Vikernes not getting out of prison

Convicted murderer Varg Vikernes is too dangerous to be released into society, according to justice officials. Government critics fear that his background as an ideologically motivated church-burning arsonist, and his connections with neo-Nazi groups, are making it impossible for him to get a fair parole hearing.

“I can’t understand it. They want me to make arrangements with social services, even though this is unnecessary. Must I be on welfare in order to be released? I have a house, a job and a family waiting for me,” Vikernes told daily newspaper VG.

Vikernes denied parole

If they were metalheads, they’d see that an institutional appraoch to life doesn’t work because we don’t fit into neat and easy categories like “good” or “bad.” Smarter kids like Vikernes especially. Considering his stated goal is making music and writing books, we have to view this as an act of censorship against metal.

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  1. Bart says:

    I thought he was already out?
    Rob Darken recently posted an image of Vikerness walking out on his Graveland myspace, but it disappeared yesterday.

  2. killpope says:

    “institutional appraoch to life doesn’t work”
    “his stated goal is”

    They’d have to be idiots to free a political prisoner whose “stated goal” is continuing his career of an anti-establishment propagandist (in political terms – it doesn’t matter that his stuff is suprapolitical and “not of this world”).
    And they’re not idiots. Okay, they may or may not be, but the lower bureaucracy only does its job (which is perfectly normal), while the current Norwegian state needs to uphold its rule, just as any state would.
    Burzum does more than a battalion of neo-nazi writers. Suggesting that Norwegian civil workers have a misguided mentality means completely missing the picture and taking a route to fairy land.

  3. Tanya says:

    Before the incident occured – Euronymous, from what I have read [quoted by Necro Butcher, himself], has threated to kill Varg, because he felt the need to compete with him over who was the more "evil" of the two in the black metal scene. In addition, Necro has stated that Varg [possibly] saw this as an actual threat and thought "better him than me." Which would make sense, being that Varg has claimed that he acted in self-defense. I, personally, think the courts are ridiculous for focusing on his personal and religious beliefs in relevance to whether or not he should be allowed parole. Just because someone’s beliefs do not match your own, doesn’t make them wrong. I hardly doubt, being that he has a family and three kids, that he plans to focus on anything else other than living what’s left of his own life and being with his wife and children. My impression of the man, is that he’s very big on a little thing called respect. Something that a lot of people, especially Christians and most religious people completely lack. And despite their belief in being "good", they hate people who believe anything other than they, and people with these other beliefs [ie. Varg Vikernes] simply hate them in return. This world seriously needs a lesson in morality.

  4. Cabrolina says:

    why is the picture modified?
    Varg Vikernes defended his believes…and this goes against the “christians”, I do not compare my self with him, but I understand what defending my own culture is…Lots of stupid and lacks of catholics in my country, they hate me because they think that they are “good” and the thing is, Varg Vikernes is a person, and if you were him, obviosly would like to go out of the prison, am I wrong?, If he already set his sentence, I personaly think, that he can go back to his place. If he goes with his family or friends, that is his problem, not ours. He is not going to live in our places, he is going to his own place, to live his own life. He does not care about what we think or this web page, he cares about what he wants, and he wants to go out of jail.

  5. joe says:

    Fuck this guy! And i love the pic with the cat, a guy like this is just a little boy trying to be a man! a real man can live his life free of all Religion and the fact that he lies about what happened that night just makes him a jack ass! and all that leather and spikes makes him look like a fag!

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