Welsh University Wages War on Men to “Embrace Cultural Diversity”

Cardiff Metropolitan University has banned the use of of English words that it considers masculine in order to “embrace cultural diversity”. Every single word in the English language with “man” in it is now banned due to social justice warriors, communists, and feminists waging war against masculinity and wishing to neuter all mankind into mediocrity. Violaters of Newspeak face academic discipline and expulsion.

Cultural diversity is a cancer of the modern world. Millions of primitives are flooding into the gates of the Occidental world and refusing to adopt the ways of the states they’re entering; they expect the native nations to kowtow before their primitive religions, customs, and taboos that led their fatherlands to absolute failure. Now the hordes wish to mold occidental civilization into the barbarity of the orient and cry foul at any criticism of their heinous cultural practices such as inbreeding. South Asian inbreeding alone causes the majority of birth defects in the United Kingdom.

Leftists wish to destroy the culture and genes of nations in order to maintain political power just as the Bolsheviks realized they had to dismantle Russian culture to rule their newly conquered Soviet Union. Enfranchising ever-increasing hordes of foreign aliens and giving them social welfare creates mobs. The left wishes to create exclaves of foreign nations as solid voting districts. They denigrate the successful (including deriding immigrants smart enough to succeed within the native culture) and the rational as racist or Nazis. The left wishes to destroy cohesive communities and replace them with despotic third world institutions that they can lord over.

Feminists are no different. Feminists want more than to be enfrachised and enjoy the same legal and working rights as men; if they wanted that, they would complain about countries where women do not have the same legal rights of men such as in the Muslim world. Rather modern feminists want to destroy humanity as a hominid species. They resent that for all of human and ape history, the silverback has been the male with the support of most of the powerful men in the group as women valued for femininity and motherliness don’t tend to be the people bashing the invaders’ skulls open with sharpened rocks and jagged pieces of metal. That would be the men led by the silverback.

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12 thoughts on “Welsh University Wages War on Men to “Embrace Cultural Diversity””

  1. Urvas Bethud says:

    Here in France, we have the same problems with the LGTB/feminist lobbies and the left wings extremists. But in french language, every common name has a genre, so it is quite difficult to ban masculinity from our words.

    1. nigstomper88 says:

      Don’t worry, arabic won’t have that problem.

      1. InconvenientHistoricalFacts says:


  2. LostInTheANUS says:

    Women are useless, bitches can’t even suck dick worth a damn. The only good blowjobs I’ve ever gotten were from other men, they don’t make your dick feel raw and irritated after they’re done sucking.

    1. tiny midget says:


      Hi there. So do you think power metal is nothing more than heavy metal updated to the new strumming and rhythm techniques of speed metal?

      1. LostInTheANUS says:

        Depends on the power metal band, some are heavy metal with some techniques of speed metal, while some are speed metal proper, but with some aesthetics closer to Ancient Greek homoeroticism.

        1. Some are fag rock for fat guys with hormone disorders, some beer fueled singalongs. Power metal is not a real subgenre in the way that NWOBHM, Speed, and Black metal are.

          1. LostInTheANUS says:

            So I’m guessing you were never in a hot gay orgy full of hunks where Blind Guardian was blasting throughout the whole ordeal?

    2. Steve Rambo says:

      Her TEETH!?

    3. Sodominator says:

      Homoerotic fantasies are the only reason I visit DMU.

  3. GGALLIN1776 says:

    Lgbtqaapidhgxyz5643 faggots. I see flamethrowers making a comeback.

  4. Rainer Weikusat says:

    They’ve also banned ‘woman’ in composite terms, and anything else indicating the gender of a referred to person, eg, both ‘steward’ and ‘stewardess’ are supposed to be avoided (oddly, they recommend using waiter – the existing, male form – in favour of waitress). The idea that thought-crimes can and ought to be prevented by constructing an artificial language not longer capable of expressing incriminated thought is positively orwellian.

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