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  1. Swat Kats: The Radikult Squadron says:

    lmfao I actually listened to the second one, are they trying to be Rob Zombie or some shit? lol remember you guys, these are your idols, your favourite band, what do you have to say for this? Looks like they finally got out of that “angry teenagers making noise” phase and decided to have fun, whatever gay and tacky way they knew how. You should be embarrassed of yourselves for ever listening to them.

  2. Anti-DM/BM stupidity says:

    Both are garbage.

  3. WWIII - stick faggots and hipsters into concentration camps says:

    OK, trolls can be entertaining, butthurt faggots who think they are trolling are just boring.

  4. Internet memes = false says:

    That new Radikult meme is pretty gay.

  5. Internet memes = Radikult says:

    That new Radikult meme is pretty Radikult

  6. radical kvlt says:


  7. Kontinual says:

    I agree, posers and hipsters come to this site to bore us to death with their “bashing” of a subculture they don’t understand. You can spot a poser because he/she will not show respect for the artists that created the best outputs of metal music. I don’t mind if you hate the Anus.com site and its readers/followers, but if you’re going to mock them, at least could you do it in an entertaining way?

  8. Urinal Hammer says:

    Early Morbid Angel didn’t sound like “angry teenagers making noise”. It sounded energetic and aggressive, but was actually quite upbeat. This new music doesn’t sound “fun”, it just sounds confused. Whoever posted as Swat Kats is a dumb faggot.

  9. Nile577 says:

    The seeds of the second track are evident in the first. “I ride the flesh”, “whores long for my flesh” & “I bend not my will before my selfish desire” etc. Morbid Angel albums can be split into “body” and “spirit”. A,C & F are spirit. B, D & I are “body”. Vincent is mostly responsible for the “body” influence, Trey for the “spirit”. The “body” albums start off strongest (Blessed are the Sick, where a (Miltonian?) metaphorical interpretation of all the stuff about indulgence & individualism is still possible) and rapidly decline (Domination and now the I album). In my view the “spirit” albums reach an apex with FFttF, which is conceptually the antithesis of Blessed are the sick (i.e. “Flesh over spirit: the motivator of the worthless” / “The future of flesh is dust”). Interesting that that album was made at the exact time Vincent left the band to play with Genitorturers. The spirit albums cave in with the new-agey stuff on Heretic.

  10. DURRR says:

    I have an opinion!

  11. jhuhio says:

    Haha, and anus pretended they weren’t going to dwell on the new MA.

  12. launitnoK says:

    I don’t get it. The first one is a bunch of badly produced, directionless, random riffs that don’t form any bigger picture. The lyrics are “ancient” Nietzschian posturing. The second one has a really compelling beat and tells a story.

  13. launitnoK says:

    I meant Miltonic

  14. launitnoK says:

    No I don’t, this “bow before me” shit is total “I read Nietzsche and didn’t get it”

  15. Brigadeer Sam Jewstein (Mrs.) says:

    look here launitnok (lol what a silly name) you obviously have no idea what you are talking about and are a clueless imbecile. Leave this comments section immediately and let the intellectuals talk. Or at the very least come up with a good name before posting, what is this random sequence of letters anyway?

  16. launitnoK says:

    Ignored the substance of my argument and went for a cheap ad hom, I see

  17. Urinal Hammer says:

    “The second one has a really compelling beat and tells a story.”

    That’s hilarious, but it does bring up a good point: something is not good just because it has a narrative structure. In this case, the story told by Radikult is one of swaggering faggotry. Swaggering faggering.

  18. metulz says:

    “You can spot a poser because he/she will not show respect for the artists that created the best outputs of metal music.”

    I agree, every faggoty metal poser I’ve known has disliked Metallica and Blind Guardian. Then again I’ve only encountered those faggots at the internet, they never turn up to shows, even for the shitty br00tul bands they claim to like…

  19. your sister is a hipster and I fucked her to cocorosie says:

    “hipsters come to this site”

    lol, you wish. You wish this shitty nerd blog was that cool, too bad it’s just full of the same old male virgins. Le sigh.

  20. Cory, a 14 year old death metaller says:

    I agree the first song is awesome the second one is SHIT!! The first song has awesome deep lyrics about Satan and his “fall from grace”, only an intellectual like me could understand and relate to that! The second one sounds like something people would have fun listening to, TOTALLY GAY! If it’s not angry like I am when I sit at home on a Friday listening to this music because no one invited me to any parties, it’s SHIT!

  21. djambo akimbo says:

    I wonder who has the writing credits to Radikvlt, did anyone actually buy this piece of shit and check the booklet? I bet it’s mostly Vincent, sounds like something Genitorturers might put out.

  22. Urinal Hammer says:

    “If it’s not angry like I am when I sit at home on a Friday listening to this music because no one invited me to any parties, it’s SHIT!”

    None of it sounds angry. As far as Radikult goes, the only people I can imagine “having fun” while listening to it are probably clad in nothing but assless chaps and their own sweat.


    Buddy. It’s all fucking angry manchild music. Those narrow intervals, nothing major or minor key even, it’s fucking shit. lol they even wrote a song called “Dawn of the Angry”, fuck off kid.

  24. Mark Prindle says:

    Radikvlt sounds just like Ministry, Rammstein, White Zombie etc., makes me think of hot burlesque rockabilly chicks and Wacken crowds. This is what hot “metal chicks” might actually listen to, you know, not the uber gothed up ones, but the ones that just wear a black spaghetti strap top or some shit. The ones you’ve never talked to in your life lol

    I’m serious, Radikult is probably the best song Morbid Angel has ever written. It actually sounds like music for once, and not just guitar assnoise like on Gateways and the rough approximation of music they did on their other shitty albums.

  25. LimpToolKornBizkit says:

    As stated previously, the new Morbid Angel sounds like White Zombie which only wanted to be as good as Korn but were only cool because they had a chick in the band! Anyone ever heard Korn play South of Heaven? Korn plays death metal songs better than the bands who wrote them. They were ahead of their time by nihilistically transcending metal art and the remaining death metal bands left alive are still trying to catch up! Even the name of the song Radi”K”ult tries to be Korn-like by replacing the “C” with a “K”!

  26. your moral, intellectual and social superior says:

    They both suck cock; the first one sounds like a bunch of angsty teens rebelling against their Sunday School teacher.

  27. your sexual superior says:

    Your mom likes the second one more than the first one.

  28. Urinal Hammer says:

    Morbid Angel does not sound angry. It does sound aggressive, and violent. But in a highly enjoyable way. I’ve never experienced death metal as angry music. I’m not a very angry person. I began to like this music at an early age probably for the same reason I appreciated predatory mammals and insects covered in claws, teeth and stingers. If you can’t understand this, you might be gay.

    As far as Vincent’s song title, “Dawn of the Angry”… It’s kind of a dumb title, but even Vincent’s understanding of what he’s talking about (anger = a kind of vital, inflamed, aggressive state) is likely far removed from your definition of anger. That song doesn’t sound like a tantrum. Pantera sounds like a tantrum. Morbid Angel sounds very controlled to my ears.

  29. Martel says:

    lol @ passive aggressive nerd rage in death metal

    Sorry, I’d take straight up anger and aggression as conveyed in bands like Machine Head, Pantera and Hatebreed, over pussyfooting around it with skeleton drawings and other dungeons and dragons shit the way death metal does. Death metal confirmed for pussy music incapable of being direct and honest.

  30. josef H says:

    the radicals are here to stay… YAY!

  31. Hypothesis #Z says:

    MA is moving to a different, more “naturalistic in it’s study of society” we might say, artistic approach where instead of exposing directly what they think they just portray various tendencies and let the listener decide what he thinks of it. Like a painter doing a massacre scene in full details, doesn’t imply any liking of this, just that it’s part of reality and a rather important one.

    What you think ?

  32. Scott Burns says:

    I told you. muthafukaz, I told you: Trey and Dave will always suck cocks.

  33. Morbid Visions/Bestial Devastation says:

    two big cocks or three or four small cocks

  34. Dimebag Darrell's talent and legacy was a fallacy says:

    Pantera, Hatebreed and Blind Guardian have always huffed jenkem. I say that because I keep seeing these band names repeated in the comment section of various post here at Anus.com. I just would like to clarify to all you faggots that support these bands. If you want to be as talented as they are, combine your own piss and shit in some tupperware and then sniff it.

    Machine Head, while they suck are still commendable because of the previous band they were in (Forbidden)

  35. @Martel says:

    lol @ you needing “ANGRYYY” music

    your mom didn’t take you to Hot Topic today because you’ve been wasting enough gas hanging out with the friends you don’t have??? hahaha blow me arab

  36. herpaderp says:


    I thought those yokels were in Vio-lence, not Forbidden. Who cares, both bands suck.

  37. limptoolkornbizkit says:

    Korn > Pantera + Hatebreed + 4 small cocks + Morbid Angel

  38. 13 Year Old Metal Fan Jiggalo 4 Lyfe says:


  39. joe says:

    they both suck

  40. Whoosh says:

    Nice, you can’t get over the shock of the MA album, despite everything you say to the contrary.

  41. Is this ANUS.com? says:

    NU,NU,NU,NU,NU Metal eh? Do young people really still listen to this kind of music? (Post modern young people?) Doesn’t Morbid Angel know it isn’t 1995 anymore?

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