WAT? Testament Guitarist Denounces Israel

Alex Skolnick, the guitarist of mediocre thrash metallers Testament, has for some reason decided to go out of his way to go on anti-Israel tangent for no reason.  After the band preformed there last week, a few of the members posted photos of the band posing with the Israeli flag and a number of roasties from the Israeli army.  But on Skolnick’s post, his photo is preceded by a ridiculous rant on how he wants to preemptively explain that he thinks the state of Israel and its president are horrible and that he’s ashamed of the soldiers and the flag (except for the fact that the flag has the star of David).  He then goes on to state that he is Jewish blooded but thinks Judaism is bullshit and apologizes for Israel being mean to the Palestinian terrorists that tried to invade/destroy Israel and still continue to commit acts of terrorism now that all their friends bailed on them.  Hilariously even the fake-news-fake- Jews of MetalSucks praised Skolnick for denouncing the homeland of their people as social justice warriors and progressive liberals notoriously disallow Jewish symbols to be displayed while they protest Trump/men/etc and march in favor of sodomy and degeneracy.  This event again goes to show, as many have in the past, that social justice warriors don’t really care about Jews when they oppose antisemitism as they only feign outrage to project a moral high ground that benefits their cause.

Alex is a disgrace to both America and Israel for passively implying that the flags are stained with the acts of each governments past and present.  He’s also a coward for vocalizing support for a terror state that seeks to exterminate his own people.  If he didn’t waste his entire life playing in a D-league thrash metal band he might be smart enough to understand that when you try to invade a country and lose you don’t get the luxury of keeping your land.  He should be proud of Israel for allowing Palestine to live instead of hamming it up with their military only to make a pathetic apology for doing so soon thereafter.

Alex Skolnick is a shitty guitarist and a shitty Jew.  He’s an all around loser in life and the kind that that the metal scene would be better off without.  Testament will be forgotten by the time Alex arrives in Sheol as their thrash metal legacy will be buried deep beneath the likes of the Bay Area big 4, Venom, Bathory, Exodus, and the Germanic thrash metal warriors.

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29 thoughts on “WAT? Testament Guitarist Denounces Israel”

  1. Kali Yuga says:

    No comment

  2. Emory Cohen says:

    This is irrefutable proof that Jews are the real anti-semites.

    1. I will agree with this. Arabs and jews are not even real semites.
      Most of the real children of Shem evacuated to the north of that den of vipers.

  3. Nespithe & Burzum says:

    Despite being in Testament he’s a good guitar player. Exodus and Venom are shitty and Israel is gay.

    Check this out: http://www.nsfwyoutube.com/watch?v=NWo4o3vCdtE

  4. Seymour Mike Hoch says:

    Israel starts wars for no reason. So, denouncing Israel for no reason is fair. In fact, killing Israelis for no reason is fair!

    1. HELL V.666 says:

      total support!!!

  5. thewaters says:

    The first Exodus record was pretty cool!

  6. Fuck Off to Zionism says:

    Yup definitly time to stop checking out this zionist dumpster of a site. Lot’s of proof exists online that Israel is an illegal occupation rooted in the Balfour Declaration that essentially got the US into WW1 to bailout the allies in exchange for Palestine, which was a British satelite at the time. Israel/AIPAC/Zioism/Oded Yinon Plan is largely why the US is fighting illegal wars (against the US Constitution and International law) throughout the Middle East. Today Gaza is 95% uninhabitable due to the apartheid against the Palestinians in their own country. Those that actually think the jews deserve Palestine need only read history to realize the Romans destroyed Jerusalem in 70 CE, that historically the jews are nomads, and that jews actually don’t have the blood of Jacob thereby making them into the goyim they detest.

    1. Norman Finkelstein – Holocaust Industry – https://www.amazon.com/Holocaust-Industry-Reflections-Exploitation-Suffering/dp/1781685614
    2. Abby Martin – http://mediaroots.org/israels-illegal-settlements-what-you-need-to-know/
    3. Jews are super racist and teach it in the talmud – https://thesaker.is/a-crash-course-on-the-true-causes-of-antisemitism/
    4. Oded Yinon Plan – https://www.globalresearch.ca/greater-israel-the-zionist-plan-for-the-middle-east/5324815
    5. Dedicated to the zionist snake oil shills running this site and the jews: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vaANPNrAtpA&t=134s

    Shit, you all pussies probably won’t post my post because you hate free speech enough that in the past you guys actually typed a false paragraph into one of my comments in an effort to sanitize assertions that go against the grain of the shit swill being sold at this site to impressionable metal fans. Fucking poser hucksters that also hate your own country and free speech. Since you all like Israel so much then go and sign up for the US military and volunteer to fight in the front line so you’ll die like good goy for your jewish masters. Fucking morons.

    1. BlackPhillip says:

      Too bad Gaza isn’t 100% uninhabitable.

    2. Charles Stuart says:

      If the mohammadans weren’t incompetent backbiters who are more concerned about their own personal interests they could have wiped Israel of the map in 1948. But they are and they didn’t. Say what you will about the state of Israel, but they conquered that shit fair and square.

    3. Death to the Jewish cancer says:

      Spot on.

    4. I will check out the links.
      Yes, many people still have no idea how the state of Isrealie was formed.
      LFor example, the Stern gang going in and butchering as many as they could, of the unknowing arabs they were under attack, with knives and stealing their land.
      They didn’t kill them all, so that is why Palestine exists.

  7. Brock and Deathmetal.org are Zionist faggots says:

    Zionist Faggots looking for a Dr. Martin Dental Plan: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c7Za4AhLgOg

    Skolnick is a lousy jew, but at least he’s got the balls to stand up to the zionist apartheid agenda, which is much more than I can say for you Ashkenazim pigs. Shit, but it’s a leftist SJW problem. Dummies history shows that all tyrannical apatheid regimes fail. The false state of Israel will too, and it’s taking the US with it. Enjoy the ride you snake oil selling poser pussies. You all ain’t even got the balls to post my posts. Free speech haters. Un-American cunts. Sucking off shriveled jew cock for a few bucks while cancelling out your free speech: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0kIC8vzgUU8

    1. I could have just read Breitbart instead says:

      Nice Mark Knofler music under the start of that last video!

    2. the poopagogue says:

      Hey, Bound For Glory rule. Check out Max Resist and Nordic Thunder if you haven’t.

      I don’t really have a dog in the race (I don’t support Israel other than my tax dollars going there without my consent), but in a lot of ways “zionists” have got the right idea: without shared traditions, shared faith, and yes, shared blood, you don’t have a nation. If you ignore the unscrupulous stuff (which comes naturally to jews), isn’t Israel the model of an “ethnostate” that white nationalists want for whites?

      1. yes, sort of. That is something that almost NOBODY talks about.
        The jews control their immigration / religious policies, but white countries? They have to allow every piece of shit under the sun in to fuck things up.

        The state of Itsalie once accepted Ethiopian jews, their ‘lost brothers’, to get some sympathy in the 6 0’lock news for awhile, as they looked like badly for what they do to Palestine, but eventually those niggers were forced back out. Many people probably think all of the africans are still there or more still being accepted.
        Also, Christians are not allowed to proselytize/”recruit” there, yet in every white country, they have to accept every damn religion and culture, including cannibals these days too I guess.

  8. I could have just read Breitbart instead says:

    See above.

    Why are shilling so hard for Israel?

  9. Misanthrope says:

    Goddamnit brock! That zionist jew cum is still leaking out of your ass! At least wash yourself before your pocket the few shekels you earned with this steaming pile of zionist shit you call an article.

  10. (((The Echo))) says:

    Oy Vey! Skolknick is such a traitor! He hasn’t done a good enough job at trampling the White Race. Such a traitorous Jew! Crucify him!

  11. Shank Hermann says:

    Schlomo Bert Stevens and his alias Brock the zionist need to be cataloged on Jewwatch.com, these guys are about are right wing as the american nazi party.

  12. forced to twerk says:

    5, 7, 6, 8, 3, the old fat guys can have the rest

    Funny how u called them “roasties”, hehehe

    1. Charles Stuart says:

      But what if you had to bang them all in order to bang any? Would you still do it?

  13. Doug says:

    They’re one of those bands that seemed worth pursuing only if one had an abundance of time. A genre ill-suited for Jewish influenced pop conventions, Israeli metal to my knowledge is a non-entity obviously because they don’t have the growth (genetic and otherwise) from millennia-old continental roots, namely like that of EuropeU.S. and South AmericaMexico (with some particularly interesting results in Texas due to its locale). And a post-modern homogenous Israel will have its hands full for awhile with the population explosion so don’t expect a spike in quality anytime soon, although they can continue to spin Anglo metal to their hearts desire if we can still spin Shock Me and Babylon Sisters. Why Asian and Canadian metal generally sucks is more of a mystery.

    1. Ralph Kramden says:

      You are a mentalcase Norton

      1. Doug says:

        One of these days Alice, straight to the moon! Ha ha but seriously though, thanks for the reply.

  14. Foreskins & shekels were involved here, it seems says:

    Looking forward to the day when Tel Aviv gets overrun & Zionist faggots are curbstomped en masse.

    1. Ralph Kramden says:

      I am waiting for it to become a glass tiled parking lot

  15. Schlomo says:

    Haha what is this? Some trash-right Jew-lover waving the flag of Israel? Being a Zionist must be the most unmetal thing imaginable.Will this shitty site start covering Country Music and sucking Trump cock?

    1. canadaspaceman says:

      Me likie old country music.
      You likie sucking Trump cock ?
      Last thing we would ever think of.
      Hulk Hogan is anti-nigger in amateur porn video.
      “Hulk Hogan sucks and is jabroni! Iran numvah One!”- Iron Sheik

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