg is a dogmom. The debut was a secret formula to make the red rocket last longer.

  7. smocaine says:

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    1. rectal fan says:


  8. I blew my head off like Per Ohlin says:

    Man this is such a joke:

  9. D. A. R. G. says:

    That this guy is still incomprehended even by his own fans, including many around here, says a lot about the need for elitism and not giving a fuck about “normals”.

  10. Pull The But Plug says:

    One of the things that annoyed me about Varg’s most recent video is that he makes it seem as though Burzum was the only thing Deathlike Silence produced which is in fact utter shit straight from the camels ass. Anyone with a brain would know that Merciless “The Awakening” (anti mosh 001) was the first thing on that label. Much more original than a lot of the other Swedish bands at the time that were just riding on Entombed’s left hand. Sometimes he makes some solid points but sometimes he is just full of it.

    1. Anthony says:

      Only you, Brett Stevens, and Daniel Ekeroth give a fuck about boring-ass Merciless.

      1. Can you survive the blitzkrieg says:

        And you’re a dirty mosquito covered jamboy. This readership can fuck right off, it’s a sad thing to waste good writing on.

      2. Pig Champion the great says:

        Only 3,mind you St.Anthony readers here rate Merciless Higly,… Either you get it or you dont…

        1. Anthony says:

          Merciless is okay but people are reading way too much into it. Honestly they don’t do anything Kreator or Slayer did better and earlier.

          1. Merciless were better songwriters than Kreator. Kreator had the riffs and leads, they just were never able to integrate them into a coherent whole.

      3. Rainer Weikusat says:

        I bought this when it was new as part of some collective mail order effort (technically, I probably still own it but it’s more than 500km from my present location and I couldn’t play it anymore, anyway). By that time, this was pretty much exactly what I was into, despite this kind of music (and people who liked it) used to be considered a (laughable) curiosity because the fast tempo and odd harmonics and vocals.

  11. Just tap it in. says:

    This comment section is like high faluten speed dating without women. Nerdlings.

    1. Like an Everflowing Stream (of shit) says:

      High flatulence?

      Sorry, I don`t get what you`re saying.

      1. blarf says:

        tap tap taparoo

  12. harsh critiquer of vest patcheses says:

    downing Motorhead to make your tastes seem more complex and refined makes you seem like one desperately needing validation from the staff, ‘uhh gheez these guts are smart I BU-BETTER try this line out and see if it floats, mu-maybe theyll invite me to their house or give me an affirming attaboy wink” i am not reading your faggy response either, because you are gay

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