Vincent Crowley Attacks Snowflakes

In a Facebook post, Vincent Crowley (Acheron) attacked the special snowflakes whining about metal and the funderground social justice warrior promoters who refuse to book his new thrash metal band Infidel Reich due to their Third Reich imagery and anti-Islamic lyrics.

The social justice warriors wish to shout down all dissent to their Cultural Marxism. They will suppress everything that does not conform and try to violently attack anyone they view as threatening to what they believe their little red books say. Never mind that real Communists would round up all the whiners first and march them to gulags to pick up rocks until they die of exhaustion or starvation.

That being said, Infidel Reich is mediocre crossover thrash that nobody in particular wants to hear as it’s unexceptional and sounds like something a local hardcore band would come up after discovering Stormtroopers of Death on Spotify. Listen to the seizure inducing video of the not particularly controversial “Quranicide”, which nobody had ever heard of before for damn good reason before Vincent Crowley’s rant. Nobody should give Crowley or Regain Records any money for this bouncy shit.

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29 thoughts on “Vincent Crowley Attacks Snowflakes”

  1. Reduced Without Any Effort says:

    if nobody wants to hear this band why give it publicity?

    1. kek says:

      To teach SJWs about the Streisand effect maybe.

      Anyway – metal has been attacking monotheistic religions since forever, but apparently there’s one you can’t touch specifically. Hilarious.

      1. Reduced Without Any Effort says:

        sjws don’t read this site to begin with

  2. Brainer Rascalslut says:

    What people around here seem to forget is that the Third Reich was actually evil. Here in Germany there is no end to the sanctions and laws made against the slightest sign of approval in favor of that. There are plenty of reasons for the world to change in other directions that do not necessarily entail the support of this band and their scary propaganda. You have not been bullied in a bar because of your long hair and so do not really know what this feels like. I understand those poor Poles that were conquered like vermin, and I know why they spent years after that torturing German POWs after the war to satisfy their righteous vengeance, even though they themselves had been aggressors during decades before. All this fighting has to stop and the solution to this is really probably just an Artificial Intelligence and bionic prostate implants that can let us perform aptly in the way that may let us stop squabbling about little things in life like “destiny” or that kind of thing. The point really is, do you have something to say and how are you going to say it? if it is nicely, and if it is true and logical, then go ahead and say it, but if not, then you should be ridiculed but not censored. As a proud atheist and admittedly awkward fan of Euronymous, I can only say so much about the subject, though.

    In ancient times, a German dealer and two opposing players were each dealt ten cards, with two scat-cards left to the side, from which dealers could exchange their two worst as well as having the choice of triumph by will. Each card is given a value and to win the dealer must make sixty-one points or the opposing players sixty. And the best way of illustrating this in musical terms has to be a counterpositional reminder of off-beat kites and strums in the sense that metalcore can be eradicated so that forward thinking man metal is done:

    1. canadaspaceman says:

      “What people around here seem to forget is that the Third Reich was actually evil. ”
      yeah right.
      “…poor Poles that were conquered like vermin”
      I am of Polish descent and they screwed up on account of a few things:
      1) Poland refused to give ethnic Germans / Prussians easy access with the Danzig Corridor / Gdańsk Corridor.
      2) jewish politicians in Britain and France promised Poland if they were ever invaded, they would join the battle / war to help defend Poland, and that gave some dickheads the idea that Poland could do whatever they wanted.
      Nobody came to help immediately when eastern Poland was being invaded and decimated in 1938 by Russian jews, or in 1939 when Germany had enough of the bullshit and jumped in.
      3) Poles allowed the spread of Communism, and other filth into Germany.

      1. Svmmoned says:

        Poles fucked up many things but your dates and order of things seems a bit off.

        1. canadaspaceman says:

          I didn’t know ranting comments had to follow a linear timeline of history.

          1. Svmmoned says:

            I simply didn’t want to go into other aspects. Which are also wrong.

  3. Svmmoned says:

    If I remember correctly Crowley said once that he is proud of his heritage and will defend it. It is obvious that we are dealing with authoritarian personality here.

  4. Rainer Weikusat says:

    “I say fuck that shit!”.

    Seriously, what’s that? A 2nd rate Memoriam cover band?

    1. entertain me says:

      Your American alter ego is much more interesting and entertaining.
      Please do try harder if you wish to maintain your status as head autist @ deathmetalunderground

      1. Rainer Weikusat says:

        There a reportedly people who consider Milo Yannawhathefuck entertaining (or conservative — that would be entertaining weren’t more of the “Keep calm and run away screaming!” kind).

        The guy who slapped me because I didn’t expect such a silly assault wouldn’t stand a chance with the people who couldn’t touch me despite they were trying hard, slow as they were. I’d nevertheless prefer if all these homohpones who are reportedly not synonymous to each other despite they look, act and talk the same (Are the bearded ones men? Do I really want to know this?) would sort out their irrelevant differences without my involvement as I don’t really care for the currently imagined gender of any of them and I’m a bit afraid that I will succumb to the red mists once more in an unguarded moment.

  5. Hector Pilar (Extreme Chilean Metal) says:

    To me Acheron isn’t real metal. REAL metal is Anthrax. Helloween, etc. Bands that move you

    1. you're gay says:

      move you to a different room so you can’t hear them

    2. Art moves body, mind and soul.


        So does a bowel movement.

    3. Morbideathscream says:

      You’re an idiot.

  6. Pants Viggiano says:

    If Cultural Marxism existed then guys like Richard Spencer would be no-platformed at academic and other public spaces. The Third Reich, outside of some economic policy that benefited the working classes, was objectively evil so it makes for good source material for metal music. Too bad these guys suck ass like just about anyone who makes metal and deploys overt Nazi imagery.

    1. Does “objective evil” exist?

      1. Lance Viggianno says:

        Not at all. At least not in the sense of some intrinsic universal thing and this includes meaning, value and purpose… But thats not to say that these things don’t exist at all just that they exist to us and us alone. With that in mind, we are social animals with hardwired tendencies towards xenophobia and xenophilia which interact in messy ways that drive in/out group boundaries. Likewise for the instincts of compassion, reciprocal altruism and cooperation as well as their antonyms. I would say that with respects to Germany and Germany alone, the Nazi party was considerably immoral with the sociopathic internment and execution of it’s own community due to exacerbated xenophobia to the extreme and the choice to rescind the other evolved instincts engaging in the pogrom of the Other.

        Arguably the seeds for this whole thing we’re seen when Germany became a single nation in 1871. Making one big nation out of a bunch of smaller ones tends to have this result. Hell you can see this witch hunting in modern nationalism. Those within the European big tent decided, well slavs aren’t us so let’s call it Western European. But then it’s turned into “well, the Irish are Other.” And away we go…


          I think this is the cuckest thing I`ve read on this site in a long while.

          1. lance vigianno says:


        2. Those within the European big tent decided, well slavs aren’t us so let’s call it Western European. But then it’s turned into “well, the Irish are Other.”

          Actually, that is how it has always been. No one ever considered the Irish “white” until the term became politicized by the Americans because they had to launch integration programs in the 1950s. Southern, Irish and Eastern Europeans were always considered Other because of admixture.

          1. lance vigianno says:

            yeah I’m familiar. Anglo Sax was at the top of the hierarchy and so it went from there. I’m not sure that that significantly deviates from my point but cheers my man.


              Well The Anglos even considered those swarthy, dumb Germanics to be of a lower standing than they are. Just look at what “Big” Ben Franklin has to say about them non-Anglos.

  7. GGALLIN1776 says:

    His post was pretty weak but I suppose it’s better than saying nothing.

  8. Exfoliation says:

    Dude looks like a fucking dork with those maces, lookout, he’s going to take his kids bowling after going to TGI Friday’s.

  9. Morbideathscream says:

    Gotta give Vincent credit for not apologizing and caving in to those antifa queers.

    Not gonna bother with his new band Infidel Reich eventhough I like his stance against Islam, but the early Acheron albums will always hail supreme.

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