Abigor / Nightbringer / Thy Darkened Shade / Mortuus – split (2017)

David Rosales reviews this ridiculous split album.


After listening to the painfully annoying Time Is The Sulphur In The Veins Of The Saint, I thought I would never see Abigor put out even shittier material. 2014’s Leytmotif Luzifer had been a structured approach to the outwardly chaotic style the band had been developing; the deepest, underlying chaos-riff-salad over general topic area was the same as in Channeling the Quintessence of Satan. All expectations of Abigor returning to their senses should not be left out of the question nor should their perilously flaunted lack of black metal in their ‘black metal’ (funny that T.T. has stated that Summoning is “not black metal”) be expected to become openly not black metal. Yet the latter is precisely what we hear in their 2017 collaboration with these other four classically theatrical theistic-spiritual satanic bands of the “dissonance is my style” (lack of) proper aesthetic. Abigor here sound closer to a weirder Opeth than anything else, collecting everything from lite jazz to laughable “satanic ritual” modern singer-sweet-boy declamations, all filled with lame and sporadic post-rock gestures. Believe me that I am their most disappointed fan.


It seems as if these four bands got together in this release to release pretentious, empty nonsense that spat on their past work; while Nightbringer has never been an example of black metal expression and purity, the band has managed to express a feeling of falling through the void and distorted pictures of reality through long-winded and almost psychedelic trip into a different reality. In this case we find a weaker and more generic representation of what Nightbringer normally brings to the table, perhaps aligning itself with the mediocrity that Abigor champions in this release. There remains little more to be said about this track other than that it appears to be a cardboard cut-out with a print-out put together to stand in place of a real composition.

Thy Darkened Shade

This is nothing but the tekdeaf version of music for black metal; war metal and circus avant-black put together with some pseudo neo-classical patterns and a rapid succession of shock-and-move-on rhythmic sections with guitar scaling exercises running on top of them. I wonder if this is how it would sound if Kiko Loureiro (Angra & Megadeth) tried playing black metal guitar. They play this circus for as long as they can before taking a nonsensical break into silence for a little while only to start the same barrage of absolute worthlessness until ten minutes of utter crap are completed, leaving listeners with ten minutes of  their short time on this mortal coil wasted.


Post-avant-rock “metal” with severe “atmospheric” affectations (there are no actual riffs in this music); virtually indistinguishable from the rest of the artistic failures of a similar kind. Utter crap.

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108 thoughts on “Abigor / Nightbringer / Thy Darkened Shade / Mortuus – split (2017)”

  1. engorged genitals says:

    I wish bands would stop making black metal, the dream is dead, assimilation is complete, death metal is the victor, please stop, die with what little dignity you have left, go into finger painting.

  2. Marc Defranco says:

    Couldn’t find anything on T.T. saying Summoning isn’t black metal but the last Summoning album blows everything Abigor has done for the last 15 or so years away, and the rest of these bands entire discographies.

    1. David Rosales says:

      You didn’t find anything, so keep looking; the implication that it isn’t true because “I couldn’t find anything on it” is typical hubris of the common man in the information era; same delusion that makes wikipedia some kind of authority.

      Last time I looked, the interview I was referring to wasn’t available anymore because the site on which it was is not operational anymore.

      He does echo the same sentiment here, though:

      BIGOR is the shadow, SUMMONING is the light, there’s no real link between us.
      Personally I don’t see SUMMONING as Black-Metal; Fantasy-Metal, yes, not more, a
      soundscape of Tolkien’s world, boring and to slow for me… Don’t get me wrong,
      we’re still friends, but we don’t like each others music, hehe.

      1. Marc Defranco says:

        I didn’t believe it was not true nor fact just didn’t want to search around for a while on something that didn’t seem a big deal, but thanks for the reference.

        1. David Rosales says:

          Took me about a minute to find another that other interview in which he said something to the same effect.

          1. Marc Defranco says:

            Congrats, here’s a cookie

            1. David Rosales says:

              A-ha, Marc.

  3. J. Munsinger says:

    this was published before the albums were released or promo´ed, which means the author did this by skipping through a stream most. very professional. only 3 questions remain:
    1. has someone of the involved bands shagged his girlfriend?
    2. has someone of the involved bands kicked his ass?
    3. does the author try to become a weird new Monty Python-esque comedian?

    1. If you don’t want your shit record to be called shit, then do not release shit at all. We do not give a shit if you haven’t paid a PR company yet; the word of most of the great new records that Death Metal Underground recommends comes to us from the underground, not paid shills.

      1. wee-nis says:

        Even the cover art looks like the bottom of a shit stained toilet…

        1. Marc Defranco says:

          Hey I kind of like it ha but it went to waste. You can see a little demon guy blowing a horn into a chasm

    2. fenrir says:

      It was posted on Abigor’s Bandcamp on February 22, 2017.

    3. Rainer Weikusat says:

      None of this matters. An author motivated by personal grudges may well write a valid review. And openly speculation them is just a personal attack where a refutation had been called for.

  4. Rainer Weikusat says:

    I’ve been going through quite a bit of dubious black metal in the last couple of days as I was looking for a CD to buy but while most of what I found was decidedly non-interesting/ sub-par, nothing was so utterly horrible as this (and so entirely devoid of anything resembling black metal).

    1. David Rosales says:

      These bands, whatever they were at some point int the past, have just completed outed themselves as commercial clowns with this release, if that wasn’t already apparent.

      I’ll wait for next Sammath / Kaeck, hope another S.V.E.S.T. comes out sometime during the next 5 years, and keep my ears and eyes open for the next Abyssum also hopefully appearing sometime during the next 3 years.

    2. Marc Defranco says:

      If you don’t already own a copy maybe Natur by Kaevum. I keep going back to it years after its release

      1. Rainer Weikusat says:

        Listened to about half of this online. The music is much better than the silly title and album cover suggests. I wouldn’t buy this because it’s all Norwegian and I want to understand what I’m dealing with. But a worthwhile encounter.

        I went with this


        That’s a new, Greek band with some faible for ‘dramatic use of keyboards’. Lots of reverb in the vocals, drums mostly blasting. What I heard from the guitar so far is mostly tremolo-picked ‘melody riffs’.

        NB: I didn’t listen to this completely as I’m still waiting for it. According to mail from the label, they shipped on the first business day after the order which is good.

        1. Marc Defranco says:

          Alright well if you ever have extra cash to throw around I’d say snag it. Good mix of old Norwegian bands with own sound and influence from I think Mjölnir. I’ll give the album you purchased a listen.

      2. David Rosales says:

        Trying it…

  5. Victor says:

    Commercial clowns? These bands must be commercial for sure that’s why they prefer to release this by themselves. That’s how a band goes commercial.
    Now it is sealed that you have no clue what is needed to emit such a release. Could the author post here his achievements and contribution in the black metal genre? I will be glad to judge these.

    Self made wanna be opinionated authorities are the worst.

    What is this? A farce site? Saying such words about one of the best splits in the history of black metal, is cheerful. Visit death metal.org for amusement and complex syndrome reflections. Someone should write a proper review for your site too one day.

    1. These bands are fucking scenester scum.

    2. fenrir says:

      So much anger.
      If you want a recommendation I’d point you in the direction of S.V.E.S.T. for 21st century black metal complexity worth musical praise.

    3. Attention Defecate Disorder says:

      Victor: You could make your argument in favor of the release right here in the comments. People would read it.

    4. Mythic Imagination says:

      You will hear the contributions soon enough and it will destroy this farce of ‘lack metal’.

      1. A.P. says:

        Hey, Arbatel aphorism 1. Read it.

    5. Please write a review of our thirty-year history that does it justice. Sounds good to me.

      Commercial = pandering to the audience, not directing the work toward artistic and realistic goals, as all the great art does.

      Is this split a classic, or a passing fad? There is not much room in the middle.

      1. Geniové says:

        There is no necessity for anyone to write a review for this mockery.
        The reviewers here are spitting at themselves.
        Making fools of themselves every now and then.
        This site apart from being a nugatory, it did an adventitious review of Abigor.
        A band with years of serving the underground with deeds.
        Not empty reviewing words to appear advanced or superior to paramount art (tremendous thirty years of adeptness).

        Now, you also assume the competence of a clairvoyant. Understanding the aim and the intention of these 4 bands as directing outwards and not inwards and assuming this random thought to be received as a fact.

        Abigor was never a fad, that’s why they are here for so many years.
        And these bands are here to stay too.
        Much more relevant than this empty site.

      2. Martin says:

        That’s a great deed for your 30 years of practice as a zine!!!!
        Those who cannot produce music with value do some empty reviews instead. It is the safe and easy way out. Haven’t seen a scummy review like this in my 30++ years of buying and supporting metal underground zines.

        If the writer thinks that he said something of value that has any sense for this release, then he must be a gardener because a reviewer he is not.

        Likewise, I haven’t heard anything near to this 4-way split lately.
        Blaming these bands of being trendy, commercial or whatever is a total irrationality.
        Important release from true artists.

        1. Yeah riff-less noise from scenester art fags and nu-Abigor. Fuck off and die.

          1. Geniové says:

            It seems that these people here are not able to say anything of worthiness.
            Unless it is a random thought or a failed attempt to insult (behind the safety of their little pc screens).

            Now, I shall throw too some more random thoughts to appear connoisseur, anti ”scenester” ”true metal” and at the same time paraplegic.

            Lets enter the deathmetal org ranks of moronic championship (which is impossible really).

            Deathmetal.org reasoning:


            Sounds like jazz with Deathspell Omega (compulsory to be mentioned even though the Abigor track is nowhere near any of these). Bohren & der Club of Gore, the Who, with Gregorian chants on top.


            Sounds like a mix of Emperor, old Katatonia, new Dimmu Borgir and ancient Zimbabwe traditional music.

            Thy Darkened Shade

            Sounds like Manowar meets the Pianist soundtrack, Yngwie Malmsteen and Nevermore.


            Sounds like Nortt, Strid , Aghast & Led Zeppelin

            This is the level of your intelligent, genuine, non biased review over here.

            I will come regularly here to enjoy this joke of wannabe elitarian site.

            Throw some insults and random band names again now and pose like you know anything about art.

            1. Geniové says:

              Sorry, I didn’t mean to say art because art is a fag word haha. You should do some IQ tests instead of reviewing here at deathmetal.org.

              1. You should shoot yourself in the head in an alley so a schizophrenic bum can fuck the hole in your skull using your scrambled brains for lubrication.

                1. Geniové says:

                  Those who say those very big things behind their screens are those hiding behind their insecure little life.
                  When someone needs to say something like this he must say it in real life situations.
                  Otherwise, he/she produces another empty sentence at his/her little empty internet forum.
                  Now, pretend to play in your imaginary little world full of wannabe pretentious elitism.
                  And let anyone laugh with your jokes that you decide to post publicly.

            2. Go back to the Nuclear War Now forum and jerk off to pseudo-metal art fag rock. NWN even sells a jizz rag for you to soggy biscuit with your gay ‘bate buddies:

              1. Geniové says:

                You did exactly as I said, you threw some insults once again.
                Go on continue, you will have a stroke soon.

    6. Alex says:

      Indeed commercial bands go for mainstream labels and do not self release their music.

      And you should add this:

      Commercial bands never produce anything near as progressive as these tracks. Especially the Abigor-TDS tracks needs repetitive listens. In this age of internet self expressed expertise, people are used to skip tracks instead of listening closely. How can someone ”judge” something properly without even having the lyrics?

      Commercial bands are not having 10 minute long songs and 4 tracks in one album.
      Commercial bands are not having a cover art that doesn’t look like anything else at the moment.
      Commercial bands are having promotional campaigns not at http://www.bardomethodology.com/ but rockhard etc.

      I will not comment on the nature of the review here because everything has been said about it. I just heard the album and was searching if others found it as unique in all levels as me. So I came across this review and site.

  6. Horrible dick and ball torture says:

    The last good Abigor album was “Nachthymnen”; the last good album from any of these other bands doesn’t exist.

  7. Geniové says:

    100% review done by a cripple. He took some few minutes to listen to this sophisticated piece of black metal art. Art that needs concentration to be absorbed. Then the guy posted it before anyone else. In order to guarantee that he will affect opinions about this split album.
    A hopeless strive to dig the graves of these stunning bands. Butt hurt for reasons that he only knows.

    Referring also to totally random stuff like Opeth, Kiko Loureiro (sounding like bm version of Kiko Loureiro while at same time being dissonant).
    Congrats, indeed a comedy of great proportions.

    ps: Commercial?????? All these bands are anticommercial. And Abigor for sure a band that never sold out. And always stayed underground, never went near the mainstream.

    1. David Rosales says:

      Ah, yes… when masturbatory and incoherent nonsense is taken for “sophistication”…. SOPHISTRY

      1. Sophistry is also pandering to the herd and what it wants to believe, for personal reward of the speaker, as distinct from the esoteric process of arguing toward understanding reality in actuality, sometimes called “truth” despite the distrust that nihilists have (rightfully: it is a proxy) for that term.

    2. Mythic Imagination says:

      You must be a cripple in order to enjoy this “music”. Your nu black metal sucks. There is probably more merit in Slipknot at this point.

    3. “Sophisticated” and “anticommercial” argue from the periphery; what is the artistic value of this release, what does it convey, and how does that relate to the world and the discipline of the human mind toward discovering its properties, hopefully — as with all art — including beauties both potential and actual?


    4. Rainer Weikusat says:

      He took some few minutes to listen to this sophisticated piece of black metal art. Art that needs concentration to be absorbed.

      Straightening cooked Spaghetti also needs concentration. This doesn’t mean it’s worthwhile.

      I’m now 3 minutes into the first track. So far, it’s a not very subtle ‘irregular’ rock song. Aborted at 09:19, no riffs, just chords, and some “intentionally weird” single-string playing (parts of which scream “Dave Davies was here”). Shouted vocals. Rock drumming. All toned down to avoid unsettling anything. Framed, this would make a nice living room picture for middle-aged couples keeping an expensive stereo they never use around.

  8. Geniové says:

    Oh yes, I know this pattern, once again. Retarded accidental comparisons to nu metal to appear cool, opinionated and different. While in fact giving below zero arguments and appearing retarded, inhibited and worse of all, mundane.
    Unable to conceive complicated Satanic art, which is a magnificent thing.

    1. Marc Defranco says:

      Hmm ok I listened to the whole thing and the reviewer is fairly right and this is coming from someone that enjoyed the Thy Darkened Shade song on the album, and the first Mortuus album. As far as this being complicated satanic art, I won’t deny that but as a musical composition for the most part it fails. All three other songs just drone on and on

      1. Geniové says:

        Why do you enjoy the Thy Darkened Shade track? Are you a scenester? :)
        This is just technical guitar lessons material like Angra (yes, exactly) with some silence (the piano part is now being mistakenly heard as silence by the deaf anti-elite deathmetal.org).

        1. Marc Defranco says:

          I like the guitarwork as it is complex but still simple to follow without becoming too catchy, and the part with I believe the acoustic guitar is enjoyable. The band also has a member of Acrimonious and I’m a fan of some of their releaseses mainly for the guitar as well.

          Ha suppose so in the eyes of some on this site but I don’t concern myself with what others think. Simply my opinion I enjoy the older Abigor albums. Strong song writing with some technicality, now experimentation has taken over for experimentation sake. I do not think it adds anything to the songs. The other bands seem a bit too generic for me but I think the first Mortuus album is worth some praise

          1. Geniové says:

            I really like all the tracks/bands on the ANTM split. But I am a huge Abigor listener since Verwüstung / Invoke the Dark Age, minus Satanized, that one I never liked.
            Thy Darkened Shade also released one of the best black metal albums the recent years called Liber Lvcifer. Heard this since it was released along with the masterpiece Leytmotif Luzifer as a split tape, I enjoyed Eternvs too totally.
            Nightbringer and Mortuus are fucking great for me as well.
            Especially De Contemplanda Morte De Reverencie Laboribus ac Adorationis+Death and the Black Work. But they didnt dissapoint on other releases, they where still powerful totally. So, it was very normal for me to like this split alot.
            I havent checked anything Acrimonious related since Purulence, I will check them too. Saw they got a new album out.

            1. Marc Defranco says:

              To me the first 3 Abigor albums are quality but after they fell off and now they try to bring too many outside sounds instead of finding experimentation within black metal and their personal sound. Example of imo the correct way could be the change from first Burzum to Filosofem and the experimentation there. I’ll have to listen to the Thy Darkened Shade full lengths, give em a decent try. For Nightbringer I gave there first two albums a good listen but nothing was distinct to me. If I remember correctly first Mortuus had some good songs and riffs but now the split song sounds riffles. In the end though as I get older I am noticing time and money does not need to be wasted on so many releases especially like this where there is only one decent song and compared to other bands this release is not mandatory. Newer bands still have not exactly surpassed the level of quality of say Gorgoroth’s Pentagram or Varathron’s His Majesty at the Swamp. Some bands come close or match but then often times they release only one quality album then repeat or have a dud. Best to spend money on very specific albums and worship them than tons of mediocre albums

  9. wee-nis says:

    I always confuse Abigor with Aborym, 2 useless bands! Where’s the next Soulside Journey or Transilvanian Hunger? Not here that’s for sure!

    1. Geniové says:

      Dont worry my friend!! This comedian site made a great, amazing review for another masterpiece too, namely Transilvanian Hunger.

      And many other comedian reviews will follow very soon:


      1. wee-nis says:

        That guy thinks “braindance” has merit and isn’t just sonic wallpaper (like this ridiculous split).

    2. Marc Defranco says:

      Some old Abigor is better than Soulside Journey and Transylvanian Hunger to me but nothing beats Under a Funeral Moon. Also I don’t need more albums like em, if I want something like TH I’ll listen to TH. Fuck complete rehash shit with no personal sound

      1. wee-nis says:

        No rehash shit, just things at that level of quality

        1. Marc Defranco says:

          Ok got ya

  10. J. Munsinger says:

    dear anus.com staff (it´s the same, right?), a nut to crack:
    interview on jokemetal.com, author praises interviewed band A as the greatest thing on earth. goes on writes reviews that band B is the most worthless shit ever. band A cites band B as influence, hahaha. (ps: this kind of “jokemetal.com paradox” also happened in reviews several times. it was fun browsing through this shithole to find such examples of your consistency and musical understanding, but since this site is written at the same level that elementary school kids discuss their fave gangsta rappers, let´s call it a day)

    1. Rainer Weikusat says:

      author praises interviewed band A as the greatest thing on earth. goes on writes reviews that band B is the most worthless shit ever. band A cites band B as influence

      And the punchline is?

      One of the albums I like more I bought during the last year has My Dying Bride on the special thanks list. That’s even bad for “Goth music” but since dark wave turned into an entirely sexualized, normy costume fest around the time the guitar player was likely born, he presumably never heard anything better. The Chthe’ilist guy refers to Laaz Rockit, IMHO the epitome of completely bland bay ara clone band. I don’t really listen to his album anymore although I keep entertaining the thought. There’s no way I’d ever spend any time with Laaz Rockit. I already hated that when I was 17. Somewhere on the ‘net, there’s a reference to Oystein Asareth stocking Deicide albums in his shop despite he considered it “commercialised, trendy death metal”. I agree with this assessment. Loads of other people don’t.

      Different people experience the same music in different ways and they also look for different things in it. They also usually have a sentimental attachment to things which were very important to them at earlier times of their life. Not exactly a discovery.

    2. Muh Complex Art says:

      Hey obvious band-member, a simple reminder of why your comment is ripe with irrelevancy: Artist (A) creates greatness and takes inspiration from mediocrity (B), whilst artist (C) takes inspiration from the greatness of (A) but creates trite and bland shit. Ergo: Inspiration doesn’t change a thing, intent can take a perpetual back seat position. Only results matter. Ya dig bub?

  11. Horrible dick and ball torture says:


  12. Cynical says:

    I like how you can tell which commenters are butthurt members of the bands.

    Protip, guys — you’re not changing any minds. You’re just making people think “man, these guys must have tiny penises to care so much about what some random guy on the internet thinks”.

  13. Exfoliation says:

    This album is a big circle jerk of fags staring at each otha’s bawls. They all pack tightly in a studio and grind their small fucks into each other’s faces and the resultant moans of shame if and glory make it into the record, also Dark Descent is a scam on nerds disposable income, they know they can slap some shit together and people will buy it, there’s an entire chronicle in Facebook of the guy moving out of an apartment into a big house then taking 15 vacations a year, but there’s no money in metal, it’s all for the love of it riiiiiight? Sorry bands, no dough! But I’ll sell your CDs to keep financing releases, so you better hurry onto work before you’re late!

    1. wee-nis says:

      Exactly. Big mish-mash of shit! Defund Dark Descent now! Have they released anything good? Nope! Also this is a shitty split.

      1. Thevetat, Imprecation, Blaspherian, Heresiarch, the Uncanny set, a few CDs for Dark Symphonies, and they did the Morpheus Descends boxset that NWN! would’ve done better for cheaper. Right now, Dark Descent is big on pimping tek and melo deaf as caverncore like Lvcifyre will only sell to scenesters, not people that read Decibel and Vice.

        All of these artists could’ve gone to a better label easily though if push came to shove.

      2. Dark Descent stopped sending us stuff after we started reviewing all the dreck they put out with John Belushi pictures of John Belushi expressing the only emotions the music is capable of conjuring up in listeners. Seriously, I would rather listen to nu-crossover pizza thrash band who just to have a crowd of miscreants hit each other to it.


        1. Can you surive the blitzkreig says:

          I asked back in July on this linked article if I could submit a contribution, well I am going to get to work on that with some current underground releases. Most DD bands have the problem of being able to play competently but do songs that are really just riff marathons where every single fucking thing plucked while sitting on the couch smoking weed gets put in the song regardless. It has to be the most masturbatory, seemingly endless glut of cloned production, approach, and styled releases since whatever other label was big some years ago.

    2. Geniové says:

      Another agonizing necessity to insult. While saying nothing instead from mirroring a solemn deficiency of the ego. Unhappily, it solely projects that there is so much ache and there’s so much concern that these bands release this. And fail to project anything of factual meaning.
      Reflect onto why there is a hopeless need to badmouth in such a disconsolate manner. While at the same time divulging nothing perceptible about the bands and reverberating a sensate deficit in comprehending Satanic art. But that’s precisely the speculation here. Satanic art needs devotion and worship. Reflecting upon something grandiose requires exertion. Instead of being drown within the lower ego try something worthwhile for once in this lifetime.The next pile of void wannabe indignities will solely generate more echoes of ego based nether frailty. Self manifesto of an anti-flock stance is usually made by the sheep and not the wolf.
      Exhibiting vacant suggestions to feel the fraud wannabe transcendence and feed the ego with more mundane illusions. Like befitting to a determined crew of thought provoking individuals while in reality reflect lower impulses.The wolf strikes without proclaiming he is the wolf.

      1. Genesis Fan says:

        It seems to me like your “Satanic Art” is the one drowning in lower ego while using faith/devotion to blind itself from its own mediocrity. Your Satanism is so much like Protestant Christianism!

        When you actually perform a Satanic deed, go beyond yourself, break the system of morality, aaaaaaand rival Beethoven, then come talk here about the excellence and transcendence of your “satanism”.

        1. Geniové says:

          What kind of a mundane assumes here from a tiny post of mine how my Satanism is and is not. Very zestful and demonstrates much reflection on the topic once again. Like it is some kind of a child’s sport. Like the fooling around that you do with these crippling posts and reviews. Not only this, but assuming blindly from one post (without even knowing me) that my Satanism is about Protestant Christianity. This can only be described as an over exaggeration. Over exaggeration from those who judge and think that they know while, they know nothing. How can someone assumes that my Satanism is just reflected in one true Satanic black metal release? Fairly schizophrenic, altogether out of space. Certainly, people require to stop talking when they know nothing.
          But thats a human habit that cannot be undone.

          And what is the relation of Beethoven and Satanism? And how should someone rival Beethoven and at the same time break the system of morality? And why is this a Satanic deed done by me who I am not even releasing music with a band.
          And why the excellence and transcendence of Satanism is judged if someone rivals Beethoven?
          Then my grandfather who was a musician with classical education is a Satanist.

          Totally random criticizism of my post.
          If I continue writting here I will never need to see a comedy again in my life.

          1. Cynical says:

            If there’s no connection between artistic excellence, aesthetic beauty, and your god, then you really need to rethink your religious practices.

            1. Geniové says:

              This is taking my argument out of the context. If you will, re-read what I was told and what I replied.

              1. You might want to reconsider that in the context of your point here:

                Then my grandfather who was a musician with classical education is a Satanist.

                Let us contrast that with his words:

                If there’s no connection between artistic excellence, aesthetic beauty, and your god, then you really need to rethink your religious practices.

                His point is the same as yours: beauty, truth and excellence are linked to the eternal and the cosmic order.

                Thus he is not taking your argument out of context, but pointing out a consistency that you may wish to amplify.

                In the meantime, here we strive for the cold… colder… coldest… ultra-subzero of human interaction. We are not emotional thinkers. We are empty, “with nothing human inside,” mere feral animals guided by the purest logic and self-discipline we can summon.

                This means that much of the airy art school folderol about Satanism, devotees, abstruse ontology, etc. kind of dies here.

                And since you are new, I must introduce you to our motto, guiding philosophy and oath of allegiance:

                THE WEAK

                We are a combination of elitism, idealism (Germanic) and realism. It is not a brew for many, but among those who are the 5% of civilization who make 90% of its actual contributions, it is very popular.

                Thus we are always at war with the herd, including those who have found a way to disguise their herd-ness behind neo-paganism or quasi-esotericism (war metal, occult devotee Satanic mystical black metal art).

                If you listen to people like Cynical, you will see that there are reasons for this… and something better to discover outside of it, because it is a bubble just like bourgeois consumerism.

                And that’s why the Useful Idiots at NWN/FMP hate us.

      2. Can you surive the blitzkreig says:

        “If you don’t like my band you’re a fucking sheep and don’t understand art, especially….. SATANIC art!”

        *gasp in shock!*

        1. Geniové says:

          Gasp as much as you want it is benign to your health.
          If that was my art I would have been prideful of it.
          However, I choose to synthesize ritualistic dark ambient for my own reasons.
          Likewise, it is definite how much people here conceive Satanic art.
          You can see that from the review. It was full of Satanic interpretations of the doxology and the value of the ritualistic work of this 4-way split.

          1. NO LARPING

            NO YIFFING

            NO POSING

            NO SMILIES

  14. Geniové says:

    Too many clairvoyants in this conversation. You are the black wizards. Hair raising reasoning. If band members are posting here, their attitude is going to be close to the moronic content of this site (not their music and not too close no one can beat deathmetal.org). But I doubt they do, if this is the first negative review they’ve got from the supposed underground imagine how great these bands are. Deathmetal.org really wants the bands to care about what they say. That’s why they try to insult instead of reviewing. But I dont think the bands give a dime.
    There are some other people who are buthurt from this release and some of them are here.

  15. wee-nis says:

    Another totem of modernity for the herd to worship!

  16. Genesis Fan says:

    The guys on these release do not even understand or play metal in general, but mash ups between poor 70s rock imitations and lame ambient with metal instruments/tones/gestures.

    Thy Darkened Shade sounds like someone was practicing scales and arpeggios on the guitar while listening to random deathcore black war tripe in the background.

    1. Geniové says:

      Just another vacant post. That states nothing about the art while giving zero arguments. And randomly saying things in order to appear superior from something that he cannot grasp.

      1. Genesis fan says:

        If you cannot understand the argument within the description nd the implied problem, it says more of your ignorance and poor cognitive abilities than anything else.

        1. Geniové says:

          Yes I comprehend, you consecutively post vacant arguments. My undefiled cognitive abilties are effortlessly here for you to defy but you cannot do so. You never replied to my other post exactly due to that too. It is not very hard to see that you dont have arguments.

          Genesis Fun, just continue listening to your UADA (Mgla copy), Satanic Warmaster (uncultivated Satanic bm and 90’s riffing copy-paste). I am sure you also like Batuskha, Nargaroth and other”true Satanic music” like this.
          In that way everyone will be blissful.

          1. Genesis fan says:

            Interesting selection, all shit bands, btw. Your prejudice before experience fails you yet again. The mundane mind is funny.

            1. Geniové says:

              Genesis ”fun” your link leads to your channel.
              This is your own channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrC8fhEOODSZDmNK3MCcBmA
              Unless you post random channels there at the website address of the form
              There you share Uada/Satanic Warmaster etc it wasn’t a bias.

              Interesting that I am accused of being a mundane by a guy who randomly judges the Satanism of others by one post and cannot even reply to that.

              Don’t worry my ego doesn’t explode when people throw random indignities to me via the fraudulent platform of the internet.

              Also, why are you mirroring my arguments? You state nothing apart from babbling my arguments back and forth.
              And criticize me for what I criticize you.
              Are you unable to form your own perception?
              Why do you need to copy-paste my objection?
              You did the same with this review.
              You just copied the vacant arguments of the reviewer over again.

              1. Genesis fan says:

                Right. Because you’ve totally demonstrated not being full of ego, hahahaha

  17. HH says:

    This comment section is highly entertaining.

    1. Pád Modly says:

      The inconsistency and hypocrisy of this reviewer is astounding. The joke basically tells itself.

      Your very knowledgeable reviewer first glorifies Leytmotif Luzifer and Abigor and then speads asinine bullshit at your site. That’s the integrity of the scum at deathmetal.org.


      1. David Rosales says:

        The answer to your conundrum is pretty simple: Leytmotif Lucifer has musical value despite the obfuscation and confusion. This split here, However, is just garbage, and a different sort of garbage than Sulphur…, an album that I consistently criticized in both this and the post at Praefuscus Ferrum.

        What is inconsistent in stating that one album by Abigor is better than another? A was stated in this post, I am
        truly their most disappointed fan, for a fan of their better moments I am. That does not impede me from recognizing a third when I see one.

        Ps. Consider this: even the greats in inadvertent or area produced trite nonsense at one point or another.

        1. David Rosales says:

          * Leytmotif Luzifer is simply better music than this heap of garbage
          * That does not impede me from recognizing a turd….
          * even the greats in any genre or area

        2. Geniové says:

          Therefore, you have a reasonable online justification for everybody to behold for this inconsistency:

          Your split review: ”Leytmotif Luzifer had been a structured approach to the outwardly chaotic style the band had been developing; the deepest, underlying chaos-riff-salad over general topic area was the same as in Channeling the Quintessence of Satan. All expectations of Abigor returning to their senses should not be left out of the question nor should their perilously flaunted lack of black metal in their ‘black metal’”

          And your Leytmotif Luzifer praise review: ”ABIGOR accomplishes the present feat with a mastery awarded by an acquired wisdom and understanding from half a lifetime of perfecting their art and craft. It is just and proper to state that this is the most refined and profound work in their catalogue at this point in time. If the Path is not abandoned, the pinnacle may still lie ahead in a work of unparalleled dark and baroque beauty. ”

          The one clearly states that Leytmotif Luzifer is a chaos riff salad and also that Abigor needs to return to their senses.

          And the other states that Leytmotif Luzifer is the most refined and profound work of Abigor.

          Another compulsive discrepancy of deathmetal.org that can be ”rationalized” by the very ingenious reviewers.
          The ones who prefer to revile because thats the only way they can empower their egos.

          1. Has it ever occured to your simple mind that DR’s own website has a different standard from the DLA/DMU, judging works for their occultism rather than just their musical worth when compared to the best of the past?

          2. David Rosales says:

            If you read the article (not really a review per se) of on my website, you would have noticed that the criticism of that chaos is also present, and that given the path towards nonsense like Sulphur… and then to something more structured and coherent, though buried, in Leymotif… suggested something better and more clear would come later, also given the experience and expertise of Abigor. Sadly, that did not happen.

            And yes, Maarat is giving you another clue: I try a different angle than in which DMU focuses, despite the overlap that of necessity arises from compatibility.

      2. Geniové says:

        A person with whom I can resonate here totally. Thanks alot for sharing this. Of course, we all already knew the hypocrisy behind this vacant site. A site that only wants to impress by insulting and demonstrating plenty trademarks of shoddiness and psychological complexes. But that goes as lower as someone can get. And all my words here made flesh! Very engrossing how this personage contemplates that: ”Leytmotif Luzifer had been a structured approach to the outwardly chaotic style the band had been developing; the deepest, underlying chaos-riff-salad over general topic area was the same as in Channeling the Quintessence of Satan. All expectations of Abigor returning to their senses should not be left out of the question nor should their perilously flaunted lack of black metal in their ‘black metal’” but also, speculates about Leytmotif Luzifer that” ABIGOR accomplishes the present feat with a mastery awarded by an acquired wisdom and understanding from half a lifetime of perfecting their art and craft. It is just and proper to state that this is the most refined and profound work in their catalogue at this point in time. If the Path is not abandoned, the pinnacle may still lie ahead in a work of unparalleled dark and baroque beauty. ”

        And the author is the same you can see it here: https://praefuscusferrum.com/author/davidrosalesgiron88/

        He also, went beyond critisizm by writting this for De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas: ”This legend comes in part from paying too much attention to the ridiculous musings of Euronymous, who had the tendencies of an immature diva.”

        More facetious ramblings here: https://praefuscusferrum.com/2016/09/17/mayhem-de-mysteriis-dom-sathanas/

        Your site is the optimum comical site, I will visit it everyday from now. Throw some insults now again because you are devoid of any sensible arguments.

        1. Mythic Imagination says:

          Listen you. Me talk now. Leytmotif Luzifer good. Abigor split 2017 bad. Maybe tomorrow Abigor make a thing gooder than Leytmotif Luzifer.

        2. Rainer Weikusat says:

          You post is nothing but “insults” itself, eg, you don’t address the criticism of the Mayhem album or the description of Asarteth’s character anyhow[*], you’re just labelling it as “beyond criticism” and “facetious ramblings”.

          [*] Simple example: Accusing a 25 year old of “immaturity” is not very sensible. Of course he is, more so the
          more he’s convinced that he’s not.

          1. Geniové says:

            There is nothing to say upon it.
            Everything has been said by Rosales there once again.
            He tries to diminish the immortal contribution of Euronymous in an article about De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas.
            But of course his contribution cannot be diminished.
            It doesnt need further investigation or comments by anyone.
            I didnt insult him, he insults black metal as a movement by stating this.
            It shows lack of understanding towards the movement as a whole.

        3. Geniové says:

          Now he is an occult expert too, aside from a music expert. Since he can judge an album for its occultism too. He is so enlightened and well informed about occultism that’s why this review is with nil occult citations, while it is LHP oriented. Of couse, how I didnt notice here he ”judges” the music.
          He has no authority to judge anything.and he is flatly no expert.
          He requires to start judging his discordance.
          And confessing it too when it is crystal clear to others.

          Very fascinating. Of course for the mundane, occultism can be judged not experienced.
          Not even the acausal beings themselves cannot judge occultism.
          Also, you extremely sophisticated being.
          These discrepancies of your brainy reviewer say null about a grand topic like occultism at his site.

          See just a random comment here,

          Rosales complex syndome one written here:

          The answer to your conundrum is pretty simple: Leytmotif Lucifer has musical value despite the obfuscation and confusion.

          Rosales syndome two about the same album at his ”occult” site:

          ABIGOR accomplishes the present feat with a mastery awarded by an acquired wisdom and understanding from half a lifetime of perfecting their art and craft. It is just and proper to state that this is the most refined and profound work in their catalogue at this point in time.

          How do you say that Rosales in the one judges the occultism and the other judges the music?

          If you can perceive from my posts that I am a simple minded individual.
          Envisage what I can apprehend from your ”Fuck off and die scenester scum” that you state all the time without producing a wrangle or even a challenge.

          1. David Rosales says:

            Nobody has claimed, or would claim, that I am an expert or authority on anything.
            Authorities matter only to sheep; reasoning and empathy to the strong and independent mind.

            To understand the stances and derivations usually presented here you would need to spend some time actually trying to understand the arguments.

          2. David Rosales says:

            * DMU Arguments and stances developed through years, and which stances can be found in articles scattered… or go first to the METAL FAQ, and take it up from there.

  18. Pád Modly says:

    This gratuitious use of the words ¨garbage¨, ¨turd¨ and whatever other arbitrary low insults you want to throw around to somehow boast your deflated ego are not becoming of any serious reviewer, especially if that person even claims to have any ounce of respect for an artist, lest other personal deficiencies and agendas are at work, whichever they may be. I´m quite sure you´d tone that hubris down had you any of the persons involved in this review in front of you. I think you are not only misguided, but your need to undermine artists and work you personally dislike reflect your own lackings. And I won´t even go near the subject of the weight of these artists´ passion and proven contributions to a genre flooded with literally thousands of more appropriate targets for your hurt feelings. What do you suppose will be time better spent at the end of it all: these works of brotherly devotion and spirit and serious exploration, however you fancy them disaproven of by your ¨vast¨ knowledge and rhetoric, or your opinion on this sandcastle ¨death¨metal.org platform? Most people who write about Black Metal actually despise it. It seems you´re leeching on the bands and albums you personally like to earn some kind of reputation, or to prove some non-point. You are welcome to entertain some of us any time!

    1. If these artists did not want to be compensated for inferior works, they would release them for free or not at all. Instead, they release their crap commercially, claiming it is worth the same amount financially as the musically competent and and the absolute best of the past. They are deserving of all scorn and hate.

      Fuck off and die scenester scum.

    2. Geniové says:

      Pad Modly is utterly accurate again.

      1. Can you surive the blitzkreig says:

        No he is wrong, he is saying someone’s time and devotion to something trumps the quality of the product itself. Fucking nonsense. Fucking gay dick sucking faggot in the asshole nonsense. Grandmother pussy eating while popping and sucking unwashed genital warts on a lumpy retard’s taint nonsense.

  19. Geniové says:

    Daniel Maarat reasoning.

    No justification, you state nothing, while using insults to hide the lack of arguments.
    Throw again some more insults.

    Think who are those who try to attack behing the safety of their screens.

    1. ass ass ass ass says:

      Real Daniel Maarat reasoning: if this idiot cannot read the FAQ of the site on his own I don’t need to spell it out for him.

      All this comment section bullshit is pointless when you could just out-counter-review Rosales. Tell everyone why this split is good, do it better than him and that’s it. You’ve already written a couple reviews worth of text about how everyone disagreeing with you is an idiot. Time to step it up if you can.

      1. This guy makes a good point.

      2. Attention Defecate Disorder says:

        I discovered Rosales’ other site thanks to all of those comments though, so it turned to be a useful exchange from my point of view. Good post on Abigor, and the one on Sabbath live stood out as well.

  20. White Man's Power says:

    Holy fuck this album is gay

    1. This album is gayer than double anal; it is DVDA gay.

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