YouTube Censorship Begins Targeting Musicians

It’s here!  YouTube’s rapidly accelerating censorship committee has finally begun targeting musicians with their Orwellian “hate speech” laws.  Pandering to the advertisers that have quietly bought the operations of Silicon Valley tech companies and the souls of all Silicon Valley employees, YouTube has begun a fascist campaign of censoring any videos that may cause trouble for any company that may accidentally place an ad on it.  So far this has primarily targeted vloggers for (conservative) wrongthink- videos portraying horrifically offensive hatred such as statistics, scientific research, or biological facts.  Yet strangely, the first band in the greater sphere of heavy music that YouTube has gone after is a modern nu-metal/rap rock band who, in all honesty, looks pretty leftist….

That band is rapcore outfit King810 and the video in question is “Killem All” (likely the band had to delete the space between “Kill” and “em” to avoid a lawsuit from Metallica).  Interestingly, the lyrics (as I interpreted them) seemed to graphically chronicle life in a violent city decimated by gang warfare as many rap songs often do.  However the song features a sample of a news report on Flint Michigan- the minority neighborhood famously lead poisoned by cost cutting  Democrats- before the vocalist launches into a tirade of yelling “I’m going to kill them all!” This is obviously bad optics for diversity friendly YouTube despite the band ultimately intending to advocate for the mistreated residents of these areas.  Yet in communist Silicon Valley you only matter if you’re already a celebrity and unfortunately for this terrible band they were born 20 years too late for that.

Should censorship push the oncoming wave of young conservative metal bands off YouTube they will be likely wear the rejection as a badge of honor in the same way Scandinavian metal bands prided in the poorly financed audio production of their recordings.  Perhaps the spiritual successor to death metal will have “anti big tech” patches with Jack Dorsey’s face crossed out in place of Scott Burns. In any case, please don’t listen to the music of this band unless you really, really miss those early Limp Bizkit albums.

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23 thoughts on “YouTube Censorship Begins Targeting Musicians”

  1. Marc Defranco says:

    Any of ya’ll give the new 2CD reissue of Consuming Impulse a listen? Based on this the remaster didn’t help…

    1. Adrian McCoy says:

      Damn looks like it’s fucked even harder than the old “2 from the vault” cd. Who the fuck do we have to kill to get the original audio reissued on this shit?

      1. Marc Defranco says:

        Maybe they had access to the original audio, but decided to fuck it up with a “remaster.” At this point though I think a lot of classic death metal albums aren’t reissued with original audio because they actually lost the original master audio. I just get that feeling because they know fans obviously demand the original audio most of the time yet never reissue with it

    2. Rainer Weikusat says:

      I bought the CD and can’t complain about it. OTOH, my playback equipment is puny.

    3. Nom de plume says:

      To quote Daniel Maraat on these Pestilence reissues”

      “Whatever the sound, this remaster surely cannot sound worse than the horrific “Two From the Vault” reissue on Roadrunner”

      “The remaster will be available on black vinyl, colored vinyl, cassette, and CD. Get the CD version if you care about the sound quality.”

      Get your shit together DMU.

  2. I'm black says:

    If banning this terrible band’s stupidly irrelevant video is all they have to do to appear unbiased in their “hate speech” regulation then these tool sacks get off easy with their censorship campaign. Should work out great for them.

  3. 1917 or Die says:

    The left part and the right part of that poster, split right in the middle, are two opposite things, but you’ll never get that I guess.

    1. desu metal says:

      I miss the site’s old stance of not mixing politics with metal because one is populist and one is transcendent or whatever the rationalization was

      1. S.C. says:

        Definitely agree. But Toner seems to be staying away from outright political commentary and only addressing poltics when it is relevant to metal.

      2. Rainer Weikusat says:

        I generally agree with this because my “political opinions” is that “politics” is something for politicians (or students aspiring to become politicians), however, the “everything is political” aka “we want to police everything” crowd will happily engage in and/or cry for art being censored which is either open to political interpretations they disapprove of or even just created by people believed to hold disagreeable political opinions (Graveland being the prime example here).

        Combine this with arbitrary verditcs issued by secret and unaccountable tribunals and you’ll end up with a serious problem. This is not only open to massive abuse, it also tramples on everybody’s right to make his own decision in such cases. If “XL Gartenzwerg” believes listenting to $band will cause $really_evil_shit, he’s absolutely free to try to convince everybody of his opinions.

        1. desu metal says:

          Politics is for people who don’t understand what politics is for

          1. Rainer Weikusat says:

            Be that as it may, I’m entirely busy living my own life and have zero desire to mess with other people’s lives.

    2. Count Ringworm says:

      I’m currently readinging Stephen Kotkin’s exhaustive biography of Stalin and couldn’t agree more.

    3. Reduced Without Any Effort says:

      I don’t agree with DMU’s mixing of metal with alt-right politics, but if there’s one thing I think we can all agree on, it’s that all communists and tumblristas need to be immediately deported to their choice of Venezuela or North Korea, especially the ones that say “but it’s not REAL socialism and/or communism!!1!”

  4. Deathevokation says:

    Hook, line, and sinker this site and its writers buy that communism bullshit sanctioned by Zionists, neocons, neoliberals, and central bankers. The editing on youtube and google (Both owned and run by Zionist jews) is based on a fear of the Zionist narrative coming undone regarding ownership of wealth through massive corporations with human rights and US fiat currency backed by oil to justify US imperialism. The target of huge corporations that own the media is alternative news sites because many provide news rooted in investigation instead of speculative drivel and opinion as shown across televised, print, and online media to garner viewers that watch ads then buy products – it’s also about disinformation and sales because our entire economy is propped up by debt. As for music, some bands are targeted because the idea is to make it look like they’re clamping down on violent lyrics or anti-semitic bands. However, that’s a method for dividing and conquering people into good little PC minions via identity politics. It’s also disinformation and whitewashing to cover the Zionist apartheid of Palestinians in illegally occupied Palestine, and as a cover for US illegal wars all over the world – Or do you really think we’ve over 900 bases worldwide for free-dumb- and dumb-ocracy despite the contradiction of having no democracy in the US. Shit, do you guys even realize the US two biggest allies are Israel and Saudi Arabia? When this site posts dumb memes of Uncle Tom Obama, Stalin, Marx, Lenin, and Mao you come off as yokels working for the CIA that have no problem with Saudi Arabian Wahhabism (head choppers), Zionism (apartheid and war), or how those countries work with the US to create terrorist groups like ISIS to destabilize the Middle East as a means for stealing natural resources in an outdated form of industrialized society, which benefits the 1%. Are you guys really moronic enough to believe in the Domino Theory or that communists are somehow sailing across the Pacific and Atlantic oceans to overwhelm the US with communism. Do you guys really back baseless McCarthyism regarding communism or modern Russophobia? Prove to me that all of Silicon Valley is communist as asserted in the article. Shit, and do you actually think the US government isn’t imperialist or capable of installing Nazis in the Ukraine, while telling the uniformed supine ubiquitous masses the bloated socialist US military budget, funded by our tax dollars, is fighting for free-dumb and dumb-ocracy. Instead of being useful idiots and half assed unwitting agent provocateurs read up on what’s really going on from sites that are systematically getting banned for informing people via actual news:






    1. JohnnyReb says:

      Yes and no, and obviously.

    2. Cucked by Zion says:

      Spot on, right or left the Talmudic Juden horde control it all. There is no real left or right, it’s just the Judaic Zionist slavemasters, their shabbos lackeys & the dumbfuck goyim who bicker amongst themselves rather than uniting against their real enemy. Quite tragic but comical at the same time.

  5. Count Ringworm says:

    I don’t understand the hate for this band. They very obviously get the message even if the music is terrible. None of us arrived to death metal straight from the crib. We all had entry-level bands. For me it was Nine Inch Nails and then Skinny Puppy then Ministry. This Flint band could very well sow the seeds of the next Repulsion.

    1. NWN Vinyl Clad BDSM Master says:

      At first it was androgynous girls with the Korn, now it’s shemales and war metal! War!!!

      1. Count Ringworm says:

        What’s wrong with shemales? Everyone needs love.

  6. Deathevokation says:

    Right, this is what goes for intellectual discussion on this site. Fag and tranny talk or hipsters crying their latest rubbish like Power Trip gets ripped in a bloated article.

    One more thing on China, and that moronic meme. US free trade enabled their economy to overtake ours in 2014. They literally manufacture everything we buy in the US. Shit, even my Red Wing work boots are made in China as are power tools, your bullshit American made cars get built by Chinese, as do cell phones, and even medication is made in China. On top of it they own trillions in US debt, hundreds of millions in real estate, and they’ve even opened up industrial plants – mostly with robot workers – in the US. Now, they’re challenging US hegemony and the US dollar as the world reserve currency. THe reason is because only US dollars can be used to purchase oil. THat essentially means nations pay for US illegal imperialism. SO they’ve gotten together with Russia, backed their yuan in gold, and are now selling oil with Russia, but they won’t accept US dollars. Furthermore, belligerent US foreign policy – run by ZIonists and neocons out of AIPAC – sees countries turning toward China and Russia including Iran, Syria, Pakistan, DPRK, and even South Korea, which is why the US fears the New SIlk Road. Meanwhile the US grows more isolationist as the empire fails. Everything coming out of Trumps mouth regarding China is bullshit for the uninformed because he know that communist China literally owns the US. Shit, China wouldn’t even need to fire a bullet to end the US. All they’d need to do is stop manufacturing our goods, take the cap off the yuan for its people, and it’d be like the roaring 1950’s US economy, but in China.

    Meanwhile the wealthy assholes running and ruining this country just gave themselves a huge tax break, and morons think the trickle down effect of capitalism is someway gonna bring jobs back to the US. THat didn’t happen when Reagan gave his wealthy pals a tax cut, and it won’t happen now. SHit, if those greedy turds actually thought they could make a profit in America they’d have invested years ago. Instead those jobs got shipped off long ago turning great towns and cities throughout the US into complete shitholes while forcing the poor living there now into the military, which incidentally lowered its recrutement standards for the morons, mentally deranged, and minor criminals. But yeah, the communists are coming. They’re crawling out of the woodwork with AK47’s. Fucking useful idiots for the neocons and Zionists.

    1. Gladius et Scutum says:

      China is more a paper tiger than a dragon. Even with the fake commie propaganda about the size of their economy, their debt to GDP ratio is terrible. The amount of debt that it took the USA 242 year to accumulate China accumulated in about 15 years. China has a terrible demographic problem, a nascent muslim problem in its western provinces, and has built vast amounts of ‘infrastructure’ that will never, ever be used by its soon to be declining population. China needs the American consumer far more than the American consumer needs Chinese production – nowhere else on earth can China find 300 million wealthy consumers but the American consumer can easily find 1 billion idle production laborors elsewhere in Asia, latin America, and Africa. Years of super-low interest rates have left China with huge amounts of US Treasuries that are basically worth less than what they paid for them. Its adorable that you think the 1950’s economy of the US was ‘roaring’ when it struggled to employ 50% of its total available workforce despite owning 100% of the worlds wealth and 100% of the worlds productive capacity after the rest of the globe was devastated by ww2.

      It was endless shitty wars against cavement camel fuckers and 30 years of PC propaganda enforcement that has driven many quality American men out of the US military and caused the recruitment standards to be lowered. Clinton and Obama, and to a lesser extent W Bush, have essentially turned the US Military into a tranny pride parade. Insofar as President Trump MIGHT avoid too many foolish wars, and has definately tried to scale back the commiefag party inside the military, the recruiting standards will go back up again as more young American men are again attracted to life in the military.

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