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In darkness heavy metal finds its greatest friend. From the ominous tritone of Black Sabbath to the most vicious and bestial extreme metal of the modern day, diving into the abyss to find meaning has been metal’s clarion call. Keeping true to that paradigm, and displaying the ability to build upon it, Wormreich have crafted an EP of atonal black metal titled Wormcult Revelations.

Standing above ordinary circular composition, Womreich use leitmotifs if even on a small scale to expand the power of experience in this work. The narrative of this EP reveals itself through four songs which share returning ideas across the album, like a Satanic opera concluding in sinister victory. Cold and dark riffs, like a gathering of fervent souls brought together to recite the devil’s gospel, enclose this stygian mood. The dark, horror-like atmosphere of this EP separates this band from similar acts. The two instrumental keyboard tracks, “Shaare-Maveth” and “Codex Lvciferivm” use the dark-ambient style to emphasize that murky atmosphere.

Wormreich succeed in delivering a batch of haunting and devilish black metal similar to the likes of Aosoth, old Watain, and Deathspell Omega. Wormcult Revelations leads you through a whirlwind of smoke and fire for an authentic ritual experience.

Track Listing:
I. Revelation I: Vox in Rama 2:30
II. Revelation II: Serpents of Choronzon 7:06
III. Shaare-Maveth 1:57
IV. Revelation III: Devotion’s Final War 7:15
V. Revelation IV: Enim Satanas Meum Sanguinem 7:25
VI. Codex Lvciferivm 5:08
VII. Malign Paradigm [Deathspell Omega cover] 4:45

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41 thoughts on “Wormreich – Wormcult Revelations

  1. bete noire says:

    Surface level [b]lack metal. 3/10

  2. Laurentius the Disenchanted One says:

    Just by reading the description, I already know what generic results this will produce. I listened to it. This is unimpressive. This could be Antaeus or any other similarly vapid band. This new and generic black metal along with Teitanblood, Deafheaven, and Watain are part of the problem with the general music culture in this social media age: disposable.

    2014: a year with so many new releases, and the best one (packaging, content, value, etc.) is a Demilich compilation with tracks that can be downloaded for free from their website…

    1. bete noire says:

      I suppose that the Deathspell Omega cover is the most blatant giveaway that it’s mediocre shieet

  3. Lord Mosher says:

    It would be great to read about the old Greek black metal scene.
    There were greats like Varathron, Rotting Christ, Necromantia and to a lesser degree Septic Flesh. There were others though like Deviser, Agatus, Order of the Ebon Hand, Havorum, Nergal, Medieval Demon, Zephyrous, Thou art Lord, and newer bands like Athos and Darkthule

    1. blackbloodvortex says:

      ^ this. Also, these dudes must be doing something right if they get the DMU trash-talking seal of approval. I’ll have to give this a listen.

      1. bete noire says:

        Awww, carebear. By all means, subject yourself to generic wankery.

        1. blackbloodvortex says:

          Just checked it out. Not too bad actually, I definitely sense that these guys have room to grow and I’ll be interested to hear them find their stride. I’ll give it a solid 7/10. You should leave a link for your awesomely original and awe-inspiring project. I’ll bet the riffs are mind-blowing. You do have one, right? Are you guys playing Martyrdoom or Speyer Grey Mass next year? Mom’s basement?

            1. blackbloodvortex says:

              You the same one that did that ‘All for Naught’ release? Got it in a trade with Forbidden Recs a while back. Very competent piano/key work, very little staying power or substance though I must say. Also about twenty minutes too long. 4/10. Good luck with future stuff.

              1. bete noire says:

                AFN sucked and lacked direction. It succeeded on novelty.

                1. bete noire says:

                  The Blasphemer was a bit better because it had one vision to mesh with sound. However, there are lackluster songs on that album as well. I should’ve taken more than a couple of months to write/record it.

                  1. bete noire says:


                    The third one is complete as well. It has more competent compositions and experiments more with ambient (Sample above). So, it’s up to time to send if the previous pitfalls will hinder it. Although, as a whole, I’m burnt out of the metal scene because of so many generic clone bands and such rehashing the same formulas over and over. Wormreich is just another example of what should be in the first batch to go if there was ever a culling. It’s imitation, not substance.

                    1. blackbloodvortex says:

                      With Wormreich I hear many similarities with other ‘orthodox’ (whatever that means) black metal bands, but the way that they combine those elements intelligently gives it a certain unique quality I believe. No question that it’s not the most original thing out there, but what of the other 90% of metal bands that aren’t? It takes a ton of dedication and talent to pull off what these guys and others like them do, this band just needs to find their groove. Besides, this sounds better than the vast majority of the horrifically terrible and hopelessly worthless USBM scene.

                    2. blackbloodvortex says:

                      Nice try but waay off the money, my confused little friend. Don’t quit your day job, goatguy :)

                    3. bete noire says:

                      I had four immediate guesses of who this was:

                      1) the operator of this site (he’s prone to trolling)
                      2) an actual band member from Wormreich (although it seemed trollsk from the beginning)
                      3) the author of this article, although she could be labeled as a minion for for Birth AIDS and 1)

                      DMU staff, I am requesting (again) to have the Goatcraft articles removed from this website — Since you don’t have rules and regulations set other than on a whim, and have changed articles in the past and removed Goatcraft before from one article, there’s no contradiction which hasn’t already been displayed.

                    4. bete noire says:

                      4) is a wild card (the surprise)

                    5. bete noire says:

                      I was thinking that 4) could’ve possibly been a distro or something.

                      Have a nice day

                    6. blackbloodvortex says:

                      I met their drummer once when he was in Bloodstained Dusk (dude seriously looks like Abe Lincoln with long hair), I’m not sure if that qualifies me as being in on the conspiracy. You just seemed as though you needed a friendly reminder that people in glass houses should refrain from throwing stones and to offer up legitimate criticisms without resorting to tired and useless ad hominem B.S. There are more credible ways to weed out the weak (in the eye of the beholder, of course).

                    7. bete noire says:

                      Oh. I’ll throw bricks until muscle failure. Then I’ll start cursing and swearing until I pass out from exhaustion.

                      Anyone who values art should do the same.

                      Fuck imitation!

                    8. bete noire says:

                      I apologize for the pisspoor sentences and such on this post. I’ve typed this all on a phone.

                      Prozak saw me play live a couple of times and he “threw the horns”

                      He wasn’t making that gesture at me performing, but he did so for himself in-lieu of being acquainted with someone who’d help support him.

                    9. bete noire says:

                      Nah. I know the guy who runs this website; he’s pretending.

                      He won’t respond to me publicly other than through trollsk means.

                  2. blackbloodvortex says:

                    That doesn’t mean a whole lot when spoken by a hypocrite, but the sentiment is apparent. Good luck with that spooky elevator music, my friend!

                    1. bete noire says:

                      How am I a hypocrite? That I want any semblance of my music/interviews removed from this website because it caters to the lowest common denominator (i.e. the geneic mimicry of black metal [this article] that would’ve been flayed alive on anus)?

                    2. bete noire says:

                      It’s catering to the herd. Social media metal.

                    3. bete noire says:

                      Plato would reject it. It’s a copy of a copy of a copy of a copy, and so forth. It’s not an expression of art.

                    4. fenrir says:

                      what are you talking about? A hypocrite?

                    5. bete noire says:

                      “Blackbloodvortex” is confusing honest diligence with striving to copy others equates to an appreciation of this band being proficient at their instruments (even though the bar is pre-set to low in black metal), makes him think that they can rise above being a copy. But a print which starts out as copy of another’s work is hindered by the pitfalls of leaping from the wrong foot.

                      They won’t get better as long as they are a social media band. They’re doing the tried-and-true after it’s already been watered down. They don’t understand metal as an art form. They only know technique. They’ll not realize themselves. It’s brocore/brochure black metal.

                    6. bete noire says:

                      My request to have the Goatcraft articles removed is a just request.

                      Prozak once asked me (months ago) “why deathmetal.org and not anyone else?” — the standards were set higher on ANUS. This website is a mockery.

                      True colors are shown.

                      Reconsidering something is not hypocrisy. I regret ever helping out this website.

                    7. Beckmann says:

                      I think he’s just mad that he got mentioned on Metalsucks.net. He’s lost his underground appeal because someone out of the realm of those he considers “worthy” likes his music.

                    8. bete noire says:

                      I’m not mad at other publications. Just this one because I know who runs it and this is even a ruse to him.

                      As such, DMU/DMU staff/”Brett” grant my boon of removing the Goatcraft articles.

          1. Robert says:

            I actually agree with you. This isn’t too bad. I enjoyed it. Would I buy it? Probably not but they’re a solid band and far better than hipster/post-black metal trite.

  4. Beckmann says:

    Are there any releases worth listening to that have come out within the past 5 years?(excluding Burzum)

    1. What do you think of the latest from Blaspherian, War Master, Imprecation and the newest Demoncy and Beherit?

      1. Blusfear Ian says:

        Only Demoncy was worth it.

        1. Phalangite says:

          And Beherit and Asphyx and Lord Wind. Lord Wind more than anything, actually.

          War Master and Imprecation are good, but I don’t see them ever making a classic album, they’re B/B+ bands at best. Haven’t listen to much Blaspherian.

        2. bete noire says:

          The Imprecation was pretty good. Blaspherian is real good live.

      2. Imposition says:


        Did you listen to Lantern’s ‘Below’? I thought that was a highlight, but have never seen it discussed around here.

  5. Imposition says:

    This is pretty good.

  6. Uriel says:

    Dead Can Dance’s first album was reviewed here, so is there any chance a Dead Can Dance article could happen? The 2 albums they released after are stronger works than their debut… (and it’s more interesting than these copy and paste “orthodox black metal” bands).

  7. veien says:

    I must admit this was pretty damn good (of course, I only say that because I’m planning on putting out some half-assed shit myself and hope others will return the favour – and yet at the same time I don’t even realize I’m doing that). The video reminded me of “Nightmare – the interactive video board game”. Google it in the name of humour and you won’t regret it!

  8. shambler says:

    The Other Side by The Abyss is better.

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