White Death Releases “Immortal Hunter Of The Moon” Off Upcoming Eponymous Debut

In anticipation of their eponymous debut, Southern Karelia’s White Death released a track from the album, “Immortal Hunter of the Moon.” This mid-length track instills expectation by improving upon the previous also eponymous two-song EP released in 2014. Where that recording consisted of raw, foot-stomping black metal that was pleasant enough for a listen once in a blue moon, the new track shows an increase in dynamics that lifts the material to a new level of intensity while also –- perhaps more importantly -– giving it a sense of direction.

White Death hails from a town that is infamous in Finnish black metal circles, Lappeenranta, which leads to inevitable comparison to other bands on the Werewolf Records roster. However, unlike Satanic Warmaster who’ve made a career by churning out grating melodies repeated ad nauseam over initially inspiring but ultimately brain-blunting drums, White Death surges ahead without taking heed of the eventual comfort of the listener. A better reference is perhaps the more accomplished songs by Goatmoon minus the overt folksiness and with a more condensed approach to songwriting and performance.

Starting out with a classic metal drum-roll, “Immortal Hunter Of The Moon” swiftly picks up speed as a rudimentary, abrasive riff rides out a storm of chaotic yet decidedly propulsive percussion. If your listening stopped here, you might think the song is the war metal flavor-of-the-month that blights every metal magazine at this point. Thankfully, it is not. The song takes its own path, and through a winding battle ends up at the same riff, as if to imply that the battle rages on without end forever, but it would ruin the process of discovery to tell more at this time. Let it suffice to say that unlike almost all post-1995 metal, this song “goes somewhere” and there is something to be learned from the journey.

For those who find something of value in this music, a recent live-performance at the Apocalyptic Rites festival in Kuopio, Finland featuring three additional compositions bound to be recorded for the album reveals more of what is in store, and amplifies how the technique on “Immortal Hunter Of The Moon” fits into the unique outlook of this band.


Fans of mid-90s Impaled Nazarene circa Suomi Finland Perkele will probably rejoice at the punk-anthemic, potential album-closer “White Death’s Power.” White Death is bound for release on 17th February, with pre-orders taken at Werewolf Records or via their US affiliate Hell’s Headbangers.

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12 thoughts on “White Death Releases “Immortal Hunter Of The Moon” Off Upcoming Eponymous Debut”

  1. ‘raw, foot-stomping black metal’

    fuck yes dude i love chuck berry

    1. fuck off [African-American]lover

  2. yuck- finns aren’t white

    1. Anthropologically they are Aryan bro.

    2. They are more white than the creators of the anime that you jack off to

  3. harsh critiquer of vest patcheses says:

    Ha that “chorus near the front has a metalcore structure.

  4. Rainer Weikusat says:

    The track sounds quite good. But judging from the video, this is another of these “black metal!” skinhead bands, “Sieg heil!” and “SS” inclusive. And this called itself national-socialist for a reason (although Strasser lost out early): Any form of “You’re nothing. But if I had 500 of you, I could put them to some use” is bad.

  5. harsh critiquer of vest patcheses says:

    Review the new Throneum – Morbid Death Tales on HHR

  6. fuck_norgay says:

    Another ebin :DDDDDD meme metal release from Finland….That’s…eh…great!

  7. fuck_norgay says:

    By the way, I also get that Scatinavian uber blackened black nekro kvlt satanic black war terrorist satanic dark black metal has to be uninspired, boring and repetitive by norm, in order to be “sinister”, “atmospheric” or whatever, but these guys are just exaggerating things. They shamelessly wrote about 10 to 15 seconds of music for every “song” and loop them over and over for over who knows how many minutes. Gawd, this is awful.

    At least, they’re cheesy.

    1. harsh critiquer of vest patcheses says:

      That is what people want, metalheads really have shit taste in music.

  8. harsh critiquer of vest patcheses says:

    This really is some of the blandest shit to pass for black metal, HHR has hit a new low putting a band out with faggy metalcore parts wrapped in a convincing for newcomers black metal encasing. That real impressive progressive part in the middle is metalcore, the “chorus”, fuck, that is scenester Myspace era “grindcore” when it was all white belts, those people are grownups now and considered old! THis is shit, UTTER FUCKING BULLSHIT, and I bet it will be a hit.

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