Abigail – The Final Damnation (2016)

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Article by Johan P.

The Final Damnation could be Abigail’s most worthwhile release since their sleazy blackened speed metal debut Intercourse and Lust twenty years ago. After tons of insipid punk/speed metal releases, more vicious black metal elements have once again made their way into Abigail’s repertoire.

That doesn’t add up to much though, since the band stick to their old songwriting formula of using their patched denim vests as compositional mind-maps. A Bulldozer-oozing part is stitched together with a Black Sabbath-chorus, which in turn leads into a NWOBHM-styled guitar solo and so on. After three or four songs it all begins to drag, as they’ve plundered every possible aspect of Eighties metal without managing to channel their influences into a coherent voice. At this point, the superfluous black metal embellishments, the dirty production, and the annoyingly catchy beer metal choruses do not help.

This album is hollow and shouldn’t even appeal to the nostalgic crowd as Abigail can’t figure out which type of underground music they want to mimic. This indecisiveness is easiest to spot by listening to the singer; he changes his intonation between each tune and sometimes even within a song. Like an insecure teenager he changes his voice depending on his surroundings: is he Chuck Billy? No wait, Bruce Corbit? Nah, that must be Gezol!

Unlike Intestine Baalism, who managed to forge their influences into something both unique and listenable on An Anatomy of the Beast, Abigail fail – like most Japanese metal bands – to express something of their own. Instead they hide behind the usual metal tropes, idioms, and guitar candy. Let’s hope Abigail stick to their words and make this their Final Damnation.

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7 thoughts on “Abigail – The Final Damnation (2016)”

  1. Network Addicts says:

    I just listened IRON MAIDEN in this morning haha, and I think the Asian band should create music like BIRTH A.D., they play the BLACK/DEATH METAL is duplicate and soulless.

    1. ANUS Heinous says:

      The music reminds me of Sinister, but the vocals sound like Job for a Cowboy.

  2. Rainer Weikusat says:

    Blackened hair metal?

    “Something completely different”: I’m looking for a CD to buy next week. The most interesting thing I’ve found so far is Veld, Daemonic: The Art of Dantalian. I like the drums and some of the riffs sound interesting but I don’t like the heavy use of samples. I’m interested in something released in 2016 or 2014, death metal, no single guy studio projects (and no ‘two guys studio projects’ either), nothing atmospheric, supposed-to-be-beautiful or melancholic (sadness isn’t beautiful and depressions are not fun), at least not as dominating style, and also no “movement therapy for suppressed boy-friends of assertive girl-friends” stuff (eg, Korpse) but music suitable for listening to it (at least 50% of the time sober).

    Any suggestions? [Preferably orderable in Europe as US shipping prices are insane]

    1. C.M. says:

      The last couple Sammath albums are as much death metal as black metal and you can get them in Europe for a decent price.

      Ripper – Experiment of Existence is also really good and you can probably find it in Europe.

      Wracking my brain for good 2014-2016 releases… that’s all I got for now.

      1. Sammath has been death metal since the second album and the first album isn’t organized like your typical black metal album either.

      2. Rainer Weikusat says:


        I’ll give the 2014 Sammath release a try despite this sounds like black metal to me (ie, not some surface clone like Dork Funeral). Especially, it’s heavily melancholic and I usually stay away from anything in this direction as I can become as sad as I like (and much more than I like) without any external stimulus.

        While flipping through some old Stevens texts on metal history, I just remembered that I used to own the Merciless debut (which – to this date – ought to sit on some shelf in my parent’s house) when I saw a picture of the cover. I remember that I liked that and that doing so was considered another proof of my imbecility as no one liked stuff like this but the music has been completely eradicated from my mind (struck a vague chord when listening to the first track again). That’s a good enough reason for buying something more black metal.

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