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Vod is the one-man project of bassist Dave Trembley. Announced as an indescribable anomaly, a blend of interesting ideas in astounding ways, this is a actually a fairly clear mixture of influences that never coalesces into an original voice. Dancing and jumping between general ambient, post rock, and the break-down metal of Meshuggah (mostly in derivative and simplified Djentish manner, for groove more than for percussion wankery). The whole album is nonetheless covered by a recognizable blanket, although it is not a distinct expression but only a consistency in the use of the same collection of styles.
Rather than establish a mood and submerge the listener in it, or take us into a spiraling well of moments to build atmosphere, Vod simply gives us cool-vibe-inducing moments gathered from the aforementioned genres. Heavily relying on the most primal effects of both ambient and Djent, Tuurngait will often fall into a simple ambient drone or into the simplest and easiest to catch syncopated modern groove. Careful and smooth in taking the songs from a whisper to a full-on groove-party, this music is good conversation material as it is easy to digest.

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12 thoughts on “Vod – Tuurngait

  1. trystero says:

    Just wanted to mention David, though I have nothing to comment on here or in the other recent posts, you are doing a great job with the website! Love the articles and news both, interesting and readable stuff. Keep up the great work buddy.

    1. Thanks for supporting me! I am sorry you will have to see a lot of news more than anything else in the next few days. Quality content will be coming too, but at a more moderate pace.

  2. thewaters says:

    I have been asking this site to review Into Oblivion’s 2014 split for about a year. I sent a digital copy to Brett and he said he would review it, but that was 4 months ago. Any chance you could ask him for it and review it? Their first full length was on the DLA best of 2011, so following up on them would be cool.

    1. Oblivion or Obliveon? What is the name of the release?
      You mean the -core band with the guy who studies music?

      I do not think their debut was on the best of 2011, as their debut came out in 2013.

      Also, the DLA best of 2011 has no “Oblivion”, https://www.deathmetal.org/news/the-best-metal-of-2011/

      1. AzureMurakumo says:

        I believe he means the band Into Oblivion, and the album he was referencing came out in 2010.


        Not sure what he means by their “2014 split”, which doesn’t exist. Maybe he meant their 2013 split release with Disinterred?

        1. And none of that was in the best of on DLA

          1. bitterman says:

            They were mentioned in an article by Obscura Hessian, and were written about in a way where they might be good. Never heard anything about them since until these comments.


            1. thewaters says:

              You have not been reading this site for very long. Check out the 2010 best of of….;)

      2. thewaters says:

        Yes, I meant Into Oblivion. There debut was “Creation of Monolith” and was on the 2010 best of, sorry.

        “Into Oblivion – Creation of a Monolith

        Most of the progressive or experimental metal out there simply repeats experiments in other genres, which are “new” to metal but only aesthetically; Into Oblivion attempt an instrumental metal approach working through layers of motif-based riff clusters. Reminiscent of Black Flag’s “The Process of Weeding Out” if executed by Profanatica and Averse Sefira on shore leave.”

        The later release I am referring to is the split with Disinterred from 2013. As you can see I have my years all off, hahhaa. Anyways, Brett has a digital copy of it, if you care to review it.

        1. If he shares it with me I will go over it, I don’t seem to be able to find it.

  3. thewaters says:

    I can email it to you if you want.

    1. you know how to contact the editor, go ahead ;)

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