Alluring – The Room (2013)


The Room provides a relaxing, tranquil listen. The opening trope is slightly clichéd in mood and form but it works well in context and creates a relaxed hallucinatory vibe. A lush analogue chorusing effect with solid low-end sound makes the introduction a seismic force in addition to a musical one.

The heavy stuff comes in in a way that resembles a classic melodic doom sound, like My Dying Bride, rather than a funeral doom sound. I like that this recording goes for epic-ness over somber-ness. It sounds kinda underproduced in a good way that is analogue and organic. There’s a nice thick, smooth distortion on the riffs, with a strong milky tube-like quality to the mids. A nice mixture of drone riffs and some more melodic songs. The riffs are phrased compactly and are neither too simple or too complex.

The overall song structure is somewhat trance-like and tends to be simple but effective. Overall this recording is solid, and definitely achieved what it set out to do musically. Steady drumming. Bass somewhat lost in the mix, but that’s no big deal. The second song is neat how it starts in a monotone trance type riff, which resembles the show The Hitchhiker with steady toms pounded in a marching rhythm. And the vocals transition in very nicely.

The limited edition tape of this release was especially neat and came with grey glitter on one side of the tape. I’m not an expert on whether this song is inspired by the film The Room (2003) but I like the cult appeal of both. This tape is just two songs, but it is very potent and strong. A-

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  1. Rainer Weikusat says:

    Thankfully, this is not like My Dying Bride at all: If they have some tattooed chick styled as “Goth fashion” display dummy and stage-acting with all the energy of one, they at least don’t show her (people complaining about metal going downhill since the mid-1990s should consider themselve very lucky that they weren’t into darkwave before it turned into an opportunity for J Random Unwashed Girlfriend to showcase her latex clothing in public every once in a while … grrr …).

    The intro is hard to swallow but the music gets much better afterwards. Low-register growled vocals drowned in reverb combined with slow drum accentuation and atmospheric guitar playing vaguely resembling a violin ever once in a while constructed from conventionally melancholic ‘minor key stuff’ (I assume), wandering a bit aimlessly at times but without sinking deep into the valley of synthetic tearfulness. The second track starts with what sounds like a punk riff, a ‘few chord’ ostinato, rather overdriven than distorted (something with irregularly broken off edges if anyone but me understands what this means).

    Has to be mentioned here: Classic melodic doom and ‘oh the lost beauty!’ whiny bullshift are two very much different things (may also serve as illustration why “Bobby Liebling is a wuss”).

    [judging from a short sample, Nightfall seems better to me but I don’t know that and don’t have the time to listen to it now]

  2. 2^1024 says:

    I’m going to summon the almighty god Platitudinous and his hoary underling prosaic to smite this review.
    This type of music goes perfectly with creating spreadsheets.

  3. 2^1024 says:

    Why was my last comment not posted? Did it violate any rules?

  4. 2^1024 says:


  5. Alternatives 2 Madness says:

    How did Stephen Cefala go from DMU whooping-boy to DMU author?
    Prozak, is it true that this is your pseudonym whilst writing pseudo-reviews?


    I see your game — write a review in exactly the style that you’ve always denigrated. It talks a lot about the sonic textures and the instruments, subtly sexual (‘nice thick, smooth distortion on the riffs, with a strong milky tube-like quality’), but little about what the song does.

    Then again, this review does a much better job than many of the classic DMU reviews, at giving me an idea what the shit actually sounds like. Kudos for saying ‘neat’ twice, and ‘nice/nicely thrice’. Niggas like that spice.

    1. Grand Phallus says:

      Can someone give an example of music that has a stiff, vascular and throbbing sound?

      Thank you!

      1. Alternatives 2 Madness says:

        I want a reedily pulsating overdrive, weakly glooping out in angular clumps of viscera.

        Think ’98-year old pedophile in a 1920s flophouse, futiley struggling to jerk off his flaccid weenis into his own underpants’.

        1. pompous midget says:

          TOM PETTY

          1. Alternatives 2 Madness says:

            Yaas qween! That’s the right direction, he certainly looks like a ’98-year old pedophile in a 1920s flophouse, futiley struggling to jerk off his flaccid weenis into his own underpants’. Or one of them niggas they put in 1860s PSAs declaring the devastating health effects of chronic ‘self-abuse’ a.k.a. terminal masturbators.

      2. Alternatives 2 Madness says:

        Oh, and Grand Phallus — yes I can give an example of music that has a stiff, vascular and throbbing sound:

        Deicide ‘Legion’
        Demigod ‘Slumber of Sullen Eyes’
        Suffocation ‘Effigy of the 4got10’

        1. Ludvig B.B (vOddy) says:

          “Effigy of the 4got10”

          U F4NCY

          1. Alternatives 2 Madness says:

            Yeah? Well watch this>

            #blessed R the Sick

            (But the R should be backwards in Toys R Us… don’t know if you’ve heard of that firm.)

            1. Ludvig B.B (vOddy) says:

              51ck, m8

              1. Alternatives 2 Madness says:

                Don’t change the topic!
                Those albums have a stiffly throbbing vascular sound template.
                More at: a turgidly throttling strobe of tunnelling architecture.

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