Women Warned Not to Report Rape in Muslim Nations


According to Reuters, British charity and non-profit organization Detained in Dubai has warned women not to report their rape if they are raped in Muslim countries such as Dubai where the Islamic fundamentalist Sharia laws are stacked against them. Women who do so wish being arrested for extramarital sex as apparently forced non-consensual sexual activity is still illegal extramarital sexual activity under the law supposedly spoken through the mouth of a supposedly prophetic bandit and pedophile only slightly more documented than King Arthur.

How about western women simply not travel to backwards countries under Sharia law and not acquiesce to the demands of Islamic apologists in suppressing the grossly under-reported rates of sexual violence in Muslim societies? The massive increase in sexual crime in Northern European countries over the last few years was the almost exclusive result of emasculated governments admitting Muslim rapists masquerading as refugees who were attempting to leach social services from more developed and successful socialist nation-states.

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46 thoughts on “Women Warned Not to Report Rape in Muslim Nations”

  1. Islam is evil and should be fought, but:
    This isn’t relevant to metal.
    Why is this on deathmetal.org?

    1. Liberal apologists for Islam are part of the same SJW culture that demonizes occidental tradition.

      1. I suppose that this website has already been engaging in political and cultural argumentation. This is nothing new.
        All right, it’s fine.
        Have a good night, and death to islam.

        1. Misanthrope says:

          “Death to Islam…” Haha you wish! Islam is a more vigorous and virile civilization than the emasculated west! Islam will sodomize Europe and America into acquiescence, and there’s nothing you can do about it! The west is done for!And all the emasculated cucks say their women are being “raped”! Well of course they’re gonna prefer virile sex with real men and not feminized homos!
          Hail our new sharia overlords!

      2. Rainer Weikusat says:

        This is nevertheless old news. And quite political[*]. And “politics” is something that’s absolutely great for people shouting at each other. Insofar this doesn’t relate to something more interesting, cutting this down a bit would be appreciated.

        [*] I’ve just been thrown out of a night club, presumably on behalf of one of the two women I somewhat demonstrably didn’t care for, or their ‘shouty’ current sex partners, for the greatest reason ever, namely “We had a complaint that you’re moving too fast” (which means I managed to steer around everyone trying to run into my way for no particular reason except that I looked like a handily sized person to pick a quarrel with for about 30 minutes).

      3. cave hunt says:

        prozak/anus/everyone who writes for this site demonizes occidental culture by being pudgy, boring old failures, embarrasingly clamouring for some kind of relevance while loosing their grip on modern technology. everything you come with is about as appealing as a stale old fart, from those hilarious (for 3 seconds) album reviews to whatever this article is.



      4. 8==D says:

        It seems hypocritical until you realize that just like radical Islam, leftism is a fundamentally anti-western civilization ideology. Everything else is details.

        1. Jihadi Sodomite says:

          Being anti modern west is pretty rational. It is a shithole full of shiny garbage.
          allahu akbar!

  2. Goat-Lord says:

    How can we eradicate the cerebral/spiritual slavery that is fundamentalist religion?
    And not just Islam; ALL of it??

    1. fedoralord666 says:

      Which count as fundamentalist religions?

      1. Hassan Bin-Sober says:

        Can a religion lack fundamentals? If we were to strip a religion of its fundamentals, what would be left?
        Would Graveland or Burzum be fundamentalists in comparison to Amon Amarth? If you take death metal and remove the basic fundamentals, what would be taken? What would be left? How about black metal? If you took all the leftovers after removing fundamentals from death and black metals, and mixed them together, what would you have? Wouldn’t you need an other in order to accomplish this? What is the opposite of metal? Why? Aargh!!!

        1. 8==D says:

          I always thought stuff like Amon Amarth and post-nazi era Nokturnal Mortum fundamentally (there’s that word again) lack some “spirit” compared to Burzum, Isengard, Absurd, Graveland, Grand Belial’s Key, etc. It’s no coincidence their take on the sorta ethnonationalist band concept veers away from racial consciousness and veers toward the “purely historical” (in other words, signifying a gimmick/novelty).

          Not that political incorrectness itself is the source of authenticity–obviously there’s no shortage of lousy nazi music–but as a rule, bands who “get it” aren’t afraid of being politically incorrect, period.

      2. There are no “fundamentalist religions”. All religions and ideologies can have fundamentalist adherents.
        Fundamentalist jainism, for example, is the purest, most true, and least diluted form of that religion.

    2. trystero says:

      Religion is great, it provides transcendental direction to individuals and societies and keeps deviant insanity (like that currently afflicting the west) in check. When the West became essentially apostate, it also became insane. This sickness has unfortunately also co-opted Christianity as-it-is, but the mindset and beliefs that went with the peak of the West are within grasp. It is spiritual death that led to the current state.

  3. Roger says:

    I can go to Brietbart.com for this kind of news.

    1. ANUSaanite says:

      Metal died a long time ago.

  4. theheaviestbanjo says:

    Fuck that and fuck this.

  5. hot buttered pumpkin says:



    result *of* emasculated

    Come on, Danny Boy, it’s two fucking paragraphs.

  6. Homer ibn al-simpson says:

    Behead those who insult ‘Murica!

  7. Forbinator says:

    For the last sentence of that article, I would say CITATION NEEDED.

    1. Wikipedia cuck fuck off!

      1. Forbinator says:

        Haha, ok keep making shit up then.

    2. Rainer Weikusat says:

      For Germany: ‘Sex crimes’ -0.9% 2014 – 2015. 2015, 4.6% by immigrants (1683 of 36532, 2014: 949 of 36864), IOW, while the overall amount fell, a massive increase in the number of immigrants led to an increase in the number of crimes committed by immigrants. But that’s still less than 5% of the total. The absolute numbers ridiculously low, eg, Afghanistan: 189, Syria: 171, Kosov 101


      According to numbers floating on the web,


      1.1 million refugees came to Germany in 2015, 40% of them Syrians. This would be 440,000. 171 of them, or 0.04%, turned out to be sex offenders. Naively put, this means the chance that any particular 2015 Syrian one happens to meet happens to be a rapist is about 2573:1. Assuming that ‘courage’ is a male virtue, being scared of these odds shouldn’t count as it.

      NB: This doesn’t belong here.

      1. Total numbers don’t matter. Statistical representation matters.
        If I, as one individual, murder five people, you shouldn’t say “that’s only five people, less than 0000.1% of the population”.

        If a small minority is massively overrepresented in crime, they still won’t commit a lot in absolute terms, since they are so few. What matters is whether they are overrepresented or not. In Sweden, overrepresentation of immigrant crime is different depending on what the national origin is.

        Statistical representation matters because if a group is overrepresented, it means that more of that group will lead to more of the overrepresented behavior.

        In Sweden, for rape, all top 5 of the most overrepresented countries happen to be islamic, but even if we view all immigrants as the same group (which is inaccurate, since people from many countries have little to no overrepresentation), immigrants and their children still stood for 46% of all rapes, while not being close to 46% of the total population.

        These numbers are from a 1990’s government study. A 2000’s study showed the exact same trend.
        There hasn’t been a new study since.

        The paper is in Swedish, but I can give you a .pdf of it if you wish.

        1. Jihadi Sodomite says:

          Please do. It will be invaluable ammo against typical Swedish cucks and femi PCs.

          Ps. I heard it is fashionable for Swedish women today to get dark skinned boyfriends. Gives them social points or something.

            1. Percentages don’t enlighten us, however, if we don’t know what percentage of the population migrated in.
              I can’t find which percentage of the population was immigrated at the time of that study,
              so I recommend to look at the per mille (part per thousand) rate of natives compared to immigrants in various crimes.
              If the group has one per mille in a given crime, then one out of every thousand has committed that crime during the five year study period.

              If the immigrant per mille is higher than the native, then they are over represented, regardless of the absolute numbers.
              As you can see on page 40, they are higher in almost every crime.

              Crimes that a higher per mille of all immigrants (including those from good countries which don’t have much overrepresentation) commit compared to all natives:

              Rape: Immigrant 0.9, native 0.2
              Murder and attempted murder: Immigrant 0.7, native 0.2
              Assault against unknown female: Immigrant 1.7, native 0.5
              Assault against known female: Immigrant 7.6, native: –
              Assault against unknown male: Immigrant 8.0, native 2.0
              Assault against known male: Immigrant 6.1, native 2.4
              Other sexual crimes: Immigrant 0.2, native 0.1

              All crimes: Immigrant 120, native 58

              Natives have a higher crime to non crime ratio in these two crimes:

              Drunk driving: immigrant 2, native 12
              Crime against leisure time and peace: immigrant 1, native 10

              1. Also, it’s not true that all of the most criminal migrants are from muslim countries, if we look at all crime.
                The top five, in terms of per mille rate, are:

                Algeria, Libya, Morocco, Tunisia, and Chile.

                Four out of the top five are, but not all five.

                1. The least criminal populations are those from:

                  1: Sweden
                  2: Taiwan, China & Japan
                  3: USA
                  4: Great Britain
                  5: Vietnam

          1. Rainer Weikusat says:


            I assume that other statistics, including historical ones, are available via this site, too.

          2. -_- says:

            It’s also been fashionably edgy for American women to date blacks for a long time now. Interestingly enough, black women are still at the very bottom of the dating desirability scale. The only men I know with black girlfriends have been whipped sub-betas.

      2. trystero says:

        I would NOT trust these numbers. Germany especially are notorious fudgers of rape by feral arabs and north africans. Sweden is not too far behind, but they recently bounced back by greatly expanding the rape category.

        1. the definition of rape is irrelevant, since under any definition, the overrepresentation is there.
          Further, this study is from before the definition was changed, as far as I know.

        2. Rainer Weikusat says:

          Certain German loudmouths are notorious for claiming this. But at worst, I see no reason to trust them more than the German police which is also notorious for being anything but ‘liberal’ (in the US sense).

  8. 8==D says:

    This is why I fucking hate white liberals more than anybody, more than blacks, more than ragheads, more than ANYBODY (except.. well, you know who). They see this barbarism and they look the other way. Then they post on the a.v. club about how Christians are oppressing gays because someone in bumfuck georgia didn’t wanna bake a gay a wedding cake and bask in their righteous indignant, while they overlook actual obscene stone-age oppression because they’re not allowed to criticize brown people. Dude I fucking hate them I can’t even capture it in words.

    1. Why do you hate blacks? I ask a genuine question

    2. ANUSaanite says:

      In America, a lot of blame common core and the McGraw-Hill publishing company. Also, books about “black empathy” replaced Robert Frost in the curriculum within the year and our physics teacher was replaced by a third worlder who could barely speak English. Every “history”/civics/economics teacher didn’t educate, but used their “teaching” position as a platform to propagandize. My civics teacher had a one hour rant about how we should never vote Republican, comparisons to Nazism, and started doing “heil the fuhrer” imitations should we see some “fascist future” – all because he lost a court case where he wanted the government to take care of his waterhead kid with a cleft lip for him. It was also ruled illegal for a teacher’s strike to occur within the school year but there was still at least one almost every week. This was in the early 2000’s. The swamp that needs to be drained stretches far and wide. Also, there’s always the black kids who sleep and never do anything yet get promoted to the next grade level somehow…

      1. ANUSaanite says:

        Typo: “a lot of blame can be placed on”

  9. trystero says:

    Dubai is goat herding bedouins who got really rich really quickly. This isn’t “sharia law”, its just stupidity. Rape is rape and extramarital sex is extramartial sex in Sharia.

    Are you sure she didn’t have “I had drunk sex with three guys and regretted it” rape?

    1. trystero says:


      The woman was arrested and had her passport confiscated after she claimed she was raped by two British men.

      The Dubai Public Prosecutor’s office said it had closed the case after “careful examination of all evidence”.

      It said investigations showed “the act happened with the consent of the three parties in question”.

      A video on one of the suspect’s mobile phones was found to be “key evidence”.

  10. Morbideathscream says:



  11. Morbideathscream says:

    We need to send these liberal sjw faggots to thes islamic countries and after they’ve been raped a few times and have had stones thrown at them then they can call people islamophobes. Assuming they were to survive that is.

    1. I used to believe that after people got raped, they would learn.
      It happened, and they didn’t learn.



      How can people be so casual about getting raped?
      It’s like they had no dignity in the first place, and the rape therefore didn’t impact them.

      1. Morbideathscream says:

        They obviously don’t have any dignity. Laws of nature should not permit weaklings like that to live.

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