Voivod Announce Split with Entombed A.D. and European Tour Dates

Voidvod 2016

Voivod announced an upcoming split 7″ EP with Entombed A.D. along with European tour dates today yesterday:

Canadian progressive sci-fi metal innovators VOIVOD have officially confirmed that work is underway for a new VOIVOD studio album expected for 2017! Additionally, the band has announced the forthcoming arrival of the next Split 7″ EP release. This will follow their most recent Split 7″ EP together with label mates At The Gates and Napalm Death. In the light of the next European tour pairing, VOIVOD are teaming up with Entombed A.D. for a limited edition Split 7″ EP, featuring their track “Fall” off the Post Society – EP, which is currently unreleased on vinyl. The release will happen with the start of the tour on October 28th, keep your eyes peeled for more details coming soon!

On the live front, VOIVOD have revealed the first of two comprehensive runs across Europe this week. Their current trip sees the band headlining club shows and appearing at selected festivals, while their return in October/November will have them paired up with label mates Entombed A.D. for even more shows. Here is a list of all upcoming dates (Updates marked *):

voivod august 2016 euro tour

VOIVOD – Live in Europe 2016:
08.09.2016 Oslo (Norway) – Øya Festival After Party
08.10.2016 Copenhagen (Denmark) – Beta
08.11.2016 Berlin (Germany) – Hellfire Fest 3 @ Bi Nuu + Unearth
08.12.2016 Jaromer (Czech Republic) – Brutal Assault Open Air
08.13.2016 Leeuwarden (The Netherlands) – Into The Grave Festival
08.15.2016 Warsaw (Poland) – Hydrozagadka
08.17.2016 Osnabrück (Germany) – Bastard Club
08.18.2016 Wiesbaden (Germany) – Schlachthof
08.19.2016 Cagliari (Italy) – Cueva Rock
08.20.2016 Pianella Di Cervia (Italy) – Rock Planet
08.21.2016 La Spezia (Italy) – Spazio Boss
08.23.2016 Zürich (Switzerland) – Werk 21
08.24.2016 Essen (Germany) – Turock

Entombed A.D., VOIVOD, Lord Dying – “Dead Dawn” European Tour 2016:
Presented by Metal Hammer, Rock Tribune, Slam & Headbangr
10.26.2016 Leipzig (Germany) – Taubchenthal
10.27.2016 Berlin (Germany) – White Trash Ballroom
10.28.2016 Wroclaw (Poland) – Alibi Club
10.29.2016 Warsaw (Poland) – Progesja
10.30.2016 Prague (Czech Republic) – Storm Club *
10.31.2016 Vienna (Austria) – Arena
11.01.2016 Budapest (Hungary) – Barba Negra
11.02.2016 Ljubljana (Slovenia) – Orto Bar
11.03.2016 Borgo Priolo (Italy) – Dagda Club
11.04.2016 München (Germany) – Backstage
11.05.2016 Dortmund (Germany) – FZW / Leafmeal Festival *
11.06.2016 Haarlem (The Netherlands) – Patronaat
11.08.2016 Madrid (Spain) – Chango
11.09.2016 Barcelona (Spain) – Bikini
11.10.2016 Albi (France) – Athanor
11.11.2016 Saint Nazaire (France) – Le VIP *
11.12.2016 Paris (France) – Petit Bain
11.13.2016 Bristol (UK) – Fleece
11.15.2016 Dublin (Ireland) – Voodoo Lounge
16.11.2016 Glasgow (UK) – Audio *
11.17.2016 London (UK) – The Underworld
11.19.2016 Nijmegen (The Netherlands) – Doornroosje
11.20.2016 Tilburg (The Netherlands) – 013
11.21.2016 Hamburg (Germany) – Markthalle *
11.22.2016 Aarhus (Denmark) – Voxhall
11.23.2016 Copenhagen (Denmark) – Amager Bio
11.25.2016 Stuttgart (Germany) – Club Cann
11.26.2016 Kassel (Germany) – K19
11.27.2016 Bremen (Germany) – Aladin

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5 thoughts on “Voivod Announce Split with Entombed A.D. and European Tour Dates”

  1. Sexy Nubile Pussy says:

    Was Voivod ever considered speed metal? Why are Killing Technology and Dimension Hatross their best albums?

    1. C.M. says:

      In 1986, Metal Mania said that Voivod started out as speed metal… http://voivod.net/1986/08/01/1986-metal-mania-magazine-interview/

      But by 1989 they were calling them thrash metal… http://voivod.net/1986/08/01/1986-metal-mania-magazine-interview/

      Here’s what Away said in the 1986 interview…

      “I don’t really have a word for what we’re playing except for ‘power metal,’ but some people call us ‘nuclear metal,’ which I also consider an appropriate term. We really don’t care about what we’re called, as long as they don’t call us ‘black metal.’ We’re not into Satan. It’s funny, ’cause we’ve been compared to Venom many times. When we released our first album in 1984, there were a lot of new bands. You were either compared to Venom, Slayer or Metallica. Snake’s vocals are maybe similar with Cronos’ vocals, so that’s probably where they made the comparison. But we’re not like Venom. We’re really not ‘black’ or ‘death metal.’”

      Personally I really like “nuclear metal”.

  2. canadaspaceman says:

    Wow, really ? Listen to the demo tapes and first 2 LP’s and tell me that is not thrash metal.
    Thrash metal started out as being a bit more noisy / abrasive, as opposed to the clean power metal / speed metal / fast heavy metal sound.

    1. C.M. says:

      Those first two full-lengths comprise the only Voivod material I’m familiar with.

      I would definitely file it under thrash, partially for the drum beats and vocals, but mainly because of the way the weird guitar chords ring for so long, and bleed into the next measures, creating weird harmonic chaos. Speed metal guitar chords usually cut off well before the next chord or measure is introduced, as they are played in a choppier way.

      That said, neither of those albums “feel” like thrash to me, so I’m content to say that Voivod started from thrash but made something spacier and more harmonically complex than any of the established genres.

      1. Or just musically literate punk-influenced speed metal, similar to Overkill at their best (The Years of Decay).

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